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Stuff Gamers Say

Why does the term 'gamer' feel important?

Aug 31 // Jonathan Holmes
[embed]280451:55510:0[/embed] "I'm a nerd, and I'm pretty proud of it" I haven't fully researched where the term "gamer" came from or how long it's been around. The oldest use of the term I've seen goes back to Diehard GameFan magazine from October 2000. GameFan EiC Eric Mylonas uses the term in an offhand way, like it had been a round for a while, but I can't recall hearing it before then. Here's a word-for-word quote: "It's been said before, but today's gamer isn't cut from the same cloth as those of yesteryear -- then again, I suppose it would have helped if you'd started playing games prior to PlayStation, right? Yep, back when a gamer was a gamer and the only thing he had to look forward to on a Friday night was a date with Mario, a bag of Doritos and a six-pack of Mountain Dew -- oh, and some of that Skinemax stuff. Nope, today's 'gamers' are watered down, shrinky-dink versions of the old school player." Pulling the Skinemax card? Whoa. Strangely enough, he also makes one the the first mentions of game journalism I've ever seen -- "A 'gaming journalist' (how's that for an oxymoron) telling you a game is too easy and it's over before it starts? Well we've all heard it since the days of the home Neo Geo when a Earlier Great Magazine (my, how things have changed over the years) used to rail the carts for that system because they were 'too easy' due to infinite continues. Nowadays, though, you'll regularly hear both game editors and players prattle on at length over how 'little-bus easy' games are these days; how things just aren't as hard as they once were." Here is where it gets intense -- "Hey cellar dweller, here's an idea: Why don't you stop hitting the continue button like an under-sexed teen, constantly flipping over to his newfound obsession, Skinemax... oh that's right, then you'd be the prison bitch." Wow.  You're not likely to see that kind of wordage on the big-name game blogs of 2014, but a lot of the sentiments sound familiar. Primarily, the sentiment of elitism. The idea that there are certain kinds of gamers that deserve to take pride in that name, and others that should be ashamed. The process of establishing superiority over another group of gamers by belittling them. The idea that gaming journalism isn't a real thing is also a part of that, so it's no surprise to see it's been around just as long as "gamer" has. All this stuff has been simmering for years. For whatever reason, it feels like a lot of it has come to a head in the past couple weeks. For a lot of people, self identifying as a "gamer" is a way to cast off other labels like "nerd", "fanboy", or in the case of GameFan 2000 "prison bitch". It's something that AAA game marketing has been quick to latch on to, selling people on the idea that if you buy their game/console/whatever, you're not a "nerd" or a "casual". You're a "hardcore gamer", which is something to aspire towards. Much of the Achievement/Trophy/Club Nintendo system is based around this idea too -- propping up people's egos for how much they play videogames or how many videogames they've purchased, giving them praise where the rest of the world may apply scorn.  "Gamer" has been very good to AAA game marketing, and to people who really needed something, anything, to help them from buying into the the larger culture's notion that there is something wrong with them for liking videogames. The better people feel about themselves, the more they're likely to make other people feel better. That's how it should work anyway, but sadly, "gamer" is a lot like communism. It's great in theory. In practice, people screw everything up.  When being "pretty proud of it" gets ugly Things started to go wrong when the gaming community started to develop its own politics. Sure, we've always had console war "politics", and there's a history of barriers between "gamers" in their teens and older folks such as myself, but that's nothing compared to what we have now.  