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Far Cry 4's alternate ending only takes a half hour to access
Now we can finally shoot some goddamn guns
12:00 PM on 11.17.2014

Free 'Goat MMO Simulator' update coming Thursday
A reason to revisit Goat Simulator
11:35 AM on 11.17.2014

Pokémon Omega Ruby short is all kinds of wonderful
10:30 AM on 11.17.2014

You got Madoka Magica in my Monster Hunter Frontier G
Kyubey and the gang
9:00 AM on 11.17.2014

Project Totem's title changed to Kalimba, coming soon
December release date
8:00 AM on 11.17.2014

Etrian Odyssey Untold 2 opening film is just stunning
Madhouse does good work
2:00 PM on 11.16.2014

Oddworld creator talks Jim Henson, VR, Videogame Awards and more
Holy smokes this guy is a 'huge wow'
12:00 PM on 11.16.2014

There Came an Echo story trailer shows off its voice talent
Wil Wheaton, Ashly Burch, and more
11:00 AM on 11.16.2014

Inside My Radio is a rad rhythm-platformer
Get in my radio (an Austin Powers joke)
4:00 AM on 11.16.2014

Remember Jim Sterling? Of course you do. Go support his new site
God bless him
1:25 AM on 11.16.2014

Final Fantasy XV nature hike: Pig dinosaurs, red soled shoes
Latest FFXV footage goes offroad
10:45 PM on 11.15.2014

Xavier inspires so many questions
...but no answers
5:00 PM on 11.15.2014

Early Access for Satellite Reign begins this December
My cybernetically augmented body is ready
4:00 PM on 11.15.2014

We started pondering metaverse theory because AssCreed Unity is boring
What if AssCreed existed in a world were the developers could finish it
7:00 PM on 11.14.2014

Contest: Win Joylancer on Steam!
10 Early Access copies up for grabs
6:30 PM on 11.14.2014

Arena shooter Wickland releases on Steam today
They had me at high-speed, shotgun-toting primates
1:30 PM on 11.14.2014


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