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Skeletons are awesome


Two new Raskulls appear, for duck's sake

Apr 14
Halfbrick has sent over two new character profiles for its upcoming puzzle platformer Raskulls. Last time we talked about this upcoming XBLA title, we were introduced to King and Dragon. Now we get a pop culture mainstay in t... read

New Sacred 2 trailer involves skeleton face punching

Nov 04
[video]110256:665[/video] CDV kindly sent me over a new trailer for Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, involving one of my favorite things ever -- awesome skeletons. As a bonus, it also has the punching of skeleton faces, which jus... read

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel demo available for PC: This game has skeletons in it!

Sep 29
[video]105137:427[/video]  As you might have been able to tell, there are certain games that I take on as pet causes, giving them coverage that may go above and beyond my usual duties. Most of them look like rubbish to n... read

Sacred 2: RPG + German Fantasy Metal = Something?

Sep 25
[video]105137:427[/video] This trailer for Sacred 2 is the most amazingly epic thing I've seen all day, and also the most tragic. It's not every day that you get to see an in-game music video for a German "Fantasy Metal&... read

Rise of the Argonauts: Sentient hands video edition

Jul 03
As you may have already gathered, I'm pretty bloody excited for Rise of the Argonauts, and this new video from Codemasters sheds further light on the interesting "deed" system that should hopefully set the game apar... read

Rise of the Argonauts: Not just any old RPG

Jun 09
Codemasters has just sent us an article concerning its intriguing action RPG game, Rise of the Argonauts. This is a title I've been looking forward to hearing more about since it was first announced, and we're pleased to be t... read

Destructoid Bot & Crossbones tee now $1 at NerdyShirts

Apr 11
One dollar one dollar one dollar one dollar! Okay, so only those of you who joined us in Mexico last week are going to get that joke. Anyway, unlike most of the awesome Mayan craftwork the villagers were trying to pimp to us,... read

RetroforceGO! recording episode 40 tonight: Videogame hype over the years

Mar 09
Rumor has it some game is coming out this week. Something about Links and Peaches and furries, or links to fuzzy peaches, I don't know, I haven't really been paying attention. Anyway, everybody seems to be pretty excited abou... read

RetroforceGO! Episode 35: Anything but the Super Bowl

Feb 04
Seriously, why do they capitalize the word Super Bowl? I mean, if it's going to be a psuedo national holiday, then I at least want the following Monday off from work. And by the following Monday, I mean right now: today. Oh w... read

New Kingdom Under Fire to be an MMO

Jan 28
Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom was barely out the door before developer Blueside talked of a sequel, and it's hardly surprising -- by all accounts, Circle of Doom was a complete failure, so who can blame Blueside for remi... read

That kingdom doesn't stop being under fire: 'Traditional' KUF sequel coming

Dec 20
Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom hasn't even hit the States yet, but developer Blueside is already looking to the future and another KUF sequel. While the series originally started life as a strategy /action game, Circle of... read

New Golden Axe = Lair? Lack of playable dwarf = FAIL, at any rate

Nov 27
As far as I'm concerned, it's hard to go wrong with a Golden Axe remake. Just give me a dwarf and a shedload of skeletons to fight and I'm happy. Of course, this is the games industry, and nobody ever does the right thing whe... read

Final Fantasy Retrospective: a look back at the spooniest of bards

Nov 03
As you've probably gathered over the six months since Nick's last piece, today is a ridiculously slow day in the realm of gaming news. I've spent the entire day playing Virtua Fighter 5 Online and Guitar Hero III, and even ... read

Dragon Quest Monsters trailer: Gotta catch a slime!

Oct 16
Okay, okay, it's quite obvious that Dragon Quest Monsters is an amalgam of the Pokémon and Dragon Quest universes but based on the above clip and how utterly difficult it would be for Squenix to screw up what is esse... read

Kingdom Under Fire gets release date

Oct 16
Kind of like Dynasty Warriors, but with considerable RPG influences and four-player online co-op, it's safe to say that the latest in the Kingdom of Fire series, Circle of Doom, is pretty high up on my shopping list. The game... read

Site maintenance in progress -- Let's make Destructoid more pretty [update]

Sep 15
[ Update 2: In a few moments I will be ravaging the home page to patch the few flagrant alignment issues that remain on our new redesign.  I shall then move on to completely destroy and rebuild community blogs.  Ple... read

Ninjatown DS trailer somehow makes cute ninjas okay

Aug 21
It is a universal fact that ninjas should not be cute. It really kills the credibility of being a ruthless killing machine if women are cooing over you. However, figure in a DS title populated by Shawnimals, and somehow the w... read

Rise of the Argonauts wants a revolution: Needs more stop-motion skeletons

Aug 02
When Liquid Entertainment revealed its new action-RPG, Rise of the Argonauts, I almost wept rainbows, I was so happy. That was only because all I could think about were stop-motion skeletons and the chance to finally shatter ... read

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