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2:30 PM on 10.11.2011

16 zombies injured on Resident Evil: Retribution film set

A wheeled platform fell on the set of "Resident Evil: Retribution," the fifth film based on the popular Capcom game franchise. On that platform were 16 actors dressed as zombies. While injuries are no joking matter, I'm ...

Dale North

Rumor: Dreamworks Halo movie mentioned in press release  photo
Rumor: Dreamworks Halo movie mentioned in press release
by Dale North

In a press release for the French version of the novel Halo: Cryptum, found a mention of a Halo movie currently in development with Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks. Oh, cool. Wait, what?!

Joystiq points out that this bit from the press release lines up nicely with a report from Vuture that Dreamworks was going to take another route by adapting the books to avoid some of the legal business that held up the game-to-movie adaptation. 

To recap: There were Halo film rumors, confirmation (kinda), cancellation and now new rumors from a French press release on Halo books. 

You can check out the full press release here.

What do you think? Fake? Misinformed release writer? 

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It Came from Japan! Super Back to the Future II photo
It Came from Japan! Super Back to the Future II
by Allistair Pinsof

[It Came from Japan! is a series where I seek out and review the weirdest, most original and enjoyable titles that never left the Land of the Rising Sun.]

Games based on films have a perceived stigma that indicates they are, more often than not, an utter waste of time. The games made under the Back to the Future license are partly to blame. Most likely, your favorite memories with the franchise have something to do with the films or Universal Studios ride -- far away from the abysmal Nintendo platformers by Beam Software and the Commodore 64 adventure game.

Telltale has done much to change this perception with its recent adventure series, but maybe they wouldn’t have had so much stacked against them if Toshiba-EMI had released Super Back to the Future II outside of Japan. Instead, it’s become an import novelty and a curiosity to fans of the franchise. It might not be a great game, but, in comparison to the grade-A crap ones that reached the West under the film’s title, it’s damn-near miraculously good.

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3:00 AM on 09.06.2011

Activision funded sequel to Call of Duty film is now live

Find Makarov was a fan-made film that surfaced earlier in the year and was a re-telling of events that happened in the Modern Warfare universe. Activision came away particularly impressed and decided to contact the creators ...

Brett Zeidler

12:45 PM on 08.24.2011

Short film Portal: No Escape is a triumph

I didn't know I wanted a full length feature film based on Portal until last night. That's when I first watched Dan Trachtenberg's mind-blowing seven minute short, Portal: No Escape. Now I can't stop thinking about it. If yo...

Nick Chester

4:20 PM on 05.20.2011

Interview: Katsuhiro Harada talks new Tekken CG Film

One of the biggest pieces of news at Level Up was the announcement of a new Tekken -- not a game, but a new CG Tekken Film: Tekken Blood Vengence. While many of you may remember the live action Tekken film, Katsuhi...

Hollie Bennett

VGAs Interviews: Mortal Kombat, Blizzard on project Titan photo
VGAs Interviews: Mortal Kombat, Blizzard on project Titan
by Max Scoville

As you might have read in Chad Concelmo's previous post, several highly trained Dtoid operatives were down in LA this weekend for the Spike TV Video Game Awards. While there, I had the pleasure of wearing one of Hamza's neckties.

Also: I got to interview Ed Boon, the creator of Mortal Kombat, which was a huge honor for me because I've been drawing terrible Scorpion fanart since I was seven.

After that, I chatted with Frank Pearce, who is a Senior VP at Blizzard and executive producer for World of Warcraft. I bluntly asked him about a few of the projects alluded to in that leaked Blizzard five-year plan.

Check out the videos after the jump.

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Movie review: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World photo
Movie review: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
by Jonathan Holmes

Scott Pilgrim is a thing that most people haven't heard of, but the people who have heard of it are usually madly in love with it. It's a cult classic that's on the verge of becoming a big deal.

