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Last week saw the release of Spore, Will Wright's genre-defying game of evolution and exploration. After years of hype, it seems to have delivered the goods and reviewers have been praising the game left and right for its cre... read feature


You just can't escape celebrities: familiar faces in Spore

Sep 09
After fueling the hell out of people's creative juices (some a bit more "acclerated" than others), Spore is finally out for the general public to toy with as they wish. Unless you live in Europe, that is.Not surpris... read

Anrufen Online heading to the iPhone and may have online play

Sep 08
Ever since the iPhone busted onto the scene and demolished the profit margin of Nintendo and Sony’s handheld devices, we’ve been wondering what more could possibly be offered on the platform. Considering the iPhon... read

Macintosh version of Spore really costs thousands of dollars

Sep 08
As most Macintosh owners may have realized, not many triple-A titles come to the platform. Although the lack of quantity of feature games has been the classic issue, many Macintosh enthusiasts have been excited about the pros... read

Spore customers lash out at DRM, sabotage Amazon score

Sep 07
Customers feeling burned by the anti-piracy measures in the long-awaited PC game Spore have decided to take out their frustrations on Amazon, utilizing the review feature to tear the game to shreds for its "draconian&quo... read

EA thinking Spore as a platform

Sep 06
We all know that Spore is a special game, regardless of how it is being received by the media and gamers alike. The little bits and pieces of technology that have been injected into the title that compose its real-time strate... read

Europeans locked out of Spore, EA working on a patch

Sep 05
Europeans may have initially got excited when it was announced that Spore would hit their side of the pond first. Now, on release day, all might not seem so great. According to Eurogamer, some Spore users are having issues lo... read

Spore ad campaign invades Boston's Harvard Square subway

Aug 28
With the September 9 release of Spore right around the corner, it's time to move past the press hype and for the marketing campaign blitz to begin! But when it's as cool as these subway ads found in Boston's Harvard Square re... read

Will Wright loves the Spore porn, discusses possible console release

Aug 27
It's one of the laws of human nature, that the moment a man is given the ability to customize something, a big dong is what he'll customize it with. Thus it was with Spore's creature creator, as semi sentient genitals began p... read

Spore screens show off space and civilization gameplay

Aug 27
EA recently slapped down some new screenshots from Spore that reveal a tiny bit of what users will be doing during the civilization and space phases of the game. Other than looking pretty, I think the civilization screenshots... read

National Geographic takes on Spore, documentary style

Aug 22
A guy I sometimes fall asleep with drunk in hotel rooms likes to say that no one will ever win a Pulitzer for writing about Princess Peach (although our own Chad Concelmo could probably produce enough passion to take a good s... read

Spore rated PG by BBFC for 'little buggers' reference

Aug 18
The British Board of Film Classification have thoroughly laid down the law on Will Wright’s upcoming game of creature modification and evolution, Spore. The BBFC, which also rates some videogames, have decided that the ... read

Put those triple-X creatures to work: Spore finally has gone gold

Aug 14
This is the home stretch people -- Electronic Arts has announced that Spore has gone gold, and will be available on Mac and PC on September 7 in North America. On that same day, portable versions of Spore, Spore Creatures for... read

EA exploring Spore movies and other media

Aug 13
While I don't necessarily condone videogame to film adaptations, I can at least understand how they might work. Max Payne, Prince of Persia, Doom -- all games with strong enough narrative to keep people in their seats for at ... read

Wright doesn't think a Spore MMO is a bad idea

Aug 11
In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Maxis co-founder and designer Will Wright talks about the seriously terrible The Sims Online, and then hints at the possibility of a Spore MMO. Interestingly, Wright begins the talk by di... read

Pervy Spore creations cause concern, called 'child pornography'

Jul 31
If you've been following news about Will Wright's upcoming title, Spore, you've likely already seen a wide variety of NSFW creatures made using the innovative creature creator. Some may scowl over the questionable creations, ... read

