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Warhammer Online


Yay, fireworks: Warhammer Online live event underway now

Jul 01
The 4th of July is almost here. More and more children are being rushed to the ER with burns from stray projectiles and adults are stocking up on the essentials: beer, meat and barbeque juice. While these real world things ar... read

Blue Oyster Cult makes awesome Warhammer Online song

Apr 10
Here's a big glass of WTF for your Friday -- EA Mythic and Blue Oyster Cult have teamed up to create a musical tribute to the "Dwarf Slayer" profession in Warhammer Online with a song titled "Kiss My Axe (While... read

Warhammer Online 10-day trial is available, get your Orc on for free

Mar 05
Starting today, Electronic Arts and Mythic are offering a 10-day trial for their PC MMO, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. You can download the client, sign forms, and begin ruining your social life through this link here.A... read

WAR launches Dwarf New Year event, players encouraged to find beer

Dec 17
Not to be left out of the holiday cheer, Warhammer Online is launching its own celebration of the New Year. The event, aptly called the Dwarf New Year Celebration, has already started and appears to be something special. Esse... read

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is one of the more high-profile MMOs to have surfaced in the post-Warcraft boom. With both the power of Games Workshop and Electronic Arts behind it, developer EA Mythic had one of the best ... read feature


Mythic on relationship with EA: 'we got to make the game we wanted'

Sep 23
Mythic founder Mark Jacobs will be the first guy to tell people that a publishing relationship with Electronic Arts is not a terrible thing. In an interview with Jacobs related that Warhammer Online is a title that... read

Mythic president tells gold sellers in WAR to 'go to hell'

Sep 23
Mythic president Mark Jacobs knows the crippling effect that gold sellers can have on an in-game economy. He also knows the effect that gold spammers can have on a community with their constant “shouts” to the ent... read

Is Warhammer Online afraid of WoW? Lead designer says no

Sep 22
Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning finally shipped last Thursday, and the inevitable question is already on the lips of industry and MMO fans alike: does the game have a chance of putting a dent in World Of Warcraft's feveris... read

Warhammer Online: Cut content making a (FREE) comeback

Sep 19
MMO and Warhammer fans were pretty upset when it was revealed that Mythic's Warhammer Online was going to have some major features, including various cities and four character classes, removed thanks to being in a condition u... read

Warhammer Online: Get your former employees out of my credits

Aug 19
Shacknews recently talked to Mythic Vice President Mark Jacobs and confirmed that the studio will not be honoring the work of its former employees on Warhammer Online. Not crediting one for his or her work is apparently stand... read

Warhammer Online open beta date revealed

Aug 18
While Mythic Entertainment was kind enough to let us know that their Realm versus Realm focused MMORPG, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, would finally be hitting store shelves on September 18 -- along with how much it woul... read

Rumortoid: Hammers to war online this September

Jul 27
Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, Mythic’s upcoming MMORPG that more than a few community members are looking forward to, is now expected to be coming out on September 23. This speculation was caused when EA, the game... read

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