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UFC Undisputed

Live show: Twisted Metal and Undisputed 3 on Mash Tactics

Feb 14
It's going to be an amorous 'New Release Tuesday' on Mash Tactics. King Foom will be showing his love for destruction in Twisted Metal for the PlayStation 3. Foom's venture into the demo for this one proved less than fruitful... read

I'm not an athletic person. To me, exercise if the farthest thing from fun, and exhausting myself half to death is akin to self flagellation. Even the never-changing world of sports is something that I find quite uninterestin... read feature

UFC Undisputed 3 has lots of men hitting each other

Jan 12
With over 150 fighters from both UFC and PRIDE, UFC Undisputed 3 has what is easily the most stacked roster in recent memory. In the latest trailer, you get a look at all of those beautiful face before, during and after... read

The best thing about mixed martial arts is that it brings together several disciplines of fighting to make one brutal sport where fighters have to be well-versed and extensively trained so that they can hold their own in all ... read feature

UFC Undisputed 3's mustachioed men of PRIDE

Nov 03
THQ has announced the stable of PRIDE fighters that will be joining the fun of UFC Undisputed 3 with a healthy package of pics. Go on, take a look. What I find most interesting about this whole thing is that there are tw... read

UFC Undisputed 3 cover athlete chosen: Anderson Silva

Oct 10
THQ announced that reigning UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has been named the cover athlete for UFC Undisputed 3, the next game in series. Fans will know that "The Spider" recently defe... read

UFC cover voting week 3: Frankie Edgar

Sep 07
The third of five potential cover athletes for UFC Undisputed 3 is current lightweight champ Frankie Edgar. He may not have a "Brown Pride tattoo," but that doesn't make him any less worthy than last weeks Cain Velasqu... read

Vote Cain Velasquez for UFC Undisputed cover athlete

Sep 01
Last week THQ announced that, in AAA sport game fashion, they'll be giving fans the opportunity to vote for this year's cover athlete. On the ballet this year are Anderson Silva, Frankie Edgar, Georges St-Pierre, Jon Jones, ... read

UFC Undisputed 3 combat trailer brings the pain

Aug 16
  THQ dropped their latest trailer for next year's UFC Undisputed 3. One of the big pushes -- as evident by all the sweaty men beating the crap out of each other -- is the myriad of advanced techniques added to the game.... read

It's time! Time for another installment in THQ's mixed martial arts fighting franchise, UFC Undisputed 3. UFC Undisputed took the gaming world by storm in 2009, but its follow-up UFC Undisputed 2010 didnt quite reach the same... read feature

E3: UFC's Royce Gracie on gaming, training, being a champ

Jun 08
So I got to meet Royce Gracie at E3 this year, and I wasn't surprised to find that this long-time UFC Champion is basically a human machine. I felt sort of like a young John Connor from Terminator 2 while talking to him -- f... read

E3: UFC Undisputed 3 teaser looks appropriately painful

Jun 06
UFC fights themselves are on their way to your Xbox 360 courtesy of a new service called UFC Live. But THQ is also working on the next entry in its UFC Undisputed series, which will simply be called UFC Undisputed 3. It will... read

UFC Undisputed 3 will include Pride fighting mode

Jun 03
The UFC series took a little break from the annual release cycle and all that extra time was spent creating a more robust sequel. Undisputed 3 introduces a ton of new content, including the new Pride mode where the Japanese M... read

E3: THQ will have Metro, WWE, Saints Row, UFC and more

Jun 02
THQ is bringing out the big guns to E3 with huge titles like ... Margaritavill Online for Facebook and iOS? What? That's so exciting! No, but seriously, THQ has a bunch of awesome content for E3: Metro: Last Light Saints Row... read

THQ's UFC Undisputed Fight Nation sweepstakes

Apr 20
THQ has announced a sweepstakes for UFC 131: Lesnar vs. Dos Santos and UFC Undisputed Fight Nation, the Facebook MMA game. The top winner of this sweepstakes will get a paid trip for two to UFC 131, which is set for June 11 a... read

UFC sues Ubisoft over Fighters Uncaged

Dec 14
Zuffa, otherwise known as "The UFC Guys", are suing Ubisoft for a stupid reason. The studio's Kinect game Fighters Uncaged encourages players to become "the ultimate fighting weapon." This is seen by Zuffa as a trademark infr... read