EA would 'love' to charge for Spore parts ... I bet they bloody would

Jul 29
Asking Electronic Arts if they'd like to charge for extra gameplay additions is perhaps a bit like asking a member of The Rolling Stones whether they'd like to f*ck a barely legal crackhead. Regardless, EA has answered that q... read

E3 08: Spore figures spotted at E3

Jul 22
[Originally posted at Tomopop]While the quality of these pictures is not up to the usual standards we hold dear at Tomopop, I thought all of you might enjoy a sneak peek at these custom Spore figures we saw at E3 in the EA me... read

Out now on XBLA: Double D Dodgeball, Coffeetime Crosswords, and more

Jul 16
The surprise E3 Xbox LIVE Arcade game turned out to be none other than Double D Dodgeball (800 Microsoft Points). I'm sorry to disappoint, but if you think this is anything like Dead or Alive Xtreme 2, you're sadly mistaken. ... read

June NPD shows that Spore is supreme

Jun 30
Today, the NPD Group released the sales data for all US PC software sold before June 21. EA and Maxis’ penis-monster invention tool, Spore Creature Creator, came out on top of the list. Also according to read

Over 1 million Spore creatures and counting

Jun 26
The Spore Creature Creator is a fun tool for the industrious among us. Spawning the unique and customizable little monsters may be a lonely experience at the moment, but no one would know by looking at the numbers. According ... read

Spore Galactic Edition announced

Jun 24
Due to the worrying level of DRM included in the PC version of Mass Effect, one can’t help but be nervous over the upcoming Maxis-developed game Spore, which is also being published by ... *umphf* ... What? That’s... read

Spore Creature Creator Vs Square-Enix: Chocobo, Cait Sith and more

Jun 23
 I have to admit, as cool as Spore's creature creation system seems to be (Hamza hasn't shut up about it for a full week), the naughtier characters are a little tasteless for my personal preferences. However, get some of... read

This Spore XXX character video is NSFW, maybe ... we're not sure, actually

Jun 16
With the Spore Creature Creator tool package set to be available this week for the PCs, we're sure you're looking forward to designing your own unique creatures. I messed around with it a bit last night, and it's great fun pu... read

I feel I must preface this Pew! Pew! Preview! by stating that up until last night, I had no desire for Spore whatsoever. I understood the potential of the game and knew it was going to be a big deal, but I just didn't see Spo... read feature


Spore and Mass Effect PC forces players to stay online

May 06
BioWare's technical producer Derek French has announced a surprising new copy protection scheme that requires the user to be online at regular intervals while playing both Mass Effect and Spore on the PC. If you are not onlin... read

GDC 08: Spore declares a console war

Feb 21
It would seem that only Will Wright can decide the console war, as the versatility of the Spore creation system is put to great use here. The above image is of several buildings that have been adapted by a player to resemble ... read

EA releasing Spore creature creator early

Feb 13
Yeah yeah, Spore's release date has finally been announced and people are really excited that it turned out not to be vaporware. In a handful of months we'll be happily building a civilization/war machine to decimate whole pl... read

Spore ship date revealed, delay announced in 5, 4, 3, 2...

Feb 12
The day we'd all been waiting for, then grew bored of waiting for, then got excited about again is nearly here.  After years of hype and delay after delay Spore has finally been given a release date. Retailers will have ... read

Expect Spore before the holidays, whatever that means

Feb 01
Those pesky analysts are at it again, and this time, the slippery release date of Spore is taking it on the chin. Ever since Will Wright announced the God game back in 2005 that promised to take us from origin to space, peopl... read

COD4 and Spore confirmed for Mac

Jan 15
The few PC exclusive gamers I know seem to constantly have their panties in the proverbial wad over the focus by developers on developing for consoles. Add the ceaseless struggle to have the most current (expensive) hardware ... read

Wii Willy Wrighty gives Nintendo more Spore

Oct 27
It was just recently that legendary BAFTA winner Will Wright was declaring the Wii a superior platform for development, and it looks like he's a man of his word as it's been announced that Spore is coming to that very platfor... read

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