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Trauma Center


Dtoid Live rewind: Kung Fu Live underpants hysteria

Dec 24
Earlier this week we attempted to play Kung Fu Live on the PlayStation Eyething. During the calibration procedure we learned that the technology works best when you're not wearing dark clothing. Rather than trouble with a cos... read

Japanese Trauma Team's bonus sexy cards

Jun 02
We played and liked Trauma Team, and when we reviewed it we touched on some of the in-game sexy bits. You know, busty girls, ridiculous situations. Stuff like that. None of those sexy bits seemed to make it into the game's ma... read

Trauma Team for thirty bucks on Amazon

May 28
Holy crap, that was fast! Released just over a week ago, Trauma Team has already become the recipient of an Amazon Deal of the Day! If you go to the online retailer today and say, "I would like a copy of Trauma Team, ple... read

Trauma Team plays up the drama

May 28
Trauma Team came out last week and, I'm ashamed to say, I haven't had a chance to play it yet. For now, I'll have to make use of the likely hours of trailers, gameplay footage and other video on the web about the game. ... read

Ah, the world of Trauma Team. It's a pretty unique place with pretty unique people. Everyone seems to have either huge boobs or huge noses. Everyone's relatively attractive, yet strangely familiar looking at the same time.&nb... read feature


Yoo-es-ay: Americans to thank for Trauma Team forensics

Mar 31
Americans, give yourselves a pat on the back, for it's you that the busty Naomi Kimishima (as above) has to thank for her current line of work in Trauma Team's forensics department. As you may know from Destructoid's prev... read

Dr. Freebird, please report to Trauma Team

Mar 18
Atlus sent us a ton of videos for Trauma Team today. The series of walkthrough clips shows off a variety of procedures players can perform in the game, as well as introduces us to the doctors who will get all the... read

Crack a femur: Trauma Team's orthopedics walkthrough

Feb 03
I was going to use a drill pun, but Atlus already took care of that. Hell, they took care of all the bone-related puns. Look: "Until watching this new video, a lot of Trauma Team fans may have a slightly disjointed notion o... read

Nurse, Forceps! New Trauma Team screenshots

Dec 21
I'm about to make an incision...on my arm if I don't get to play Trauma Team soon. Atlus is still working on it, but they sent along new screenshots of the upcoming Wii medical operation game as a sort of Christmas gift, they... read

Atlus was kind enough to let us scrub in on surgery. They're still operating on Trauma Team, the next the series of Trauma Center games, and they wanted us to see the insides of this patient. We got a very quick look at E3, w... read feature


Atlus launches Trauma Team website, now with less nicotine

Aug 13
I'll admit right off the bat that I'm a huge fan of the Trauma Center games, so the new website Atlus has just launched gets me all the more excited for its upcoming Wii title, Trauma Team. Among other things, this will featu... read

Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin': Trauma Center

Jun 25
This is the newest episode of Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'. It is about Trauma Center. Now that we've got a panel at PAX, I've gotten all nervous about what will or won't be helpful to talk about, how to remain entertaining, and ... read

Atlus drops the trauma with new Trauma Team video

Jun 12
Even though we've seen very little of Trauma Team so far, I'm still excited about it. When Colette and I met with Atlus at E3, I was able to chat with them a bit about what to expect. All they did is tease. I don't think they... read

Pre-E3 2009: Atlus + E3 = Win

May 30
You know a company is chock full of awesome when the title of their press release for E3 uses a mathematical equation that ends in win. Yes, Atlus sent over a press release announcing their E3 line-up titled "Atlus + E3 ... read

Famitsutoid: No More Heroes 2, Trauma Center 3 and more

May 27
I take absolutely no credit for the Famitsutoid header. This comes compliments of Destructoid community blogger Genki-JAM, who was kind enough to share his latest issue of Famitsu, packed full of hot images of lots of upcomin... read

Pedisedate: Gassing your kids, one Game Boy game at a time

Apr 15
You are so not ready for this.A new piece of medical equipment is being tested right now called the Pedisedate. Basically, it is a headset that is placed on a child before they are admitted to surgery. The device connects to ... read

The first Trauma Center: Under The Knife for DS was a fantastic game, but it also came with a reputation -- that of being one of the most difficult games to grace the portable console. Placing you in the role of newbie doctor... read feature


Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 is out, new screens accompany

Jul 03
Yesterday, Atlus opened the gates on their new Nintendo DS surgery game, Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2. Certain to entertain any reasonable person with a plastic stylus and a dual-screened peripheral, Atlus’ original... read

Trauma Center DS: Under the Knife 2 announced

Apr 08
My first time playing Trauma Center, I played for three hours straight. It had been a while since any DS game had caused such obsessive emotions for me, not to mention presented me with enough challenge to make me want to thr... read

Wiimote, stat! Wii helps surgeons perform better

Jan 17
Dr Kanav Kohel and Dr Marshall Smith of the Banner Good Samaritan Medical Centre in Phoenix, Arizona, think that the Wii's control scheme can actually help surgeons perform better surgeries.They're working with researchers to... read

New Trauma Center clips demonstrate the horrors of life on the street

Oct 15
We've all been there.You're driving down the streets of Las Vegas after a Tyson fight, Suge is at the wheel, and as you pull up to a stop light a whole gang of ni***s in a white Caddy pop off 12-13 shots through the door of... read

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