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Second Life


More reason to loathe Second Life: Pedophile playground discovered in game

Oct 31
Yeah, you read it right. A little Sherlock Holmes action from Britain's Sky News TV turned up a virtual playground hidden behind a strip mall where girls that looked to be about age 10 offer sex acts to the player. Sky took i... read

Warner Bros launch I Am Legend metagame inside Second Life: So, vampire furries?

Oct 12
Here's the situation: Warner Bros. have recently created a film with Will "Childsafe Negro" Smith based on the 1954 Richard Matheson novel I Am Legend. His novel relates a story of a world in which humanity has been... read

Captain Obvious: Second Life is overhyped

Oct 02
Ah, Second Life. Where else can one find mediocre recreations of real life landmarks, relive Midgar complete with fervent cosplayers, and make an attempt to titrape a unicorn? There's simply nothing like it. Perhaps that's wh... read

Second Life gets even creepier: Sex with unicorns anyone?

Sep 07
Every time I write a post about how terrifyingly Caligulan Second Life has become I swear on a copy of Jane Eyre that I will never draw more attention to that digital Sodom, but then, some virtual Guccione manages to push the... read

Gibson to promo Spook Country in Second Life; skeet, skeet, 404 file not found

Jul 12
With what can only be described as Gibson-ian clairvoyance, William Gibson -- the man behind almost every important cyberpunk novel of the last century -- is set to promote his new literary venture Spook Country within the s... read

Second Life used to look for missing girl

Jun 13
Countless young children disappear every day in the world, are the victims of abuse and crime, and see their short lives ended by vile scumbags, but when one is pretty, female and white, then the media start to take notice an... read

Virtual land dispute gets a little too real; it's like I can touch you!

Jun 10
Second Life, the digital Narnia where the men are men and the women are, more than not likely, also men, continues to blur the line between the virtual and the whatever-the-opposite-of-virtual-is with the recent news that on... read

Greybushtainment! Second Life free hugs are very NSFW

Jun 10
Look I drink... So don't bitch at me if you didn't heed my NSFW warning. This video has more Also Cocks than you can shake a... well you get the point. If you haven't heard of the Free Hugs Campaign, then the... read

Ever wanted to pretend to meet Bruce Willis? Now you can! To celebrate the upcoming release of Live Free or Die Hard, those fellas at Fox are offering contestants a chance to meet with Mr. McClane himself, to lucky winners wi... read feature


Second Life can now add "rampant pedophilia" to its Hall of Sexual Dysfunction

May 11
Second Life has always been heralded as the next step in virtual living, and the Mecca of free, unhindered speech, but much like public pools, moustaches and Chinatown pedophiles had to go and ruin it for the rest of us.Accor... read

FFVII + Second Life = eLARPing; meta is not a strong enough word

May 06
Ladies and gentlemen, you are staring directly into the rabbit's hole, only this particular hole is filled with people dressed as rabbits dressed as Cloud and Sephiroth (and they are quite possibly having sex with one ano... read

Welcome to the machine; Life 2.0 teaches Second Life from within Second Life

Apr 06
Dr Dobb's is a respected resource for computer development, and has been so for thirty years now, but somewhere along the line, the good doctor started downing handfuls of valium, ketamine and DDR Ram chips, and decided ... read

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