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This is getting ridiculous


Last week, Infinity Ward announced that a cure for Modern Warfare 2 "mapathy" would be coming to Xbox Live on March 30th. Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling guested on the most recent episode of Xbox Live's Major Nelson Radio to ... read feature


At GDC? Come party with Astro Gaming + Dtoid tonight!

Mar 12
Next week Destructoid turns four years old.  Redunkulous.  As is customary, we hope to get all of our friends together and cause irreparable damage to our vital organs and professional reputation (ha!).  If you... read

Project Offset sighting: Yep, another tech demo

Feb 19
Project Offset has been in "does it even exist?" territory for far too long, as far as I'm concerned. There's been a steady stream of tech demonstrations for years now, so yeah, it likely exists in some playable form. But wi... read

Square Enix has five unannounced games in the works

Feb 04
For the love of God ... Square "eyes bigger than its belly" Enix has revealed in the latest Famitsu that it currently has five unannounced games in development. Considering it has about ten billion announced games in developm... read

Kratos hungers for more RAM: The God of War case mod

Feb 03
I was about to declare this disturbingly accurate Kratos PC as the creepiest case mod ever, but then I realized that's really not a path any of us want to go down. If it exists, there's a case mod for it -- and lots of terri... read

Intel: Look for an update on Project Offset in 2010

Dec 09
Before we jump into this, let me catch you up to speed. It's my job to obsess over these sorts of factoids, and even I had forgotten about some of Project Offset's history. Every time the first-person fantasy game is shown in... read

PSN troll subpoenas Winona Ryder & Depeche Mode, sues WoW

Nov 25
Erik Estavillo has struck again. You'll know him as the guy who tried to sue Sony for banning him from PSN. He also filed suit against Microsoft and Nintendo, the latter for not allowing him to continue pirating Wii games. Th... read

Amazing lawsuits filed against Nintendo and Microsoft

Nov 20
Erik Estavillo, the agoraphobic Resistance player who keeps attempting to sue Sony for banning his trolling arse, has now decided to try and get some money from Microsoft and Nintendo as well. His last case against Sony was t... read

Sonic Classic Collection coming to DS because we need it

Nov 20
Jesus C*nting Christ! Despite there being roughly ten billion Sonic the Hedgehog compilations, it seems that Sega feels we can always have more, and has recently submitted Sonic Classic Collection to the OFLC for rating. This... read

New EA store sells EA Sports Active, and nothing else

Nov 18
Apparently EA Sports Active is so important that it deserves its own store. Throughout the run-up to Christmas, Electronic Arts will be operating two stores in San Fransisco and Boston, and EA Sports Active is the only game t... read

Pre-order Split Second, get a vehicle of some sort

Nov 13
Exciting, huh? Black Rock's Split Second provides so many thrills that the studio decided to turn the insanity down a notch for the game's obligatory GameStop-exclusive pre-order bonus. As you can clearly see, a reservation w... read

The biggest UT 2004 explosion you'll see today

Oct 09
Disclaimer: this isn't nearly as good as the Crysis "Raining Men" video, or most of the other "spawn a bunch of objects, it'll be funny" CryEngine 2 videos, for that matter. However, it is certainly worth ... read

Gamers to use real security cameras to spy for the cops

Oct 06
I'm not sure if this is manipulative, scary, brilliant, hilarious, or all three. A brand new PC game called "Internet Eyes" will allow players to view thousands of CCTV cameras around the United Kingdom and essentia... read

German principal: Games turn kids into homicidal maniacs

Sep 21
Last Thursday, there was yet another attempted shooting rampage in Germany. Fortunately, nobody was killed, which is of course why no major news outlet run the story. Despite the fact that no lives were lost, however, one par... read

New Shantae game for DSiWare? Yes, it's real!

Sep 15
[Update: Nintendo Power has a full feature on the game that confirms THREE episodic releases in the Shantae universe!] Shantae is one of those games that you either remember with incredibly fond feelings and wish for a sequel... read

Nintendo won't call a gun a gun

Sep 11
As much as Nintendo has changed and warped since the success of the Wii, it's nice to know that the company hasn't abandoned all of its old sensibilities. Like its complete fear of violence and love of bizarre censorship. Did... read

Sony's new PS3 ads upset Nigeria (that's racist!)

