EA: 'Used games are an important part of the industry'
4:00 PM on 11.20.2013

Sony had 'no intention' of changing its used games policy
'We need to be fair and to think of the consumer experience first,' says SCE CEO
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Jimquisition: Why PC Gaming Gets Away With It
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An industry that needs Xbox One DRM is a failed industry
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Avalanche founder on trade-ins: Games are too short
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EA says Online Passes weren't worth the PR damage
'Worst company of 2012/2013' reverses used game policies
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Did Sony confirm DRM on PS4 after all? Not quite!
PS4 retains all the policies PS3 had, basically
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Sony details EXACTLY how to share games on PS4
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PlayStation 4 won't restrict used games or use DRM
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Microsoft's Mattrick tries to ease Xbox One concerns
"Those business models exist today and they'll exist in the future"
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Xbox One kills game ownership, here's what Xbox fans say
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Xbox One games require online verification every 24 hours
'Every Xbox One owner has a broadband connection'
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