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See Sheik, Princess Ruto, and Darunia in action in Hyrule Warriors
New nostalgic screens
10:30 AM on 07.24.2014

You got Tomodachi Life in my Smash Bros.
An exclusive 3DS stage makes and appearance
9:00 AM on 07.24.2014

The Deer God funded, now coming to Wii U and Xbox One too
'Dear God: we paid for all this stuff ourselves, so thanks for nothing'
9:00 PM on 07.23.2014

Sonic Boom also has characters not covered in tape
Like 'sexy purple Rosie the Riveter hedgehog' and 'old tails-less tails'
5:15 PM on 07.23.2014

Niconico to stream Hyrule Warriors tomorrow
We might see some recently announced characters
11:30 AM on 07.23.2014

Link suplexes giant rock cylinders and smashes in Hyrule Warriors
Glove slap
11:00 PM on 07.22.2014

Super Smash Bros. gets a Star Fox stage
I can't believe you knew that, Star Fox
6:00 PM on 07.22.2014

Wii U update adds system transfers, eShop navigation options
You can use more than just the GamePad now
3:15 PM on 07.22.2014

Sheik confirmed as playable in Hyrule Warriors
Darunia and Princess Ruto will be making an appearance
7:30 AM on 07.22.2014

This is Skylanders Trap Team's Dark Edition
Skylanders will be all over San Diego Comic-Con
7:00 PM on 07.21.2014

Robin's Nosferatu: First Smash Bros. move that steals health
Stronger from behind
3:30 PM on 07.21.2014

Review: Squids Odyssey
Strategic cephalopoda
2:00 PM on 07.21.2014

Review: Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty
Hello! Follow me
11:00 AM on 07.21.2014

Creators of SteamWorld Dig looking into Cross-Buy promotion
This system is long overdue Nintendo
10:30 AM on 07.21.2014

Party like it's 1997: Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty launch trailer
Launching on PS4 tomorrow
9:00 AM on 07.21.2014

Now's a nice time to buy a Wii U: Here's everything you should know
Console break down and the best games, present and upcoming
2:00 PM on 07.20.2014


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