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Silicon Knights


Silicon Knights 'working on several exciting projects'

Jul 28
Silicon Knights, last seem dividing the videogame community over its much-hyped Too Human, have been relatively quiet lately. Until recently, when a potential upcoming title -- Siren in the Maelstrom -- was revealed by Telefi... read

Rumortoid: Silicon Knights making Sirens in the Maelstrom

Jul 25
As we discussed last week, genius supercompany Silicon Knights has been looking for a new game to followup the critical acclaim and genre-defining success of Too Human. While it was believed that this meant Too Human 2: Look ... read

Job advertisement smells like Too Human 2 development

Jul 22
If a recent ad posting on Gamasutra is to be believed, Silicon Knights is looking for fresh talent to work on a game, and that game may very well be Too Human 2. So far, all the world's babies have not cried out in tandem, so... read

Dyack: Too many games, not enough customers

Jul 17
Denis Dyack has been having a good old moan about the state of the industry, claiming that too many games are being made, and that consumers are in danger of being overwhelmed if we don't embrace a "single platform."... read

Denis Dyack thinks Heavy Rain could be 'fantastic'

Jul 16
Outspoken Too Human developer Denis Dyack has revealed that he has high hopes for Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain, believing that if it overcomes its potential pitfalls, it could be a brilliant title. "They're really trying t... read

Silicon Knights gets a VP, hands sharp swords to employees

Feb 09
Silicon Knights has hired financial sector veteran Michael Mays as the company’s new vice president. Mays now has the extraordinary job of working intimately with the company’s outspoken president and founder Deni... read

Silicon Knights lays off 26 employees who were not against Too Human

Oct 06
Today, Silicon Knights, developer of Eternal Darkness and workplace of the very outspoken Dennis Dyack, laid off 26 employees. Silicon Knights released an official statement citing “attrition” as the reason the cu... read

People not called Denis Dyack talk about Denis Dyack

Aug 28
Denis Dyack has done a good job of making himself more talked about than his videogame, and as a result has become a figure of fun and contempt in recent weeks. MTV Multiplayer requested an interview with Silicon Knights staf... read

Dyack says that Too Human hasn't been in development all that long

Aug 25
Xbox360fanboy recently got the opportunity to tour Silicon Knights and talk to President of the company, Denis Dyack. In the interview with Dyack it was revealed that Too Human hasn’t been in development for a decade. I... read

Too Human is just like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings ... right

Aug 20
Looks like Microsoft PR is weighing in on Too Human now, which is shocking since Silicon Knights was doing such a fine job on their own. Showing its support for the "trilogy" by comparing it to other famous trilogie... read

Too Human haters 'don't get it' according to Dyack

Aug 19
With Too Human's release date fast approaching, it seems that Denis Dyack's mouth is running into overdrive. According to Silicon Knights' chief demagogue, people who dislike Too Human only do so because the game is far too i... read

Dyack: Epic defrauded the games industry

Aug 18
Sh*t On Denis Dyack Day continues with our third story on the lovable loudmouth. This time, Denis dredges up the ongoing legal battle between Epic Games and Silicon Knights. Claiming that Epic defrauded a large portion of the... read

Silicon Knights' next game 'nothing like' Too Human: Good game confirmed?

Aug 18
Denis "the words just fall out of my mouth" Dyack has shed a few pinpricks of light on Silicon Knights' next project, claiming it will be "nothing like" Too Human or Eternal Darkness. Considering I've not ... read

Dyack: Industry consolidating like 1930's Hollywood

Aug 18
Prophetic Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack has made one of his bold predictions, suggesting that a series of big mergers, similar to ActiBlizzard, is heading our way. Comparing the games industry to 1930's Hollywood, the Nost... read

Denis Dyack: I'm like, soooo controversial, man ... radical

Aug 07
The infamous president of Silicon Knights, Denis Dyack, has been courting controversy for a while, ever since his first temper tantrum over Too Human. He's blamed everyone and everything for his upcoming game's failings, sued... read

Too Human finished ... may God have mercy on us all

Aug 02
It appears as if Too Human's long and painful development has finally been put to rest and, presumably, Denis Dyack can go back on his meds again. That's right, Too Human is gold and ready to go. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the (... read

