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Weekend Destructainment

Weekend Destructainment: Planet Wisp

Jul 17
The amazing and talent Waltzforluma does a cover of the Planet Wisp theme from Sonic Colors. Weekend Destructainment is in its final run! What does this mean?! Not everyone has to dress as a Slave Leia, unleash Armageddon in Just Cause 2, Sonic meets with his agent, Bomberman gets a fan movie and BeatDownBoogie teases their next series. read

Weekend Destructainment: Super train

Jul 09
You Minecraft people are insane. Seriously, I would have lost interest as soon as I cleared the floor for the ground work. Still, an amazing site to see. Solid Snake does Hamlet, Final Fantasy gets all stop motion-y, Falco saves Princess Peach, more cosplay from Anime Expo 2011 and The Legend of Zelda gets dubstepped. read

Weekend Destructainment: Big head romance

Jul 02
Fan-made Left 4 Dead 2 map that takes you to the Portal 2 world. Thanks, J.K! Sakura's theme doesn't go with anything, Mass Effect 2 gets some giant head loving, two Lara Crofts pole dance, check out the Left 4 Dead fan film, female armor isn't the greatest and PC gamers abuse their powers. read

Weekend Destructainment: Booth babe trivia

Jun 25
Bitmob's Chloe Dykstra interviewed some booth babes at E3 to test their knowledge on videogames. The results are ... interesting. Portal 2's theme gets covered, Halo: Reach gets a pinball table, a Contra henchmen gets smart, iJustine is not funny, Minecraft gets FPS'd, Dragon Age goes real life and L.A. Noire gets Awesomed all below.  read

Weekend Destructainment: PIDGEY F**K YEAH!!!!

Jun 18
Ash is continuing his adventure and this time discovering random battles. I had no idea there were AK-47s in Pokemon! What the hell! Weekend Destructainment is GO! Immersion takes on Horde mode, drum covers fill your ear hol... read

Weekend Destructainment: Transfarring!

Jun 04
This is a live-action Portal skit done at Fanime 2011 recently. It's pretty damn good! Plenty of good stuff in this Destructainment! Check out some Warthog tricks, see another Portal inspired fan film and then rage at the Su... read

Weekend Destructainment: Nude gaming parties!!!

May 28
This nude gaming party IS TOTALLY NOT A PROMOTIONAL THING FOR SOME GIANT CONTROLLER ADAPTER THING. More Mortal Kombat tryouts, a bad moment from Spider-Man's career, a rad music video, the Zelda themed on tesla coils, Star Fox stage play, a L.A. Noire run, brentalfloss jams, an awesome Fallout: New Vegas easter egg and a Portal 2 cover make up Weekend Destructainment. read

Weekend Destructainment: Nostalgia

May 14
50 Sega Genesis spoilers in three-minutes. You got more Portal 2 trick shots, you got Scorpion rapping, you got Noob Saibot being a noob, you got a Epic Meal Time spoof, you got a badass Pokemon battle theme cover, you got nostalgia, you got a Nintendo love rap and you got a real Assassin's Creed blade. read

Weekend Destructainment: I'm Gabe Newell

May 07
Sure, this is a bit old but whatever. It's too good to not share. Your weekend is a billion times better now. Like crazy audio remixes? Good, cause there's another one related to Portal 2. Next up, it's Gaming's Next Top Pri... read

Weekend Destructainment: Companion skills

Apr 30
This guy has some insane Companion Cube trick shot skills. Also, he has some good strategies for building up momentum I never thought was possible. Someone explains the PlayStation Network downtime, it's an 8-bit Zardoz intro, a guy DJs with the Steel Battalion controller, listen to a acoustic jazz cover of Super Mario Bros. 3 and it all ends with Portal 2 done in the Mad Men intro style. read

Weekend Destructainment: PORTAL KOMBAT!!!

Apr 23
PORTAL KOMBAT! Honestly, this was a really good idea to capitalize on. More Portal 2 spoilers, a Mortal Kombat love song, some rad typography, idiots playing a punching game, Zombies Ate My Neighbors in real life, Crash Bandicoot in Crysis and the worst grenade throw ever all await you. read

Weekend Destructainment: Sonic still sucks

Apr 16
That Freddie Wong, HE SO CRAZY! He's also a dirty camper, and that's perfectly fine. YO WE GOT SOME VIDEOS FOR YOU! Sonic still sucks, Halo ola, it's the first episode of the Mortal Kombat web series, see some Mortal Kombat ... read

Weekend Destructainment: Mad Dance Max Revolution

Apr 09
You've seen Tool Assisted Speedruns before, but how about a TAS of Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3 and Lost Levels all at the same time. THE SAME TIME! Next up on the Destructainment of Weekends is the voice of Halo. Then it's Dan... read

Weekend Destructainment: Hey, listen

Mar 26
Hey, listen to this song called "Hey, Listen." It's really good. LISTEN! LISTEN! LISTEN! After you've listened, then go share your indie dreamz with Mega64. Then stand up for Pokemon rights. Next, ninjas fail horribly in Sho... read

