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2:48 PM on 08.24.2008

The Great Retro Olympics!: Closing ceremony

This is it. With this closing ceremony, the Great Retro Olympics! is officially over. I know there were a lot of these quizzes the past two weeks -- and most of you understandably got a little burnt out -- but I truly appreci...

Chad Concelmo

2:13 PM on 08.21.2008

The Great Retro Olympics!: Fencing

So, the “real” Olympics are slowly wrapping up. Only a few more days until all the bald Chinese taxi drivers can go back to work. And, seriously, I’m not kidding: the Chinese government “asked” a...

Chad Concelmo

2:18 PM on 08.19.2008

The Great Retro Olympics!: 200 meter freestyle

Don’t panic, everyone, but there are only a couple more Great Retro Olympic events left before the closing ceremony on Sunday. Don’t miss out on a chance to walk away with a shiny medal. Your friends and family wi...

Chad Concelmo

2:03 PM on 08.14.2008

The Great Retro Olympics!: Gymnastics

Watching gymnastics is the most stressful thing on the planet. I tell myself I love it, but then when I watch I do nothing but freak out the whole time in fear that the poor people on the dangerous equipment are going to hurt...

Chad Concelmo

2:58 PM on 08.12.2008

The Great Retro Olympics!: Decathlon

Forget the tension of the “real” Olympics; we have our own dramatic competition going on right here with the Great Retro Olympics! During last week’s Opening ceremony quiz, heavy favorite welkstar emerged wi...

Chad Concelmo

2:09 PM on 08.08.2008

The Great Retro Olympics!: Opening ceremony

The Olympics start tonight! Woo hoo! Am I going to watch them? Oh, yeah, every minute. Will my TiVo explode? More than likely.To celebrate this once-every-four-year world competition, the Great Retro Quiz! is returning for a ...

Chad Concelmo

1:44 PM on 04.30.2008

The Great Retro Quiz! .30: Super Mario Kart

This is it, folks: the season finale of The Great Retro Quiz! Don’t fret, though; it will be back for an even better “Season 2” after a short break. I just need to tweak a few things -- may...

Chad Concelmo

2:32 PM on 04.23.2008

The Great Retro Quiz! .29: Donkey Kong Country

Welcome to another edition of the Great Retro Quiz!, the weekly feature that puts your knowledge of classic videogames to the test!This week is all about Donkey Kong Country for the Super Nintendo Entertainment....

Chad Concelmo

1:30 PM on 04.16.2008

The Great Retro Quiz! .28: Aladdin

In your honest opinion, which is more embarrassing? The fact that I know every single lyric to every single song in Aladdin or the fact that I owned (and wore, mind you) a t-shirt in high school with a pictu...

Chad Concelmo

9:04 AM on 04.09.2008

The Great Retro Quiz! .27: Secret Den Den Town Edition

Hey everyone. I’ve gone and distracted Chad with a Japanese copy of Ecco: The Dolphin, giving me the chance to steal his weekly Retro Quiz column. You may have noticed in my Retro TV Game Revival profile, the store had ...


1:25 PM on 04.02.2008

The Great Retro Quiz! .26: Dolphin extravaganza!

First off, a huge round of applause is necessary for Mr. Topher Cantler for the awesome new Great Retro Quiz! image shown above. He did an incredible job. I get giddy each and every time I look at it. I can&...

Chad Concelmo

2:00 PM on 03.26.2008

The Great Retro Quiz! .25: Ninja Gaiden

In honor of the incredible Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword coming out for the Nintendo DS, this week’s Great Retro Quiz is all about the even more incredible Ninja Gaiden for the Nintendo Entertainment System. ...

Chad Concelmo

12:55 PM on 03.19.2008

The Great Retro Quiz! .24: Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another edition of The Great Retro Quiz!, the weekly trivia challenge that puts your knowledge of retro games to the test. I am your host, Chad Concelmo, and, as always, this week...

Chad Concelmo

12:15 PM on 03.12.2008

The Great Retro Quiz! .23: Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

It seems that the direct sequels to many ridiculously popular videogames during the retro glory days were unfairly chastised by the public. Super Mario Bros. 2, at least in America, was completely different ...

Chad Concelmo

1:12 PM on 03.05.2008

The Great Retro Quiz! .22: The characters of Super Smash Bros.

Hey, guess what? There is a game called Super Smash Bros. Brawl coming out this weekend for the Wii. You may have heard a little something about it.In celebration of the occasion that either makes some peopl...

Chad Concelmo

12:49 PM on 02.06.2008

The Great Retro Quiz! .21: King's Quest

This is a really emotional quiz for me. I grew up on the old Sierra “Quest” games and pinpoint them as the main reasons I love videogames today. Sadly, I debated whether or not to even do a quiz on t...

Chad Concelmo