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2:23 PM on 02.15.2008

Panasonic works on Wii-proof plasma TVs

It seems that electronics company Panasonic has taken notice of the high number of idiots that can't keep ahold of their Wii Remotes. They could just continue making and selling regular televisions, citing their locked down w...

Dale North

7:57 AM on 02.01.2008

Nintendo is demented: Patented diagrams show some awful Wii gimmick ideas

CVG has uncovered some absolutely stunning ideas from Nintendo -- stunning due to just how unbelievably stupid they are. If you thought Nintendo couldn't get lower than The Virtual Boy or R.O.B, just look at what the company ...

Jim Sterling

6:08 PM on 01.24.2008

If you want to be fit, Wii won't cut it

Not yet, at least. We hear so much about how the Nintendo Wii's wand wiggling could benefit a player's physical fitness, but a new study says that it may not benefit us as much as we originally thought.Dalhousie University s...

Dale North

1:44 PM on 01.19.2008

Weekend Destructainment: All Your Base Are Belong to Us!

First off, yes, this video is old. I've never seen it before and it has never graced Destructoid though, so it's perfectly OK for me to post this! Anyway, mainstream media had made a startling discover on our Internets. They...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

9:19 PM on 01.07.2008

The Wii is dangerous: More dangerous than stupid doctors?

We've all heard about how dangerous videogames are from a variety of crackpots who vilify their violent content and penchant for teaching kids how to murder people, but it's not often that the virgin-white Wii is branded dang...

Jim Sterling

9:24 AM on 12.26.2007

Wii games are not fit for fitness...yet

I'm not out to rain on anyone's parade, but all of that arm flailing in front of your Nintendo Wii may not be helping your physical fitness as much as you'd like to think it is. A study called "Energy expenditure in adol...

Dale North

4:18 PM on 12.01.2007

Weekend Destructainment: Mainstream media continues to rape videogames

This clip is from the new T.V. show called Life. This clip is also one of the worst representation of what videogames are that has ever graced prime time. A lot of shows lately like The Office, My Name is Earl, 30 Rock, House...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

9:37 AM on 11.20.2007

Wii shows soldier his cheating wife's bowling shenanigans

I don't know how else to title this article, nor do I know what to say, really. This is a weird one, that's for damn certain. Go Nintendo reader Tony sent an email to the aforementioned site telling the story of how his wife ...

Jim Sterling

9:06 AM on 10.29.2007

Check yourself into Wiihab: At least it's one of the better Wii puns

You can file this one under the "how the hell did they stretch this one to over three minutes?" category. Here's a parody song from Amy Winehouse (or rather, Amy Brickhouse) called Wiihab in which the scary songstre...

Jim Sterling

10:23 AM on 10.16.2007

Nintendo is boring: The Wii has failed to invigorate many, despite N's claims

Only yesterday I brought you Nintendo's most pompous claim yet -- that gamers were apparently bored until Nintendo rubbed the cobwebs from their eyes and introduced our messiah in the Wii. However, according to research, it i...

Jim Sterling

Hey Vegeta, how much is the Wii Jacket going to cost Nintendo? OVER $17 MILLION! photo
Hey Vegeta, how much is the Wii Jacket going to cost Nintendo? OVER $17 MILLION!
by Hamza CTZ Aziz

The horrible Nick Chester informed us yesterday that Nintendo is giving away free protection covers for Wii owners (thanks to all of the Wiitards, no doubt). Well it apparently is going to cost Nintendo over $17 million to do this. Nintendo is expecting to send out at least 20 million of the Jackets in the US, Europe and Japan. People will be able to order up to four Jackets per Wii unit as well.

Nintendo also said that this "will not have any significant effect on them financially". Considering that the Wiis are still hard to get and that they're making money off of every system they sell (unlike their rivals who lose money on each unit), seeing that they're not going to feel the pain from this is no surprise at all. Now I just have to wonder how long it will take for some jackass to complain that the Jackets aren't durable enough and Nintendo has to release their next accessory to combat Wiitards: Giant Plastic Tarp Separator For Placing Between the User and T.V (TM). Or GPTSFPBUT for short. 

[Via Game|Life -- Thanks, Justin!] 

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12:26 AM on 09.24.2007

Greybushtainment: Dave's not here man

Look I drink...and this results in a lot of apologies. Be it to a Catholic Bishop, AOL, or the shopping cart I "allegedly" molested at Wal-Mart. But, I have never ever apologized with a bag of marijuana cigarettes.&...


10:04 PM on 09.17.2007

New Southwest ad makes fun of Wiitards

I hate it when our medium leaks into T.V. and movies since it's usually butchered (a good example of what I'm talking about will be on Weekend Destructainment this week). So I always have to cringe when I see our pasttime abo...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

8:50 PM on 09.16.2007

UR MR GAY! Super Mario Galaxy artwork holds a mirror to your homosexuality

There's something about we gamers that seems to give us an innate ability to home in on any and all homoerotic material and make as big a deal of it as possible. This would help explain why everybody's jumping on the 'news' t...

Jim Sterling

8:25 AM on 09.14.2007

The Wii Zapper will lead to murder, chaos and utterly retarded parents

Destructoid reader cjpkiller sent me an email this morning letting me know he saw this and thought of me. He was right to do it. What we have here is a nice collection of some of the most insane blathering I've ever seen with...

Jim Sterling

11:44 AM on 08.28.2007

No-Brainer: Cranium comes to Wii

Last week we told you about the classic board game The Game of Life making its way to the Nintendo Wii, and now it looks like another popular board game is getting a Wii-working.I've only played Cranium twice before, and both...

Dale North