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Sexual Tyrannosaurus


Videogame Clubhouse: OH MY GOD NIDHOGG IS SO GOOD

We're going to cut each other so much.
Jan 14
I'm going to cut to the chase with this one: Nidhogg is really great. I've been waiting for this game since it first started winning awards back in 2010. In the interim I sort of forgot that Nidhogg existed. Oops. Did you for... read

Videogame Clubhouse: Climbing atop the Nuclear Throne!

We're the Wasteland Kings!
Jan 09
Forget that year of Luigi nonsense, the real thing you should be celebrating is Indie Month on the Videogame Clubhouse. We're keeping the hype train a-rollin' with the fantastic Nuclear Throne. If you're not all up in this bu... read

Videogame Clubhouse: We're back and playing Valdis Story

Jan 07
Ooo wee baby! I'm back and feelin' soooo good. I've been out for a few weeks so I'm well-rested and a rarin' to go. Part of my resurrection in 2014 is the beginning of INDIE MONTH 2014!  To kick off our month we're playi... read
Video Game Clubhouse photo
Video Game Clubhouse

Video Game Clubhouse: A good 'Games for Gold' game!?

Puppy naps for everyone.
Jan 02
Sure, tons of people often bash Microsoft's offerings when it comes to their Games for Gold promotion. But, ladies and gentlemen, it seems they have stepped their game up! Because, for FREE, right now, you can download Sleepi... read

Live show: Our favorite games from the year

Videogames Club House
Dec 26
It's that time of the year again where we, as gamers, like to look back and reflect on what we most enjoyed in the games we played. With all these game of the year posts floating around we over on the Clubhouse have also gott... read

Videogames Clubhouse: RIP MVC and other acronyms

Phil and Manny are going to troll me really hard.
Dec 19
If you've ever seen the Gentlemen's Club you're already well aware that I'm hot garbage when it comes to fighting games. Apparently I've become notorious due to this fact. So earlier this week when Phil and Manny asked me to ... read

The Gentlemen's Club! The last one... for the year!?

Dec 18
Spencer and I are both two people who get really excited whenever our favorite non-denominational holiday rolls around. We have already been getting into the mood by listening to some of the greatest seasonal song hits from B... read

Videogames Clubhouse: We're hanging out with Neverwinter

Now is the Neverwinter of our downloadablecontent
Dec 17
Remember back to all those weeks ago when we promised the Videogames Clubhouse would be a place for the community to talk to developers. We haven't really made good on that promise, but baby we're tryin' to do right by you. T... read

Videogames Clubhouse: Bitin' on some dicks.

Dead to Rights, dick bite edition.
Dec 12
Remember when we played Call of Duty Ghosts and there were those awful dog sections? Well, as it turns out they were ripped off pretty wholesale from a game called Dead to Rights: Retribution. Sadly, Infinity Ward decided not... read

Gentlemen's Club: Get hype on Samurai Gunn!

You're Samurai Gunna love it!
Dec 11
If you asked me earlier this week I would have told you that Samurai Gunn was going to be awesome whenever it managed to come out. Well, looks like Beau Blythe tricked us all and stealth launched the game yesterday and oh my ... read

Videogames Clubhouse: What's going on with Knack!

I don't have a cool pun for this post.
Dec 10
Knack and I have had a complicated relationship. When it was announced I was excited even thought we didn't know much about it. I thought it would be a decent game for kids until I played it at PAX. Hot damn what I played was... read

The Core no more, Come check out the Video Game Clubhouse

Fan art/title card brought to you by Max Scoville.
Dec 03
You guys may remember a little show Spencer and I did having something to do with cores over on our twitch channel. You don't? Good because that show isn't around anymore. It has changed, evolved and mutated into something be... read

The Gentlemen's Club! Bears wearing armor, that's it

Nov 20
You guys may remember a movie called The Golden Compass. While out searching for games to play on a show Spencer and I came across the game based on this movie. This movie had bears wearing armor...BEARS IN ARMOR. So naturall... read

The Core! The beginning of the end, part 1

The end of the beginning
Nov 19
Yeehaw. If you remember back to last week you know that there's a new sheriff in town. And by new I mean old. Now it's time for our plucky band of losers to get promoted up into deputy status. That metaphor was fairly inaccur... read

Chill with Phil! So I have this PlayStation 4...

Yep, this is happening.
Nov 16
Hey guys, I know we are in the middle of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty right now, but something big happened. This new thing that all the kids are super excited about happened and somehow I have found myself knee d... read

The Destructoid Show's Glorious, Bumbling Return

Trial by fire and technical difficulties
Nov 15
Hey gang! Well, the plan was to do a big proper episode of The Destructoid Show, live, at 3:30 on the dot. However, things didn't go quite according to plan. After an hour of technical difficulties, we managed to go live. It... read
The Core photo
The Core

The Core! Whoa, next gen starts tomorrow!

I'm so excited?
Nov 14
I honestly thought that we had a few more weeks until the new consoles came out. Like, I knew they were coming out in November but that always seemed like it would be "a few weeks out." I guess that means that we're going to ... read

Gentlemen's Club: Cait Cooke is here!