Today we have more than just "Nintendo Vs. Sega", or "old school gamers Vs. prison bitches". We have Game Journalists, Youtubers, Gaming Consumer Advocates, Indie Developers, Social Justice Warriors, 4Channers, their cousin the Redditors, the Fighting Game Community, Pokemaniacs, Bronies Who Game, Gaymers, Casual Gamers, Girl Gamers, Faker Girl Gamers, Fake Guy Gamers, Men's Gaming Rights Activists, Fanboys, Videogame Hipsters and uhhhgggggghhhhhh I want to die. Most of these labels don't actually mean anything. They describe how other people look at strangers on the internet, and don't describe how many people feel about themselves. They certainly aren't appropriate terms to truly define any human being. An aspect of someone's life maybe, but not the whole person. All the same, they are used at a constant pace in the "gamer" community because they are easy, evocative, and quick routes to the outrage culture superhighway.  The term "gamer" isn't really a problem. It's all those other terms that are the problem. Gamer in-fighting -- it's dumb and gross.  Over the past two weeks, various things have happened to cause this in-fighting, but the central conceit has been that game developers, journalists, and enthusiasts don't want the same things. For whatever reason, they are just starting to wake up to that now, like if one day all actors, paparazzi, and readers of Hollywood gossip magazines woke up and said "Whoa, we all like acting, but for pretty darn different reasons! I guess we shouldn't expect too much out of each other." If they had had a blanket term that they all used to define themselves for years, like "Moviers", then maybe that would have happened. Unlike "Gamers", Hollywood has never had an illusions that everyone in their socio-economic system is after the same thing, so they aren't angry and surprised when they find themselves at cross purposes.  There is also a resentment around how much we all need each other. Gaming journalists rely on game enthusiasts to stay in business. Without them, there is no revenue. Often times, it's also an emotional need. Many game journalists want to be respected more than anything else. Their careers depend on being seen as "an important voice in gaming", but so does their self esteem. If they are of a certain age (and most are), its highly likely that they were made fun of for playing games growing up, told by their parents that videogames weren't real jobs, and the rest. They saw game journalism as a way to be loved for their interest in games. It's often a rude awakening for them to be accused cronyism and nepotism, despite the fact that they are likely paid less a year than your average landscaper. The same can be said for how game developers feel about game journalists and enthusiasts. Developers need them both, which can inspire constant disappointment, and many rude awakenings. A lot of them are sick of the fact that journalists seem to only want to win popularity contests, and that enthusiasts only care about having the world of gaming revolve around their particular tastes. Seeing indie developers voice these resentments, unencumbered by the usual game publisher gag orders, is a relatively new phenomenon. They are just now seeing how much support they may find within their own communities for loathing game journalists and enthusiasts. It's not something the press or the players are used to (yet). Developers usually want every developer to be able to create freely in an environment that supports "quality" work being made. That makes them look down at game journalists who are too busy trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator, forcing outliers to the sidelines and minimizing the scope of what games can be. They may look even lower down on the game enthusiasts, who represent that lowest common denominator. The fact that the world doesn't work the way that they want it to often drives them to make even more amazing, fully realized worlds in their games. I've talked to a lot of game developers over the years, and its very common to hear them say that they make games because they want to create places that make sense to them -- worlds that feel right. Art, Game Design, and Programming makes sense. People don't. In the past, they'd take that thought and shut it in, channel it into creativity. With twitter around, they have many more opportunities to let it out. Mix some alcohol or other dis-inhibiting elements into that combination and you can have a real hate parade.  