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Danganronpa Another Episode gets daft trailer with megaphones
I don't know
4:24 AM on 09.01.2014

Capcom confirms Resident Evil: Revelations 2
Plus, Resident Evil HD news
3:39 AM on 09.01.2014

Dragon Quest Heroes coming to PS4, PS3 along with special edition PS4
Dragon Quest silver PS4
3:19 AM on 09.01.2014

Persona 5 is coming to PS4, gets first trailer
PS4 version announced and look crazy blue flames and a nerdy boy!!!
3:09 AM on 09.01.2014

You aren't at PAX? Let Max Scoville give you the tour
'This is so stupid!'
10:30 PM on 08.31.2014

Italian indie title The Town of Light is haunting
Based on actual places and events, ToL seeks to recreate anguish
7:00 PM on 08.31.2014

Fire watch with me: Firewatch gets first, mysterious trailer
From artist Olly Moss and people behind Mark of the Ninja and The Walking Dead
12:01 AM on 08.31.2014

AI construct 'Master Control' walks through a turn of Civilization: Beyond Earth in this PAX video
Grinding, chitinous beak
4:00 PM on 08.30.2014

GoD Factory: Wingmen is a thing of beauty, now available on Steam
Arcade-like space sim allows for tactical multiplayer action
3:00 PM on 08.30.2014

Are gryphons the new shovels? Gryphon Knight aims to find out
Mustache baby men are back, with a Gryfengence
12:15 PM on 08.30.2014

Space Werewolves claw their way on board Windows Store, run infinitely
Infinity Runner launches on Windows Store
5:00 PM on 08.29.2014

The latest Bravely Second trailer shows off the first in-game footage we've seen
So brave
4:30 PM on 08.29.2014

Friday Night Fights: Playing games for a good cause
Game with the Dtoid community
3:00 PM on 08.29.2014

State of Decay coming to Xbox One in 1080p
State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition
2:00 PM on 08.29.2014

Dying Light has a sweet slide move
Developer diary focuses on movement
1:45 PM on 08.29.2014

Volition announces standalone Saints Row expansion Gat Out of Hell
Also, Saints Row IV for PS4 and Xbox One
1:15 PM on 08.29.2014


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