It's gon' get craaaazy.
Nov 13
Is it still Gentlemen's Club if a woman is on it? I'd like to think so, because on the Gentlemen's Club everyone is a gentleman. The men are gents, the ladies are gents, the kids, the dogs, the games. Gents all around. We're ... read
The Core photo
The Core

The Core! PS4 Countdown Day 1!

Look at all of these things I can't afford!
Nov 12
Wow guys! New consoles are coming out, and they're really expensive. I mean, I know the technology is really expensive but hot damn: those are some expensive-ass Blu-ray players. What? They're more than just Blu-ray players? ... read

Get Your Learn On: Putt Putt and Fatty Bear on Rad Show

Go Fish you Stupid Bear
Nov 10
As this week winds down, I figured that I would take everyone back to when we were young and dumb, so we're playing Educational Games on Rad Show. That's correct, DOS Educational Games. If you don't enjoy purple cars and a energetic bear in overalls, you obviously were birthed by the dark lord. So I bring you Putt Putt and Fatty Bear's Activity Pack!   read

Chill with Phil! Metal Gear Solid 2 begins! (again!)

"No! That is (still) NOT Solid Snake!"
Nov 09
You guys may remember about two weeks ago I was supposed to start Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty on the show. Well, if you watched that show you know how it was plagued with all sorts of technical problems and the e... read

The Gentlemen's Club! We are ruining our friendship live!

Nov 06
Spencer and I pretty much agree that Mario Party 2 is the best in the series. The characters cosplay depending on what stage they were in! You haven't Mario Partied until you see Donkey Kong in a wizard outfit, that's what I ... read

The Core! Wait, what did Microsoft say about the Xbone?

It has wings and can fly?!
Nov 06
I seriously don't understand Microsoft's angle leading up to the launch of the Xbone. At this point in the game (PUNS) I feel like we should have a pretty good handle on what the system is and where it's going. Microsoft seem... read
The Core photo
The Core


Nov 05
I'm not going to waste any time here: Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes has a launch window now. As you might imagine, that makes my pants really tight. I'm not the only one who is unable to contain their hype -- my co-host Phi... read


And Rocksmith is here!
Oct 31
Whoa! You know what's spooky? I don't. I lost that ability back in Nam. Regardless, we've got a crazy show lined up! We're having the developers of Rocksmith into the house to talk about games and music. We're talking about a little game called The Witcher 3, and my favorite fighter ever: Slayer. Also, we're dressing up. Hoorrraaaaayyy! Halloweenloween! read

Gentlemen's Club: 2spoopy edition is tonight!

I'm going to pee in your pants
Oct 30
Halloweenloween is tomorrow night which means that it's time for Gentlemen's Club's annual fright-fest! Living in San Francisco there are few things I'm more afraid of than hobo shankings. Seriously. One minute you're waiting... read

The Core! StarCraf- I mean Call of Duty: Ghosts!

Jim Raynor is OP
Oct 29
Sweet mercy! Remember StarCraft Ghost, that delightful StarCraft-themed shooter that got canceled so long ago? Activision remembers. You see that Call of StarCraft Ghosts trailer? I sure did. But that's not the only alien shooting you'll see on The Core today, EDF also got dated so expect a goofy level of hype.  Want to check out all of this alien technology? Check out the Core at 3pm PST! read

Chill with Phil! We are starting Metal Gear Solid 2!

"No! That is NOT Solid Snake!"
Oct 26
Alright everyone, let's go back to around 2001. You are a fan of Metal Gear Solid, and it's sequel is right around the corner and you can't wait to play the next part of Solid Snake's story. You have been holding onto your Pl... read
The Core photo
The Core

Live Show: The Core cut off my PAX ponytail!

Aww yeah, pull on it before you cut it off
Oct 24
So I'm a little bitter about PAX East selling out already. By the time I got home from classes the three-day and Saturday passes were all sold out. It only took an hour for the three-days to be gone. You'll have to excuse my ... read

The Gentlemen's Club! Deadly Premonition giveaway!

Did you hear that, Zach?
Oct 23
So guys, I am sure you have heard of the Gentlemen's Club, right? It's the weekly show Spencer Hayes and I host where we hang out with you guys and play all sorts of games and try to focus on when local multiplayer was the on... read

Live Show: The Core! French zombies in Los Santos!

Can you feel the hype running through you?
Oct 22
Hot diggity dog! Games are really awesome! Today on the Core we've got a really awesome guest. We'll be joined by Manuel Tovar, the founder of the Museum for Art and Digital Entertainment in Oakland. If for some reason that's... read

Mr. Clean can't stop us: Splatterhouse 3 on Rad Show

Blood doesn't come out of shirts easy
Oct 20
In the spirit of Halloween, we're getting ready for an all out Halloween show with spooky ghosts and well, Splatterhouse 3. I don't know any real ghosts, and I don't have any sort of monsters living under my bed or in my basement. But I do have a fun show planned for you. read

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