Sep 09
Oh Sony, you and your international PR disasters!You've all doubtless seen Sony's new ad campaign that pokes fun at bloggers and Internet rumors. If you haven't, then Nigeria certainly has, and it's decided to be offended at ... read

BioWare: Piracy is always a problem

Sep 04
Piracy is a hot topic for any PC developer, so when I went to check out Dragon Age: Origins in Edmonton, I took the opportunity to ask BioWare whether a loyal fanbase makes piracy less of a problem and, if not, how the studio... read

David Jaffe to 'shut the f**k up' for six months

Aug 30
Destructoid is no stranger to the words flying out of David Jaffe's mouth. In fact those words have flown directly at us. In short (if two sentences are too long for you), David Jaffe has a big mouth and he likes to run it. H... read

Not again! Hot off the heels of Activision's Modern Warfare 2 price hike, it's been revealed by a number of British retailers that Microsoft is planning to raise the price of the Xbox 360 Arcade in the UK. Not only that, but ... read feature


Just Cause movie is happening just 'cause

Aug 11
As reported by Variety, the rights to make a film out of Just Cause have been acquired from Eidos by Adrian Askarieh, who is currently working on producing a Kane & Lynch movie as well. You might also recall that Askarieh... read

Games on Demand: Pay $100 for Mass Effect!

Aug 07
Games on Demand hasn't even officially launched yet, but Microsoft's penchant for greed has already reared its ugly, drooling head, causing concern for gamers. Titles have popped up on the service already, and NeoGAF has been... read

Obama in brief videogame reference SHOCKER!

Jul 27
You know, I'm all for criticizing those who attack videogames. Anti-game lobbyists are one of the core subjects I write about here at Destructoid. However, that doesn't mean that every single person who briefly mentions gamin... read

Seahawks receiver unhappy with Madden rating, boycotts game

Jul 23
Sure, the annual Madden ratings are a big deal to football players -- and for the particularly egotistical ones, it’s natural to feel that the game doesn’t properly assess their talents. But this one crosses a bit... read

Thailand planning cyber cafe curfew for kids

Jul 22
Thailand's ridiculous crackdown on videogames continues apace, with the country's authorities devising yet more ways in which they can ruin everybody's fun. Concerned now about "addiction" instead of violence, Cultu... read

Left 4 Dead 2 is racist because 'several' zombies are black

Jul 15
This is unbelievable. I've seen people try and find racist undertones in harmless entertainment before, but The Houston Chronicle's Willie Jefferson takes home the prize for making the most ridiculous and convoluted racism li... read

Sony's Tretton: PS3 price cut? Pfffffffft!

Jul 08
The PlayStation 3 price cut saga has become long and grueling, with various industry figures demanding one and Sony consistently refuting such demands time and time again. Now it's Jack Tretton's turn to defend Sony's bullish... read

Math shows that Wolfenstein will have 1,638 kills

Jun 28
Here's a little bit of non-news that involves math. MTV Multiplayer got some time with the upcoming Wolfenstein, and during their gameplay they saw that their progress was being kept track of. Percentages popped up as they pi... read

Activists cry about 'predatory' game industry

Jun 26
Because the world needs another overly conservative activist group moaning about videogames and using harmful vernacular because they don't know what they're talking about! The latest gang of pussies to bitch about videogames... read

Pro-Left 4 Dead 2 Steam group causes trouble

Jun 18
I'd promised myself I'd step away from the Left 4 Dead 2 silliness for a little while, but this one is just too good to pass up. The 30,000-strong mob of angry protesters whose lives have been ruined by the announcement of L4... read

Left 4 Dead 2 protest group is over 13,000 strong

Jun 07
Yesterday, I wrote a post tackling those who were bawling their eyes out over Left 4 Dead 2. It looks like, however, I may be taking on an entire army, since a Left 4 Dead 2 protest group has formed and it consists of 13,011 ... read

Thai officials shut down game sites following boy's suicide

May 23
Yesterday, we told you about a 12-year-old boy who committed suicide after his parents banned him from gaming. The most curious aspect of the story was the fact that Thailand's overbearing Ministry of Health did not use the d... read

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