As for gaming enthusiasts, it seems like they just want to feel respected. They want to hear that the people who they think have more power in the industry are going to take care of them, listen to them, continue to support the kinds of games they want to play. Anyone in the industry "above" them who doesn't do this can be quickly lumped into the group of "not real gamers". If you're writing about fighting games and you don't say the right things, you may be called a "scrub" (AKA someone who just pretends to know fighting games but really just wants to be part of the FGC). If you're writing about how sometimes people are depicted in problematic ways , you may be called a "Social Justice Warrior" (AKA someone who just pretends to care about videogames but really wants to be the next Martin Luther King, Jr.). It goes on and on like that. No matter who you are, if you don't reflect back what your audience may be thinking, your credibility may come into question. Everyone in these three groups likely thought of themselves as a "real gamer" at one point or another, and they're all disappointed to find their illusion of sameness and unity shattered. For some of them, the way of dealing with that disappointment is to yell about how other groups are a problem. It's ridiculous. All that's going to do is perpetuate hostility and push people apart. So lets not do that. Lets do something else! Be proud of how you act, not how much of a "gamer" you are Here's the part you've all been waiting for, where I go into full-on Dad mode and lecture about how to unite gamers, end hostility and to be done with all of this ugliness is for people to stop grouping people and then declaring that everyone in one said group (journalists, developers, gamers) is a problem.  That's not very realistic, is it? If you could just tell people to stop doing that, we probably wouldn't have any more problems. It would be like Biodome, but somehow, maybe... even better. Maybe I should give up immediately and get back to the purported point of this ding dang post -- the importance of the term "gamer". I know a lot of people who don't want to use it anymore. They don't want to be associated with it anymore in any way. It's because a lot of people who take pride in being "gamers", be they game developers, journalists, or players, use the term as a way to elevate themselves above others.  Gamer used to mean "a former nerd who is now proud of their love of games", but now a lot of people take it to mean "I'm cooler than you other try-hards, because videogames".  "Gamer" was a way to to take back "videogame nerd" and remove the social stigma, and now it's being used as a pedestal to stigmatize others. So we're going to have to take it back again, this time from the bullies that use it to devalue other people for not having the same type of interests, priorities, and goals as they do. [embed]280451:55508:0[/embed] We've reached a point where almost everybody plays videogames, but not everyone cares about them. If you really care about videogames, you'll spend more time talking, writing about, and of course, playing games than you will talking about, writing about, or attacking other people that also have dedicated themselves to the medium. You should disagree with others, but don't call for anyone to be silenced. Talk about what you would like to see built in the industry, not who you'd like to see removed. Be constructive with your criticism, not destructive. That's what someone who loves something, or someone, will do with their passion. That's what a gamer would do.  If you see someone who isn't behaving that way, someone who says they are a "gamer" in order to elevate themselves while putting someone else down, or to play the victim role in order to amass sympathy, call them out. Tell them that there was never a reason to be ashamed to play videogames, so therefore, there is no reason to be proud of it either. Not on its own merits. Here's what's worth being proud of; being passionate, dedicated, genuine, and positive about playing games, making games, writing about them, or whatever works best for you. If you're putting some sort of gamer internet turf war over "Open-mindedness and the ability to appreciate a variety of games", you're not acting like a gamer. You're acting like a jerk. I don't want the term "gamer" to start meaning "jerk" to everyone who uses it. If we don't accept that definition, if we don't define our inevitable jerky behaviors as "just part of being a gamer", then maybe we can prevent that from happening. 
Gamers photo
There are gamers at the gate, but they may already be dead
Earlier this morning I told my Twitter followers I was thinking of starting a post about why the term gamer might be "dying" or an article about positive representations of schizophrenia in videogames (like, all two of them)....


