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Mega Man X photo
Mega Man X

TruForce's Mega Man X toy Kickstarter gains another variant figure

A variant
Feb 03
// Chris Carter
TruForce is creating a rad Mega Man X figure, and the company is almost halfway to its $200,000 goal on Kickstarter. To help move things along a bit two new reward tiers have been added, including an exclusive color variant, ...

The hunt for the Rosalina amiibo is on today, here's what I found

Feb 01 // Chris Carter
That particular Target had a flyer taped to their electronics monitor noting to only sell one total amiibo of the Sheik, Toon Link, or Rosalina variety to customers. Not one per SKU, but one total of those three. They seemed to be pretty strict about this policy, but I'm getting reports of "no limits" and "one per SKU" alike. Everyone who went at opening was fairly cordial and formed an orderly line -- only some Targets are actually handing out tickets, the rest are a free-for-all type situation, so expect some running. The next Target I went to only had six Rosalinas in stock and sold out immediately. The third store said that they had 16, but also sold out right away. Both my second and third Target stop were completely sold out of Sheik and Toon Link amiibo at that point -- but there were plenty of Bowsers, so don't think he's rare or anything. I've heard multiple reports around the US of Targets getting this mixed amount of stock. Some in my area didn't get any, so if you ended up going to one of those Old Maid stores you're basically screwed, because by the time you hit the next location they'll be gone. You may still have a chance at Sheik and Toon Link, but don't waste your time driving an hour or more away for Rosalina at this point. There is no indication yet that Toon Link is rare (people probably hate-bought him since they left empty-handed with Rosalina), but all signs point to the fact that Sheik is the rare figure in Wave 3 (Ike is also rumored). Just like Lucario at Toys"R"Us last week on opening day, it seems as if the entire country sold out of Rosalina within 30 minutes. The jury is out on whether or not more stock will come in, and you'd hope that would be the case with an exclusive amiibo, right? With the way Nintendo and retailers have been handling this situation, you never know. Call your local store and give it a shot with this DCPI (SKU) number -- 207-00-5021 You can also try using this resource to search local Targets in your area with the DCPI above going forward. If you're going this morning go straight to electronics, and hit the customer care button to get a team member straight away, then ask about Rosalina with the DCPI handy just in case. Good luck!
Rosalina amiibo launch photo
Anywhere from 6 to 26 in stock at each Target
[Update: according to this leaked document by CAG user Kurosaki-san, there will be no more Rosalina shipments for Target for the foreseeable future. The exact wording is that "this item will not be replenished." We'...

Lucario photo

If you pre-ordered Lucario at Toys"R"Us, it should be shipping soon

'Items located in stock'
Jan 31
// Chris Carter
Last week, Lucario went on sale at Toys"R"Us retail locations. By all acounts, it was a mess. Luckily I didn't have to deal with it as my previous pre-order was re-instated, but multiple sources informed me that stores typica...
Rosalina photo

Rosalina amiibo Canadian fate confirmed: she's being redistributed to other retailers

Exclusive no more
Jan 29
// Chris Carter
Recently we learned that because of Target's closures in Canada, the fate of the Rosalina amiibo was up in the air. Now we have solid confirmation of what's happening with the character. After days of silence, Nintendo has no...
Target photo

It looks like some Targets are selling the Sheik amiibo early

Call your local store
Jan 27
// Chris Carter
As of right now, the Sheik amiibo is set to appear in the first round of Wave 3 on February 13, right after Bowser's launch at the start of next month. If early reports are any indication, Sheik is going to be one of the more...
Amiibo madness photo
Amiibo madness

Toys"R"Us sells some amiibo early, delays others, and has 4 for $44 sale

Also good and bad news on retailer-exclusive toys
Jan 26
// Steven Hansen
Toys"R"Us started selling some of the "wave 3" amiibo -- Bowser, Sheik, and Toon Link -- ahead of schedule at the end of last week. Meanwhile, Toys"R"Us customers have been getting notice that pre-orders on other wave 3 ...
amiibo photo

Here's when GameStop is planning on getting shipments for amiibo Wave 3

Free up your schedule if you didn't pre-order
Jan 22
// Chris Carter
There's an internal memo going around from GameStop that highlights estimated arrival dates for the upcoming amiibo Wave 3. I have confirmed this memo with an internal source at the retailer. This is the gist. Bowser will arr...
Mega Man X photo
Mega Man X