Personally, I've been wary of the property since I first saw the comic about three years ago. It seemed gimmicky -- rife with trendy jeans, borrowed visual styles, snark, and forced cultural references. Fan testimonials didn't do much to change my opinion, either. I'd hear things like "Scott Pilgrim is so awesome because there is this one part that's just like River City Ransom for two panels!" or "It's my favorite comic book ever because the guy who made it likes all the same stuff that I do!" That's great and all, but shouldn't it take more than a narcissistic identification with a book's author to enjoy his/her work?

Then I heard about the movie, and how Edgar Wright (its director) wanted to infuse the film with as much "videogame logic" as possible, while staying true to the comic. That caught my interest. Game-to-movie adaptations almost always make a point to scrub the "videogame-ness" out of their movies. The Street Fighter movie has no life meters or Hadokens (no, a random flash of light doesn't count). The Super Mario Bros. movie has no levitating brick walls or clouds with smiley faces, and those are just two examples. When movie people get hold of a videogame, the surrealism is usually the first thing that gets lost in the translation, and whatever game-weirdness is left alive usually gets over-explained to the point of joylessness.

The Scott Pilgrim movie pledged to do better than that. It swore that it would embrace the things that make videogames great. It also pledged to retain the snarky humor and abundant cultural references that we got from the comics. Yikes! What a combination!

Could such a movie be good to watch for a snark-loathing, videogame logic-loving man like myself? Hit the jump to find out.

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2:35 PM on 06.16.2010

E3 10: Tron: Evolution Wii impressions

Husky and I stopped by the Disney booth to check out Tron: Evolution. As a huge fan of the original film, I remain cautiously optimistic about all this new Tron stuff; both the movie and the games. After playing the game, I'...

Jonathan Holmes

11:20 AM on 04.09.2009

Christophe Gans not attached to Silent Hill 2 film

The topic of a Silent Hill 2 film is a very sensitive subject among fans of the title, considering the game's story is the most beloved of the series. There was talk of a film adaption way back in 2006, and that perhaps Sandm...

Colette Bennett

11:00 AM on 01.24.2009

Gears of War film to be 'harder edged Lord of the Rings'

It goes without saying that videogame-to-movie adaptations rarely ever deliver what gamers want. But considering Epic's Gears of War already plays out like an interactive, wild f**king action movie, I'm cautiously optimistic ...

Nick Chester

9:00 PM on 10.19.2008

Hip Hop Hooray: Paul W.S. Anderson to "probably" write new Resdendet Evil film

Man, you can almost taste the excitement. There is going to be another live-action Resident Evil movie, and Paul W.S. Anderson is "probably" going to write it! Can I hear you say Ho? Now Ho, Ho! Now Ho, Ho, Ho. ...

Jonathan Holmes

11:20 PM on 07.25.2008

Comic-Con 08 Rumortoid:TR2N trailer retro-gasm gives old nerds new lease on life

 Ok, so the above trailer is fake, but the title is real. Tron, the videogame based film from 1982, is to finally be blessed with a big-screen sequel, currently known as TR2N (pronounced Tra-two-N). The internet is now b...

Jonathan Holmes

1:11 PM on 06.12.2008

Capcom announces dates for Clock Tower and Onimusha on the silver screen

After news in March that the Onimusha film had been put on indefinite hold, I pretty much gave up hope of seeing the film, but it seems its been given a second chance after all. According to Capcom's US blog, an ad celebratin...

Colette Bennett

10:34 AM on 05.23.2008

Capcom prez says 'Moar game movies comin!'

While Resident Evil isn't my favorite game-turned-film (that honor goes to Silent Hill), I certainly enjoyed the first film enough to speak positively of it after seeing it. Not being obsessed with Resident Evil however, I'm ...

Colette Bennett

2:29 AM on 12.16.2007

First look: Resident Evil: Degeneration

Resident Evil: Degeneration is an all CG film set for a straight-to-DVD release in Japan sometime in 2008. Details of the film's contents remain unknown beyond the scant bits of information derivable from these screens. For s...

Jonathan Holmes