Gamers: The Official Picture

This is basically what they are
Oct 09
// Jim Sterling
Screenshot taken of the comment section of, in a post about the upcoming Battlefield 4 Battle Packs.  As you can see, it manages to capture absolutely everything about the modern gamer in just two short statements.

Adventure Time skips PS Vita, Namco trolls system fans

'Who has a PS Vita?'
Jul 18
// Jim Sterling
The new Adventure Time game is coming to Xbox 360, PS3, 3DS, and Wii U, noticeably omitting the long-suffering PlayStation Vita from its lineup. As you might expect, Vita owners are a bit upset at the snub, and have taken to ...

Who wants to pay taxes in Grand Theft Auto V?

Jul 18 // Jim Sterling
Diseases  "What about having diseases in the game? Suppose if a protagonist is suffurring from a diesease then to get treated he must visit the hospital. In this way the hospitals will have some unique roleplay!" "That would be much fun to see the protagonist suffer and die of disease. Yes, going to the doctor would be funny too like in reallife. Injections and so on." "Why the f*ck? Of all things to put in a videogame why diseases... that doesn't sound like fun to me. Also, I'm sure some people at cancer foundations etc would get their knickers in a knot." "Skyrim did it and no one said anything. Hell, it made me enjoy treating my warrior after an NPC told me I looked sick and I noticed my damage output is off. Turns out I cought some bone diesease after a wolf bit me which made me do 20% less damage." "ve how the player use to get struck by malaria at times in Far Cry 2. Would love to see them in V too. IMO, they'll make the game far-more realistic. That said, there should be a limit for it. I mean, I can't stand HIV!" "Yeah great idea,while we're at it let's add guns that jam every 5 minutes." Fuel Expenses "In mafia 2 u have to refill a fuel on your Car I also want that feature in GTAV. In GTAIV The Gasoline Station is useless besides on blowing it. It adds realism on the game as well. Feel free to share ur thoughts and opinions." "It's a terrible idea, that's one of the reasons why Mafia 2 sucked in comparison to IV" "How can u say it's terrible? It works well in mafia 2? It also adds realism to the game. Why not in GTAV?" "OH FOR f*ckS SAKE JUST PLAY MAFIA 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GTA IS NOT THE MAFIA GAME SERIES! HOLY sh*t! How many more "Be more like mafia II" suggestions am I going to see on this forum? GTA V is not the next 2k mafia game. No one intends it to be. Furthermore, i'd rather not have to stop every 5 minutes to gas up my car thank you very much." "I see it as a benefit in terms of strategy and planning. IE, before doing a mission, you check if you'll have enough health, ammunition, and fuel to get yourself out of whatever situation you may turn up in. I don't see it being any more inconvenient than Pay 'n Sprays, provided you are given a reasonable amount of fuel. Unless stopping the car for a few seconds is really that much of a problem for somebody." "Well if you could disable and enable it in the menu that would be awesome so everyones happy!"  "Super idea! Whoever said the idea was 'suckish' how the hell is it? In every road trip, you see the car being refuelled. It'd be superb! Realism and a bigger reason to use fuel/petrol/gas-stations! Imagine jacking a car that ends up being out of fuel/petrol/gas... In a car-chase with your car running out of fuel/petrol/gas... ditch the f*cker. It's a superb idea. A tank would take you from the bottom of Alderney, to the top, to the bottom of Algonquin, to Broker, to Bohan. The idea is great... I don't see whats wrong with people and their minds."  "Oh wow... what is with the bitchyness of people, they're like women! (not being sexist, just stereo-typing )Just think about it, if it runs out in a car chase, on RARE occasions, it'd be funny... your saying you don't want it too realistic, then you won't want to be too serious. Games are made for fun, so how can you not find it funny? Don't get irritated, just laught it off.. bitch." Taxes and Bills "i heard someone say that it would be a good idea to buy groceries to stock up for health , soounded likely , so this got me thinking. Will we get to pay taxes or electricity bills? this could be linked for everything, if you dont pay your electric bills, then you cant charge your phone and you cant use, and if you dont pay any taxes, then they send like 1 star on you. what about car insurance? if you dont car insurance, then your car gets scanned by police in the distance and they try and pull you over, that would be so COOL! WHAT DO YOU THINK?" "Sure, if there's something I like when I'm playing videogames is paying taxes." "Criminals don't pay taxes. Most criminals don't go grocery shopping." "Seriously, I just got done paying my taxes, why the hell would anyone want to do that in a game? It's about stealing cars and killing hookers, nobody is going to worry if Trevor