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The Podcastle


The Podcastle episode 35: Grumpy

May 20
Your irreverent host was in a grumpy mood when we recorded Episode 35, which means that he misbehaved on the show quite a lot. This resulted in even more shouting and screaming than usual, and some things that were so risqu&e... read

The Podcastle records tomorrow for God's sake

May 18
Destructoid's least popular podcast, The Podcastle, records tomorrow for all fifteen of its listeners. I have no idea what we're going to talk about, but I'm sure it will all be videogame related and we won't go off on any ta... read

The Podcastle episode 34: Boyz II Men

May 08
I'm not sure if I can describe the kind of subject matter that was raked over in lurid detail on this week's episode of The Podcastle, but rest assured that, as per usual, the most heavily discussed stuff had very little, if ... read

The Complete Podcastle: Ultimate Bias Edition

May 05
If you are one of the three Podcastle fans reading this, then rejoice! Podcastle listener and king of our official forum Shakey1245 has compiled the ultimate collection of Destructoid's Britpop podcast. Episodes 1 - 33, compl... read

The Podcastle records tomorrow, XTIVAL STYLE!

May 04
OH YEEEEAH SON, THE XTIVAL! YEEEEAH! YEEEEEEAAAAAH! Except of course, Xtival is rubbish every single year, which is what I am sure we will say when The Podcastle records tomorrow. We shall indeed talk about Xbox Live's Europe... read

The Podcastle episode 33: White bread world

Apr 22
This week's edition of The Podcastle is very special, not least because it could very well be the last. We did what no podcast should ever do and actually acted upon listener feedback this week, producing a show 100% tailored... read

The Podcastle records tomorrow, we tell you this thing

Apr 20
Destructoid's one and only Britpop podcast, The Podcastle, records tomorrow and we have prepared an absolute belter of a show for you. This week, for one week only, we will be unplanned, lazily recorded, unreasonably vulgar a... read

The Podcastle episode 32: Sheep on the Gaza strip

Apr 09
In today's hiccup-free episode of The Podcastle, we discuss the Six Days in Fallujah "controversy," why a harmless PETA stunt in World of Warcraft caused undue outrage, and the insane popularity of the DSi. In less ... read

The Podcastle records tomorrow, whether you like it or not

Apr 06
On tomorrow's episode of The Podcastle, we promise not to invite former colleagues onto the show so we can shout at them. Instead we'll be talking about some things, like why Lux Pain is so confusing, and my first Jimpression... read

The Podcastle episode 31: Hiccups

Mar 26
Our latest episode of The Podcastle mostly revolves around hiccups, since I was afflicted by a violent bout of them partway through the recording of the show. Wardrox and Atheistium laugh at my torment, but fear not, fretful ... read

Podcastle records today. Get us questions quick

Mar 24
So, Wardrox forgot to remind me to do a Podcastle pre-show post. This is all his fault, somehow. Nevertheless, we have plenty to talk about, what with that mental in Germany shooting stuff up and Far Cry 2 getting blamed. Tha... read

The Podcastle episode 30: Risk death, just do nothing

Mar 11
This week's Podcastle is affected by my watching too much Lee and Herring, so expect undue references to bumming and usage of the word "Luddite." Luckily, Wardrox and Lauren are on hand to provide some actual videog... read

The Podcastle records tomorrow and our fans rock

Mar 09
I'm sure we've said this before but it bears repeating -- Podcastle fans absolutely rule the school that they are too cool for. Not only do we have some amazing artwork above by community member Phallus Knife Fight, but check... read

The Podcastle episode 29: Underage pregnancy is NOT funny!

Feb 25
It's time yet again for The Podcastle, Destructoid's Britpop podcast. We have a really good show for you this week, which means that I thought it was decent but you may well disagree. We also have a very special guest star, w... read

The Podcastle records tomorrow for God's sake!

Feb 23
If you want a really good laugh, then go hang out in our official Podcastle Forum. That's where you get awesome images like Shakey1245's Band of Buggers picture. We also say naughty swear words, which is totally worth visitin... read

The Podcastle episode 28: Two little boys and the necropenis swapmeet

Feb 11
Ladies and gentlemen, lend us your filthy ears for The Podcastle has arrived! This week you are stuck with just Jim Sterling and Wardrox, as our female cast member was off doing girly things like a girl. Don't worry though, t... read

The Podcastle records today. Say stuff!