TruForce Collectibles' Mega Man X figure heads to Kickstarter

Want it? Kickstart it
Jan 22
// Chris Carter
TrueForce Collectibles is crafting a new Mega Man X figure for your enjoyment. Like what you see? Then you probably want to back it on its brand new Kickstarter. To actually get the figure you'll need to pledge at least $80, ...
Custom amiibo photo
Custom amiibo

The Etsy crowd is making some great custom amiibo

Small soldiers
Jan 21
// Jordan Devore
We post a lot of amiibo stuff on Destructoid, and when I say we, I mean "not me." That ends today. I couldn't pass up this chance to highlight the custom amiibo scene on Etsy. The results are admittedly hit or miss -- this is Etsy -- but even the misses have a certain humorous charm to them. Let's take a look. [Header image: Alltheapplesdoubled]
Target photo

Target to close all 133 stores in Canada, where the Rosalina amiibo is exclusive

Target, you bungled this entire operation
Jan 15
// Chris Carter
Things haven't been looking good for Nintendo and its retailer-exclusive amiibo initiative. Toys"R"Us has bungled pre-orders so many times it's hard to tell if anyone will actually get their  Lucario amiibo at this point...
Predator toy photo
Predator toy

My desk craves this game-inspired Predator 2 figure

The Predator is in town...
Jan 09
// Jordan Devore
I'm still kicking myself for missing NECA's glow-in-the-dark Jason Voorhees figure based on his loud design in Friday the 13th for the NES. It was exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con, and I should've had a friend nab one for me....
Mega Man photo
Mega Man

This custom bad box art Mega Man figure looks like Patrick Warburton

He probably would have been in a live-action '90s adaptation
Jan 09
// Chris Carter
Bad box art Mega Man is a legend. In addition to being featured in Street Fighter X Tekken among other accomplishments, my mom picked the original Mega Man out for me because of the cover art, and the rest is histor...
Mega Bloks photo
Mega Bloks

These Assassin's Creed Mega Bloks were 'designed with adult collectors in mind'

Hey, kids, wanna stab?
Jan 08
// Jordan Devore
Brett told us about the Assassin's Creed Mega Bloks only to totally leave us hanging now that the toys are viewable online. Never did trust that guy. Makedonski? Obviously a phony last name. Anyway, yes, Ubisoft has posted im...
McDonald's toys photo
McDonald's toys

Trick your loved ones into thinking these Japanese McDonald's toys are amiibo

Look at you, angry Pikachu
Jan 05
// Brett Makedonski
Amiibo sure are all the rage, huh? Who would've thought that Nintendo's artificially scarce plastic figurines would create such a crazed demand? Were you lucky enough to get one that looks just like Steven's dog? If so, you'l...
amiibo photo

Here's a cool amiibo infographic that displays all known compatibility

Including Japan
Jan 02
// Chris Carter
The amiibo craze is real, but some people aren't super keen on the collectible aspect and choose to focus on the in-game functionality. That's cool, but it can get a bit confusing as to what games are actually supported....
amiibo madness photo
Give customer service a call
Back in December, Toys"R"Us canceled every Lucario amiibo pre-order (and some random Wave 2 or 3 orders). It sucked, because the figure is exclusive and they already took thousands of orders on them weeks before the...

amiibo photo

Heads up amiibo collectors: Fox and Samus may be gone soon

There's strong evidence
Jan 01
// Chris Carter
Marth, Villager, and Wii Fit Trainer amiibo are rare at this point -- it's just a fact. Although Nintendo noted that the "core" figures will always be available (citing Mario as a staple), some of them will phase out. Accordi...
TruForce Collectibles photo
TruForce Collectibles

TruForce Collectibles gives us a little taste of their Mega Man X figure

I want them all
Dec 31
// Chris Carter
Thanks to fan demand, TruForce Collectibles is crafting a new Mega Man X figure. Before this week we haven't had the slightest clue of what it looked like, but thanks to a recent Facebook posting we now have a better idea. So...
Yoshi photo

This new Yoshi Figuarts toy is dawwwsome

Too cute
Dec 30
// Chris Carter
I have a general rule when it comes to getting merchandise for games. If it's a series I really love and have a collection for, I'll get a moderate amount of goods for it. Mario happens to be one of those series, and man...
amiibo photo

Toys"R"Us sending out amiibo discount codes to those who had canceled orders

Pit and Little Mac in-stock at GameStop
Dec 25
// Chris Carter
[Update: Pit seems to be back out of stock.] It looks like the Lucario incident of 12/19 is coming to an end. After abrubtly canceling hundreds of orders for their exclusive Lucario amiibo, Toys"R"Us has re-instated some orde...
Mega Man X photo
Mega Man X