hasn't filled out his 1080ez. " "That sounds quite fun if you're from bizarro world and have a severe head injury." "Like a good neighbor state farm is there... with a RPG. Could work out" "Sounds like a cool idea, there could be different gameplay modes in the storyline. Incognito Mode (Just do missions at a simple difficulty, no need for hunger or anything like that) Criminal Mode (Police are tougher, missions are difficulter, money is tighter) Fugitive Mode (You need to eat, no cheats, everything is way more expensive, missions and cops are tougher, minimal health, pay taxes on owned properties)" "he just wrote on another topic (will we be able to steal trolleys) Quote 'inside sauces say you can buy groceries, and you obviosly need somethin to carry the groceries in, so i think its a good bet they will be in it to add realism to the game'" Hospitals as Gameplay Challenges "This is just an idea, could probably get annoying but would be cool if done right.Ok so you've been shot 15 times and your health finally runs out. You get driven to hospital and enter a mini game where your the doctor and you have a certain amount of time to remove a couple of bullets. If you succeed you check out, if you fail you go back to the last save point! Imagine the anger when you haven't saved in ages. Would make you more concerned about being shot and feel more human than indestructible videogame carachter." "no." Serving Jail Time "Alright so I believe it would be a cool concept to throw into the game. Imagine having some sort of consequence after you've been arrested by the police. This would depend on what you did and how many stars you have. For example, you're busted for a DUI so you're taken into custody...given a fine and you're in the drunk tank with the option to skip. The bigger you're crimes, the bigger the consequences are. Eventually if you take the crimes far enough, or you've repeated them enough, you end up in the state penitentiary where you're either expected to pay bail or escape. You also can learn things while in prison. In my opinion, stealing cars can be boring because it's constantly the same...but each car has it's own alarm system, especially when you get to the luxurious and exotics. Prison is like a school for criminals. So you're cell mate could show you a thing or two, maybe it has to do with breaking into cars, or telling you about a contact for drugs, etc. I'm not suggesting you spend 25 years in prison because your murdered someone. You usually have tons of money to begin with, I think trying to escape from prison or have you're friends bail or help you break out like that one mission in gta iv would be really cool." "Seems like an interesting idea, I dont see why it couldn't work." "Going to the prison every time you get arrested would be kinda annoying after a while. However, if there's some sort of plot attached I could see it working. Say at some point you are arrested 'for real' and you spend a few missions confined to the prison grounds, doing jobs for a few other inmates, and ultimately leading a breakout. I could see some fun with that." "great idea, but not for GTA. If I'm thrown into prison in GTA for the whole game, I won't like it cause there are no cars. if I'm on the street one minute and in prison for a couple of missions, I won't like it even more. Its forcing me to do misions. If I'm in prison for getting arrested, I would HATE it, cause then I would have to wait around to get out to go on a spree again.Maybe a different game, but NOT gta" "Maybe you can bail yourself out, sneak out or just wait 1 in game day to be released. And if you feel like going to prison just to do it, you can turn yourself in." "I'd love the idea of breaking out and trying to stay under cover for a while. Laying low, change your appearance, grow a beard etc. If you owned any mansions, the police would be all over it and you'd have to find a small unknown hideout for a few days until the police give up search. And if the police get a good look at you, you could instantly get 3 stars or something." "love the idea of prison in the story line. and yeah after a while it WILL get boring. but wat if there was an option to enable/disable the option. like if its enabeled yeah u can serve ur time by working out, b-ball etc. and if disabled u just pay a fine (depending on crime) and u free again i think it will benefit both sides of this argument. but only have that option if actually busted (caught alive) but if dead and w/ a wanted level u just watch a skip-able cutscene of doctors doing surgery etcetera and pay a fine. that would definetly be sweet." "so we all wanna turn GTA into 'Second Life', eh?"
Realism in GTAV photo
Some GTA fans want realism taken to the next level
Grand Theft Auto may place players in a large, expansive, living world, but one couldn't ever accuse it of being realistic. Death and punishment are slaps on the wrist, you can enjoy life in the city without paying bills, or ...