Feb 10
This week's Podcastle will be significantly scream-free, because the adorable Atheistium will not be sharing our company. I know this will result in a 50% drop in listenership, but we'll soldier on regardless. Wardrox and I w... read

The Podcastle episode 27: We're all a bit buggered

Jan 30
Atheistium was buzzed off University shenanigans, Wardrox experienced an energy drink comedown, and I was recovering from a minor bit of surgery. Not the most helpful elements when it comes to recording a podcast, but we sold... read

The Podcastle episode 26: When dinosaurs fight London phone boxes

Jan 14
Anybody remember those plastic dinosaur toys from Invicta? They were all one color and incredibly nasty looking, and you could buy them from the Natural History Museum. Well, we don't talk about any of those on the show. We d... read

The Podcastle episode twenty-something records today

Jan 13
After a Holiday hiatus, Destructoid's narrow-minded and not-all-that-good fifth wheel podcast, The Podcastle, has returned in a blaze of apathy! All the fun of the fair is promised, except with a lot less fun and it's not ver... read

The Podcastle episode 25: I can't remember what we talked about

Dec 24
This week's episode is a MYSTERY EPISODE! The mystery stems from the fact that we recorded it last week, and now I've forgotten everything we talked about. I could listen to it again and find out, but I really can't be bother... read

The Podcastle records tomorrow: Survival Horror and New York chicanery

Dec 16
This week, two thirds of The Podcastle's cast will be race traitors, as Wardrox is currently festering in New York. Only Atheistium is keeping the British end up for this episode, but luckily we should have plenty to talk abo... read

The Podcastle episode 24: Mirror's Edge is rubbish

Dec 06
Good morrow, fair maidens and noble gentlemen, and rejoice! The Podcastle is once again ready for your ears to enjoy, as the usual crew is joined by a super special guest ... even though he's not really that special. Communit... read

The Podcastle's FIRST BERFDAY records tomorrow with CONTROVERSY!

Dec 01
What is better than an anniversary show? Dinosaurs, cakes and blowjobs, but apart from that holy trinity, what is better? NOTHING!Yes, The Podcastle, Destructoid's Britpop podcast, has turned one year old and we are celebrati... read

The Podcastle episode 23: Goodbye, England's Rose

Nov 20
Ladies and gentlemen, it's the end of an era. Yes, today marks the sad and tragic farewell of a podcasting institution. It's been a wild and crazy ride, but it was inevitable. All good things come to an end, so we humbly pres... read

The Podcastle episode 23 records tomorrow: Goodbye, England's Rose

Nov 17
We do not usually record an episode of The Podcastle until two weeks after the last, but on this occasion, we are making an exception and bringing you an early edition of the show. The reason for this is something that many o... read

The Podcastle episode 22: God bless Stornoway black pudding

Nov 13
This house condemns the lack of Podcastle and moves to suggest that we have more Podcastle on the pages of Furthermore, this house would like to congratulate Jim Sterling, Wardrox and Atheistium for all the w... read

The Podcastle 23 records today! Get your questions in

Nov 11
It is a glorious day, my children, for The Podcastle is once again inviting every jack and knave into its glorious halls for feasts of bounty and tales untold. Once more anon, Sir James D. Sterling, his grace The Archbishop o... read

The Podcastle episode 21: Does Sonic get blisters?

Oct 30
You might not want to learn the context in which today's headline was said. I'm not sure if the quote is included in the show because I'm in a hurry and it's still downloading, but either way ... it's nasty. We had much to di... read

The Podcastle episode 21 records today

Oct 23
Ladies and gentlemen, The Podcastle is once again lowering its drawbridge and inviting the peasant folk in for tea and crumpets. We have a lot to talk about this week, so expect a packed show!What do Destructoid's Britpop pod... read

The Podcastle episode 20: Podcastle LIVE II

Oct 05
I’d apologize for this being late, but considering that our regular post schedule means a Podcastle every other Tuesday, you are technically still getting this show two days early! Okay, so it took a long time to get up... read

The Podcastle episode 20: Podcastle Live II

Sep 30
Yes! Due to unpopular demand, The Podcastle is bringing back another attempt at a live show, now with extra gadgetry. We are going to go live with the show officially at 6pm Brit Time (roughly 1PM EST) and if you want to list... read

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