And then this happened: Denis Dyack gets interviewed by Penthouse Pets

Jul 30
I'd like to shake the hand of whoever came up with the idea to put videogame industry folks into a bed with scantily clad Penthouse Pets. Das Gamer and Complex magazine, I salute you. The latest in Das Gamers' video series, S... read

Four reasons why you should be 'for' (or 'against') Silicon Knights' Too Human

Jun 30
At the Electronic Gaming Expo in 1999, Silicon Knights announced an ambitious, four-disc project they called Too Human. Since then, the title has had a tumultuous development history, finding a potential home on Nintendo's Ga... read

Rumortoid: First footage of Silicon Knights' The Crucible: The Evil Within

Jun 16
More than just mere words on the Internet, the great Father's Day marketing leak of 2008 has produced this video of a title simply labeled as The Crucible. Here are some quick leaps in logic: Silicon Knights is working on a g... read

Denis Dyack: Too Human will be ready soon, for real this time

Jun 14
To some, the latest entry in Denis Dyack's blog might not seem all that newsworthy: Too Human for the Xbox 360 is all but complete. Then again, we're talking about the first entry in a three-part trilogy that's been the talk ... read

Too unkind towards Too Human? Apparently, Destructoid is

May 28
Ontario newspaper the St. Catharines Standard has interviewed local developer Denis Dyack about his upcoming controversial 360 title, Too Human. The interview discusses plans for Silicon Knights' expansion should the game sel... read

Dennis Dyack says there is a 'strong possibility' for Eternal Darkness 2

May 16
The thing about horror games is, you can usually classify them into a handful of labels. Survival horror is the most popular and most titles fall under that umbrella, but some have suggested "combat horror" as a bra... read

Too Human demo in the works? You better believe it

May 15
Chatting it up with Eurogamer, Silicon Knights head honcho Denis Dyack revealed that a demo for Too Human is currently being planned for release on Xbox LIVE Marketplace."We haven't announced a date yet. Our goal is to t... read

Too Human screens get too leaked too soon and that's too bad

May 13
This is hilarious. Will Microsoft have anything left to show today? The 'Soft's Gamers Day has sprung more leaks than the Titanic, and far be it from us to help stem the flow. Up next, Too Human screenshots.Xbox 360 exclusive... read

Too Human will make it if we just BELIEVE!

Mar 05
Silicon Knights president Denis Dyack has made a heart-tugging statement explaining why he's stuck with Too Human, despite its notorious problems.  Say "Too Human" to any gamer right now and you can expect a re... read

More Canadian love for Destructoid: Talking Wii on Straight Talk

Feb 04
Guess CHCH TV loves me, because in less than a week since my last appearance they invited me back to appear on another show called Straight Talk with Connie Smith. Straight Talk covers the hot topics in the news and in this s... read

Microsoft keeping out of Epic/Silicon Knights squabble

Nov 13
By now you should all be aware of the legal battle between Epic Games and Silicon Knights over troubles with Too Human and the Unreal Engine. If you've been wondering just where Microsoft fits into the accusations and the mud... read

'360 and PS3 are equal,' says Denis Dyack

Nov 06
Outspoken Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack has recently claimed that despite public perception, the consoles of Sony and Microsoft are looking pretty even to developers. We may claim that the PlayStation 3 is a sun-powered Go... read

Too Human still coming out, we've got too many new screenshots to prove it

Oct 17
The last time we really heard about Too Human, the game's developer, Silicon Knights, was throwing legal mud at Epic Games over Unreal Engine 3. I think a few of us might have forgotten that there was an actual game at the he... read

Too Human: Kicking the crap out of robots

Oct 15
Too Human has the right idea -- smash all the robots to bits and pieces before the dreaded Robolution can begin! Mr. Destructoid excluded, robots are shifty and dangerous and will enslave humanity inside infernal robot bakeri... read

Too Human trailer: This is the generic action we've been waiting for?

Oct 06
I don't know what I was expecting from Too Human, to be honest, but I know I was expecting something a little more than this. For a game that's taken so long to develop and is surrounded by such lofty ideals (not to mention c... read

Silicon Knights vs. Epic case gets messy

Sep 26
We've been keeping our eye on the lawsuit filed by Too Human developer Silicon Knights against Epic, which claims breach of contract in SK's licensing of Epic's Unreal Engine 3, among many other claims. has the l... read

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