Xbox One kills game ownership, here's what Xbox fans say

Jun 07 // Jim Sterling
"So essentially if my internet goes out for more than 24 hours I've got a $400+ shiny brick." - Matthew. "Pretty much! A shiny liquid black blu-ray player that won't be able to play games once they turn off the servers. I can still play my Playstation, 3DO Saturn, Dreamcast, Xbox, and older consoles no problem, but retro Xbox One is not going to happen. Essentially, they sell you a expensive box that allows you to play the games you "licensed" but not own, a box that needs MS to run or do anything, Forces you to use their service for a yearly or monthly fee, to get the most features out of the box, without the sales or prices of Steam on PC, and unlike steam, wont allow you to play offline for longer than 24 hours."It's essentially a very corporate hardware version of Steam, without the benefits Steam offers, or the sales. It's a corporate publisher dream come true, and its a consumer nightmare." - Fear Monkey. "This is a great day for corporate America and a terrible day for consumers. Guess we know who Microsoft's "real" customers are. "Microsoft... You. Never. Learn." - BrandonL. "One thing I'm confused about, is why Major Nelson and Microsoft acted like what Phil Harrison said in the interviews on May 21st were incorrect and all the rumors were misrepresenting the truth. In reality, it was all true and accurate. Why even bother lying just to admit it two weeks later?" - UNSCleric. "If you rent games, XBOX one is not for you.If you trade games with your friends , XBOX one is not for you.If you don't have a good connection, XBOX one is not for you.And if you don't want to support these kind of policies and restrictions because you love games and you know the impact that this will have to the future of gaming, then XBOX one is definitely not for you" - Costas. "Would have been so easy to fix with a small alteration: online check not needed if the user inserts the disk. "As it stands, no way. I have suffered with SimCity enough to know that this is a terrible platform." - arrow22. "There will be a lot of lost business from those in the military. When you are forward deployed, either boots on ground or on a ship, one of the most common things to do with your free time is play video games. You can't expect soldiers and sailors to buy this system if they aren't even going to be able to play it. There is no way for them to be able to connect it to a network." - Seth Simmons. "So absolutely no benefits to me as a consumer, a chart just to know when and how I can play, destruction of personal sale, tear down of physical media preservation, AND a requirement to authenticate. Good job." - Matt Paprocki. "The more I read about the Xbox One, the less I want one." - CyberSkull. "1. Thank you for compiling this overview of the points that were woefully unclear during the Reveal Conference, it is greatly appreciated. "2. I no longer see myself purchasing your console in the future "To those making cute excuses about the 24hr. sign in requirement: It is not only a matter of solidarity with those who don't have a stable connection, just imagine that Microsoft has just informed |every hacker group out there| that to piss off |all| of their customers all they need to do is hit MS's servers for 48hrs. "If the powers that be at Microsoft can't understand how bad an idea this is then words cannot describe how myopic they are." - R Moss.  "What truly blows my mind is MS willingness to shift the balance of power so completely from themselves to these major publishers. Publishers that have already more than proven their disdain for their own customers." - Adam Stamos. "So MS is saying if my internet is broken for longer the 24 hrs than my XBox One just becomes a fking TV remote ?! WHAT THE FK!!" - h2h. "Hey, thanks for making this decision much easier for me, Major. Since I'm going to be screwed by anti-consumerism and the destruction of the First Sale Doctrine either way, I'll be leaving the Xbox Brand behind in favor of PC. "At least on PC I can get games on mega sale, deploy developer sanctioned game extending mods, and have better graphics and data management. I've been an Xbox owner since day one of the first console (ah, memories of Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee) but no longer." - Captiosus. "I can't believe there are people brainwashed enough by Microsoft to be fine with this news lmao. This is one of the shadiest and most money-hungry / power-hungry things I've ever seen a corporation try and do in this industry...this is absolutely pathetic and disgusting." - Johnathan. "What I hate the most is this constant pushing of Kinect that none of us really want. They say we can turn of all of the features and not be required to use it, great! So why the hell do I have to have it plugged in then? It makes NO sense. I don't want it, I don't like it and I never will. And I really don't trust MS to not sell my data, so their word means nothing to me. I feel this is being overlooked and it shouldn't be, it's a disgrace." - LittleSaintGopher. "You know what will be hilarious? When this console gets hacked and its your paying customers that are inconvenienced." - Hein. "Why do you allow used blu rays Microsoft?! Please think of the movie industry families living in dirt houses! Fix this!!" - NoBullet. "I thought I would never say this, but I'm sony playstation." - Some guy called Sony PlayStation, I think.
Fans on Xbox One policy photo
Gamers react to Microsoft's robbery of consumer rights
Microsoft finally clarified much of its policy on used games and online restrictions with the Xbox One, and the news is grim for those who actually believe in consumer rights. With its new system, Microsoft will take the fina...


'Who the f*ck gives a sh*t about f*cking Xbox 360?'

And other pearls of wisdom from the Battlelog community
Apr 26
// Jim Sterling
It's an innocuous enough little blog post -- an article on Battlelog aiming to help Xbox 360 users save space on their hard-drives by deleting obsolete Battlefield 3 update files. Fair enough, right? Wrong!  The otherwis...

SimCity Metacritic user reviews are brutal brutal brutal!