This homemade Mega Man X Iris figure is awesome

Not official though
Dec 23
// Chris Carter
Although we've seen a great deal of figures from the Mega Man universe, Iris has never gotten the recognition that many fans have been wanting. Madhands has taken things into its own...well...hands by crafting a figure o...
Pokémon toy photo
Pokémon toy

That lil Bulbasaur! Pokémon Center has the adorable Red Nendoroid

The very best
Dec 19
// Jordan Devore
We last spoke about Good Smile Company's Red Nendoroid months ago, which is just too dang long. The figure has since released in Japan, and the US Pokémon Center now has it in stock. For $49.99, the set comes with the ...
amiibogeddon photo
Um, wow
[Update: Toys"R"Us put pre-orders back up momentarily this morning, and I expect them to either be faulty or drop very soon. Try to re-pre-order if you want at your own risk!] [Update 2: Now the retailer has taken o...

Mega Man merch photo
Mega Man merch

This early build of a 13-inch Mega Man statue looks pretty great

Roughly $71
Dec 15
// Chris Carter
Next March, X-Plus Toys will be producing a new Mega Man statue, and the project is coming along pretty great. It'll be 13-inches tall, and is made of soft plastic. It'll run you 8,424 Yen, which is roughly $71.00. There is n...
Amiibo photo

Act Fast! Lucario amiibo available for pre-order again on Toys "R" Us website

He's basically a blue Pikachu, right?
Dec 09
// ChillyBilly
Jeez, these amiibo things sure are popular, huh? Grab your wallets and get to shopping, because the Lucario amiibo (Toys "R" Us exclusive) is back in stock at the Toys "R" Us website. Just yesterday, these figures were completely sold out on there, so you should probably act pretty fast if you want to snag one for yourself.
Lucina photo

This Lucina figure is looking pretty damn great

I want it
Dec 08
// Chris Carter
Japan is getting an amazing Figma figure next year -- Lucina from Fire Emblem: Awakening. It's up for pre-order now from retailers like AmiAmi, and it'll drop in April 2015. I think I'm going to have the mask on permanently -- it looks too cool. Of course, this figure makes me lament the fact that Lucina doesn't have a mask-variant costume in Smash Bros.
Toys "R" Us

Toys "R" Us' exclusive Lucario amiibo is sold out online

Add it to your wishlist
Dec 08
// Chris Carter
I really like covering toys on Destructoid. I get to talk to a ton of like-minded collectors, share shopping strategies, and the community in general always comes together to help one another. It's a feel-good experience even...
Meta Knight amiibo photo
Meta Knight amiibo

Best Buy opens up pre-orders for Meta Knight amiibo

Dec 07
// Chris Carter
During my day one amiibo hunting trip, I noticed that Best Buy wasn't particularly on the ball. Multiple stores in my area didn't even stock Wii Fit Trainer or Villager, and Marth came up as "Martha" on one of the Best Buy in...

Just how rare are some of Nintendo's amiibo toys at launch?

Nov 21 // Chris Carter
Also at every location, there was a maximum of two Villagers and Wii Fit Trainers each left on the shelf, with a stock of roughly 10 units per store. GameStop stated that Villager, Wii Fit Trainer, and Marth were sold out entirely and were only available for pre-order customers. This was the case for at least 10 of their stores in my area after they checked their system. But the most rare of all is without question Marth. By the time I had went to two stores and found zero of them, I got the idea to check Amazon -- sure enough, they're going for around $30 already. Speaking to the store reps, I found out that Toys"R"Us only received four Marths in total at my local store, and that all of the surrounding areas within a 30 mile radius were sold out. Best Buy didn't get any Marths, and my fourth stop, the second Target, only had two -- I picked up the last one. GameStop, Toys"R"Us, Target, and Best Buy all seemed confident with additional shipments of every toy except the aforementioned three characters. Keep in mind that throughout the holiday season scalpers and collectors are going to likely find out when shipments are before the general public, and will be there bright and early to collect. I was told that at my local Toys"R"Us, someone had gotten there at the store's opening and bought every Marth toy at once. While the jury is out on whether or not Nintendo deliberately induced a shortage on these few rare figures or legitimately didn't ship enough, you should definitely ask a friend if they're going out to today to pick you up a rare toy if you wanted one. Or of course, just order them online, since most of them are available outside of Marth.
amiibo report photo
You might want to get Marth now
While Nintendo provided me with the Link, Mario, and Kirby amiibo toys for testing with Super Smash Bros., acquiring the rest of the lot was completely up to me. So I decided to take a trip early this morning, survey any pote...

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