Weekend Destructainment: Mario

Mar 19
Here's an awesome Mario film made for SXSW. And for once, this is an actual good realistic take. Too many crappy ones out there. Travel back in time with the promotional Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island video. Then Sonic ... read

Weekend Destructainment: Angry Conan

Mar 06
Conan O'Brien plays Angry Birds in real life. Bonus for added furniture effect. The Destructainment continues with the first level of Duke Nukem 3D recreated in Minecraft. Then it's a cool stop motion Mega Man thing. Next, s... read

Weekend Destructainment: Save them all

Feb 19
Real life Mario Kart. You know, because you can never have enough real life Mario Kart videos. Boom boom boom. Freakout with some Minecraft. Then it's the Guitar Hero farewell song. Followed by Pokemon with Jesus. Next, it's Max Scoville in a iPhone ad! Then it's some Deadpool quotes from Marvel Vs Capcom 3. The Destructainment ends with a pretty cool PlayStation 3 ad. read

Weekend Destructainment: Skyrim is bonertastic

Feb 12
Skyrim will give you a boner. Fact. The sexy keeps on going with some Super Mario porno action. Then it's a music video made through the Kinect. Next up, check out what a Capcom Fight Club is like. Then it's some "forgotten"... read

Weekend Destructainment: Ultra Combos

Feb 05
Super Street Fighter IV Ultra Combos in real life. Really well done. Hope to see some more, especially with Juri finishers. Next up you got some Super Spice Bros 64. Then it's the "worst" Super Mario Bros. player ever. Follo... read

Weekend Destructainment: The 3DS makes you ugly

Jan 29
Think the 3DS camera is good? Well you are sadly mistaken. More Destructainment awaits with Captain Awkward playing Runner. Then it's a little song about Pokemon. Up next is a short film on Lazy Teenage Superheroes. Then it's Angry Birds in real life. Next, it's some fun with cops in GTA IV. Followed by DeadMau5 in Minecraft. The Destructainment ends with What is Internet? read

Weekend Destructainment: Carmageddon

Jan 22
This is what happens when you turn off the friction physics in Grand Theft Auto IV. More Destructainment continues with a Team Fortress 2 song mash-up. Then two best friends play Dead Rising 2. Followed by Prince Peach and Z... read

Weekend Destructainment: Creepers

Jan 16
Rooster Teeth's Immersion series looks into what would happen if we were suddenly thrown into the zombie apocalypse. After the break we got a Mario talk show thing. Then it's a drum cover of Castlevania II. Next, a couple of... read

Weekend Destructainment: A walk to remember

Jan 08
Just, just watch. Can't even set this up. BOOM! You hear that explosion? It means more Destructainment is waiting for you. Next up is a StarCraft II narrated by an adorable little girl. Then someone sings a Yoshi theme like ... read

Weekend Destructainment: Mortal Gibberish

Jan 01
You ever wondered what the Mortal Kombat fighters were saying when doing their moves? Well now you know and none of it makes any sense. The first Weekend Destructainment is go for 2011 starting off with a one-man Super Mario... read

Weekend Destructainment: RISK!!!!!

Dec 26
This is a good lesson for taunters everywhere. Via @BSAngel. The Destructainment continues on with two friends playing Earth Defense Force 2017. Then it's a Black Ops Christmas song. Next up is the best fails of the year fro... read

Weekend Destructainment: The Brothers Mario

Dec 18
Take Grand Theft Auto IV, create Mario-like characters and give it a gritty Mafia story and you have The Brothers Mario. An awesome mod that I want to actually play. Weekend D has been sporadic at best as of late, but things... read

Weekend Destructainment: Thanksgiving edition

Nov 25
It's Thanksgiving, which means that almost no one is working for the next few days. So to pass the time, here's a collection of random Internet videos a couple of days earlier than what you're used to! Don't say I never did ... read

Weekend Destructainment: Killionaire

Nov 20
G4 gets adult star Kirsten Price to play Kinect in the nude. Everyone is a winner! After the break, it's an auto-tune remix of the red shirt guy. Then it's a heavy metal remix of Star Fox. Next up, Mario gets roasted. Then i... read

Weekend Destructainment: Never turn your back on a Hunter

Oct 02
[Weekend Destructainment is a collection of funny videos brought together from all across the Internet to bring you entertainment on these slow and boring weekends.] The mayor of Sim City is kind of a dick. More videos fol... read

Weekend Destructainment: SHINY PONYTA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 18
[Weekend Destructainment is a collection of funny videos brought together from all across the Internet to bring you entertainment on these slow and boring weekends.] Seriously, just watch. You are so not ready for this v... read

Weekend Destructainment: Frag Dude

Sep 11
[Weekend Destructainment is a collection of funny videos brought together from all across the Internet to bring you entertainment on these slow and boring weekends.] Gus from Red vs. Blue tries to become a Frag Doll. Hil... read

Weekend Destructainment: The other PAX

Sep 04
Remember the PAX television network? Sure, the channel is now known as ION Network, but we know how it started. So for those of you who couldn't make it to PAX Prime 10 in Seattle this weekend, then enjoy some fine PAX television programming! It's not even close to being the same thing! read

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