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Shantae and the Pirate's Curse may hit the Wii U this year
Currently available on 3DS
9:00 AM on 12.10.2014

Amiibogeddon update: Toys "R" Us no longer carrying the 'holy trinity'
And lo, a terrible plague befell the land
8:00 PM on 12.09.2014

Nintendo: Wii U GameCube adapter 'has not been discontinued'
Well, 'by Nintendo of Europe,' at least, and hopefully not by Nintendo of America
12:30 PM on 12.09.2014

Act Fast! Lucario amiibo available for pre-order again on Toys "R" Us website
He's basically a blue Pikachu, right?
10:15 AM on 12.09.2014

Europe gets Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire on Wii U this week
More where this came from, please
5:30 PM on 12.08.2014

Nintendo reportedly discontinues Marth, Wii Fit Trainer & Villager amiibo (update)
Uh, that was fast
1:15 PM on 12.08.2014

This Lucina figure is looking pretty damn great
I want it
10:00 AM on 12.08.2014

Toys "R" Us' exclusive Lucario amiibo is sold out online
Add it to your wishlist
8:30 AM on 12.08.2014

Looks like those amiibos aren't really discontinued
David Young from Nintendo of America weighs in
8:00 PM on 12.07.2014

Best Buy opens up pre-orders for Meta Knight amiibo
2:21 PM on 12.07.2014

What would you want out of an amiibo focused game?
Don't say 'Skylanders but with Mario'
9:30 AM on 12.07.2014

The new Legend of Zelda has sunsets, apple picking
And it's giant
10:53 PM on 12.05.2014

Mario Maker shows its masochistic side
Step aside, New Super Mario Bros.
8:20 PM on 12.05.2014

You may have missed out on the Wii U GameCube controller adapter
2:30 PM on 12.05.2014

The Suicide Squad is coming to LEGO Batman 3 as 'The Squad'
Makes sense
1:00 PM on 12.05.2014

Smash Bros. may continue without creator Masahiro Sakurai
Or possibly not at all
11:45 AM on 12.05.2014


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