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Site updates

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Site Update

Sexy Perro: Is our site busted for you in any way?

We changed some stuff
Jun 01
// Niero Gonzalez
It's been about a month since we switched to Bootstrap instead of a thousand nested HTML tables, and for the most part I think it's gone well *ducks tomatoes*. I know it has probably been frustrating as a reader to see the si...

Site Maintenance: Lisa Gerrard can blog soon

Apr 21 // Niero Gonzalez
Yesterday's announcement: Welcome to the Internet after mobilegeddon! Today all web publishers are forced to make all of their pages mobile-friendly by default or Google (who warned sites of this day for years, in all fairness) will put us into a crusty shoebox in its basement. For a while now Brett Zeidler and I have been working on a site redesign that probably wasn't going to be completed until this summer, but since this is happening, I'm forced to release what we have so far a bit prematurely. On the bright side, the site should load much faster and work on more of your mobile devices. Thanks to everyone who has submitted to our feedback forum and for your continued patience.    
Site Update photo
More features and speed on all devices
[ Update 1: Comment tracking is back.  Top right corner, pulldown thingy. ]  [ Update 2: Private messages and the cblog editor are being restored now. This week we're working on making the site run smoothly on ...


Site maintenance: We're merging dupe accounts

Here's how to keep them separate if you'd like
May 07
// Niero Gonzalez
Just a quick note: If you have multiple accounts on Destructoid and would like to keep them separate, please make sure they each have a different email account.  You can change your email and username by visiting your se...


Destructoid Mobile has been redesigned, go play

Toilet Edition rides again!
Nov 05
// Niero Gonzalez
We've been promising you a better mobile for ages, and it's finally here.  You can now use virtually all of the features of our desktop site on our new smartphone site. No apps to download, no nonsense to install, no gim...

Japanator turns one year old!

Nov 03
// 8BitBrian
It's been a year now since Destructoid brought into the world a screaming bundle of joy that could only be described as "Japanator." With eyes as large as plates (and disproportionate to the rest of its face), Japan...

Site maintenance in progress -- Let's make Destructoid more pretty [update]

Sep 15
// Niero Gonzalez
[ Update 2: In a few moments I will be ravaging the home page to patch the few flagrant alignment issues that remain on our new redesign.  I shall then move on to completely destroy and rebuild community blogs.  Ple...

Destructoid site updates & quality duct tape

Aug 20
// Niero Gonzalez
We're adding a few new features to the site to make it easier to find stuff and discuss gaming with the people you most care about within our utopian and phallus-referencing community. I'm sure a few of you have also noticed ...

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