'This is SimVillage'
Mar 08
// Jim Sterling
Big game releases these days are almost always going to be subject to some literary abuse via the outlet of Metacritic user reviews, especially when a major publisher like Electronic Arts is concerned. In the case of SimCity,...
PSN > Steam? photo
PSN > Steam?

PSN is better than Steam due to Bronies and pro gamers?

Which gaming network is nicest?
Feb 27
// Jim Sterling
Every now and then, I stumble upon something written by somebody else that I find interesting enough to share with you, my lovely readers. They needn't be written by developers or pundits, either. Take, for example, this humb...
Rayman Legends outcry photo
Rayman Legends outcry

'Fans' FURIOUS over Rayman Legends PS3/360 news

Ubisoft Facebook page under rage-fueled siege
Feb 07
// Jim Sterling
The news that Rayman Legends would no longer be exclusive to Wii U was certainly a blow to Nintendo, no matter how happy it might have made PS3 and Xbox 360 fans. While Nintendo's keeping a poker face about the situation, how...

Uncharted 'fans' FUUUUURIOUS at card game spin-off

Fight for Fortune brings out fightin' words
Nov 19
// Jim Sterling
Uncharted: Fight for Fortune was only officially revealed this morning, but already the "fanbase" is up in arms and inconsolable at the idea that a spin-off game would dare to actually spin off from something. THE VERY IDEA! ...

Metacritic user reviews do the usual poop on Black Ops II

"Metacritic has the best and Realest reviewers"
Nov 13
// Jim Sterling
Another hyped "AAA" game, another round of vengeful user reviews from those wishing to put said game in its place. This time, Call of Duty: Black Ops II is ready to receive its punishment.  As always, gamers have marched...

There is now a 'Fake Nerd Girl Detector'

Nov 10
// Jonathan Holmes
Game developer and Sup, Holmes guest Zoe Quinn has a new quiz game out, and it may be relevant to your interests. As someone who thinks that the concept of "gamer cred" is awful, and the idea that we have to se...

Metacritic user reviews and Resident Evil 6 ... you know

Oct 02
// Jim Sterling
Yep, it's happened again! Resident Evil 6 is the newest game to be torn to shreds via Metacritic's user reviews, following a rare instance of there being a large number of press reviews that agree with the fan rage. The game ...

What gamers say about DmC: Devil May Cry's latest trailer

So much tasty rage
Sep 23
// Jim Sterling
DmC: Devil May Cry is easily one of the most controversial releases in a good long time. Although a large section of the fanbase has been slowly won over by Capcom and Ninja Theory's promotion, there is still a highly dedicat...

Terraria coming to XBLA/PSN, PC users PISSED

'I hope your consoles catch fire'
Sep 11
// Jim Sterling
Terraria has today been announced for consoles, coming to Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network with extra content. PC users, expecting a major announcement and feeling gypped, are absolutely furious. Justified? Maybe....

What gamers say about Capcom's Remember Me

Sexism, racism, and fanboyism are GO!
Sep 07
// Jim Sterling
Capcom released a new gameplay demo video of Remember Me yesterday, and the response from gamers was ... rather cynical. Whether it's due to residual resentment of Capcom or the actual quality of the game is for you to decide...

PS3 user? Mad about Skyrim's DLC snub? Just stop crying!

Xbox fans dish out advice to PS3 users
Sep 05
// Jim Sterling
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim received it's Hearthfire home-building DLC this week, but only if you have the Xbox 360 version. PC users will have to wait, while PS3 users haven't even got Dawnguard -- and may never get it. Natu...

Book of Memories gets new screens, fans go apeshit

The purists sink lower and lower
Aug 31
// Jim Sterling
Konami uploaded some new Silent Hill: Book of Memories screens to its Facebook page, which yet again invited a slew of hatred and animosity from a fanbase enraged at the existence of a spin-off portable game. So incensed are ...

Things gamers say about Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Aug 09
// Jim Sterling
Call of Duty: Black Ops II revealed its multiplayer this week with a new trailer, and you better believe that people on the Internet had opinions about it! There's been a huge backlash against Call of Duty ever since Modern W...

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