THQ: UFC 'confirmed suspicion' about pre-owned games

Sep 16
THQ is claiming that UFC: Undisputed 2010 has confirmed its suspicions about the used game market. Using the amount of sales of online passes as evidence, the publisher has reached the no-brainer conclusion that secondhand ga... read

THQ considering 'longer development cycle' for UFC game

Aug 18
In an earnings call last week, THQ CEO Brian Farrell noted that the publisher's UFC Undisputed franchise, which burst onto the scene last year when the company shipped 2.9 million units of UFC 2009 Undisputed worldwide w... read

UFC Undisputed hits portable PSP octagon this fall

Aug 05
The release of THQ's UFC Undisputed 2010 already came and went for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 earlier this year, but this fall you'll be able to take the octagon on the go. THQ has announced a fall release for the PlaySta... read

THQ blames Red Dead Redemption for UFC's sales

Jul 22
UFC Undisputed 2010 didn't quite sell as well as THQ was hoping, and rather than try to determine if there's a problem with the game, the marketing, or the simple fact that people might not want to buy an updated UFC once a y... read

E3 10: THQ announces motion-controlled UFC Trainer

Jun 16
Apparently, sales of UFC Undisputed 2010 have fallen short of THQ's expectations, but the publisher is working on a new entry in the franchise anyway. In an E3 analysts meeting held yesterday, THQ announced UFC Trainer, ... read

We're giving away an Xbox 360 and a copy of UFC Undisputed 2010 this week thanks to GameStop! Pre-ordering the latest UFC game from GameStop will score you four exclusive TUF fighters. The PS3 pre-order bonus also gets you th... read feature

Ubisoft isn't the only publisher that's implementing a program similar to Electronic Arts and their EA Sports Online Pass. According to sports gaming blog Pastapadre, THQ is beating EA to the punch by two weeks. Tig... read feature

GameStop's UFC Undisputed 2010 sweeps has sweet prizes

May 07
GameStop’s UFC Undisputed 2010 Ultimate Fighter Life should interest you because 1) It's about UFC Undisputed 2010, a game that wouldn't normally fit under my interests, but I ended up really enjoying, and 2) because th... read

What I Learned from UFC Boot Camp

May 04
So I went to a UFC boot camp last week, which was located at The Ultimate Fighter gym, right where the television show is filmed. Yes, imagine me in shorts. Exercising. "Working out." I laughed too. I said "I don't go gyms, ... read

Either you're the type that likes to take on countless challengers (online or off) to show off your MMA fighting skill, or, like me, you're the type that likes to start from the ground up, coming up from nothing all the way... read feature

What's new for UFC Undisputed 2010

May 04
Those that got down with last year's UFC Undisputed 2009 know that it's a very deep fighting game. We have a full preview of the game coming up later today, but for now we're going to give you a quick rundown of the improveme... read

UFC Undisputed 2010 demo will get you laid

Apr 29
All fans of the Ultimate Fighting Champion and THQ's UFC Undisputed will be happy to learn that today is the day when the demo for UFC Undisputed 2010 goes live on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. Note how I say fans -... read

UFC president won't ban fighters who sign with EA MMA

Mar 31
UFC president Dana White may be abandoning an earlier threat, but you can rest assured that there's no love lost between him and EA. As we saw last summer, Hell hath no fury like a Dana White scorned: after claiming that Elec... read

Vtoid: On Assignment: UFC Undisputed 2010

Mar 29
The On Assignment series returns in New York City. THQ knocked on our doors and flew myself and Husky to the big Apple -- where large angry men waited to be interviewed while they shielded (from my unnatural ambition to caus... read

UFC lightweight champ joins UFC Undisputed 2010 roster

Mar 16
The monstrous Brock Lesnar is the cover athlete for THQ's UFC Undisputed 2010. But don't let his bulk sway your opinion that the game will only feature big, sweaty hunks of man meat. The simulation brawler will launch with a... read

More images of THQ's Undisputed 2010 appear

Feb 24
Man. Nothing gets us more pumped than leering at still images of hard men with large, sweat-glistened bodies. And to see them crawl on top of each other like animals, pawing and swiping with vigor, oh my! UFC Undisputed 2010 ... read

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