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Saturday Morning Hangover

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Dtoid TV

This weekend on Dtoid TV: Path of Exile

With special guests from Grinding Gear Games!
Feb 08
We'll be kicking off our weekend content with a bit of a special event this evening on Mash Tactics. Get your questions and comments ready, as we'll be joined by a couple of the fine gentlemen from Grinding Gear Gam... read
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Dtoid TV

Performing live necromastication for your enjoyment

Watch Saturday Morning Hangover every weekend on Dtoid TV!
Feb 02
On today's Saturday Morning Hangover, I'm calling Jordan out on the recently released Skulls of the Shogun. I have every intention of devouring his army whole and you can watch it happen while hanging out with us and the gang... read
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Dtoid TV

This weekend on Dtoid TV: Star Trek Online

Come celebrate the three year anniversary with us!
Feb 01
Tonight on Mash Tactics, we'll be celebrating the three-year anniversary of Star Trek Online. I'll be getting hooked up with a high-level character, and some epic ships courtesy of Perfect World Entertainment. We'll... read

This weekend on Dtoid TV: Sanctum Giveaway

And Lucha on drums!
Jan 18
After being away for a week in Vegas for CES, and another week due to some scary ass health issues, I'm more than ready to come back to Mash Tactics tonight and have some fun. I'm still damn near blind in my left eye, but tha... read

Dtoid TV: Crashing Castles on Hangover

Hang out with Jordan and Conrad live every weekend
Jan 12
The time has come once more to brandish weapons and set off to rescue damsels, as Saturday Morning Hangover reaches way, way back and fires up a little Castle Crashers. But first, Jordan and I will have to brave the... read

This weekend on Dtoid TV: Sup, Holmes? with Twinbeard

The secrets of Frog Fractions revealed
Jan 12
Join in on the conversation this weekend, as the always amazing Jonathan Holmes sits down with Jim Crawford from Twinbeard Studios, creators of Frog Fractions. If you haven't had a chance to check this game out, do your self ... read

This weekend on Dtoid TV: Leaving for CES 2013

See you in Las Vegas!
Jan 04
I'm getting ready to head out to Vegas this Sunday to cover a bit of CES 2013, so, I don't really have anything big planned for this evening's show. However, we'll still be doing our regular Friday night thing at Mash Tactics... read

This weekend on Dtoid TV: Game show mania

You're the next contestant!
Dec 28
Kick off your weekend with Mash Tactics this evening, as we jump into a selection of games based on game shows for PlayStation 3. In the mix are Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Family Feud, Press Your Luck, and many more. If y... read

Take a visit to the Dafoeverse

Watch Saturday Morning Hangover every weekend on Dtoid TV!
Dec 23
The Wii U's Miiverse community network is my absolute favorite thing about the console thus far. This is in no small part due to our very own Jim Sterling's declaration that the community for Rabbids Land would see better us... read

This weekend on Dtoid TV: Digging into Spelunky

And much, much more!
Dec 15
Kick off your weekend with Saturday Morning Hangover, as Conrad, Jordan, and Katina play a bit of the newly released demo of Rayman Legends, before jumping into Destructoids Best Console-Exclusive winner Spelunky. B... read

This weekend on Dtoid TV: PlanetSide 2 practice

For Vanu!
Nov 30
If you haven't heard, we've been trying to plan a PlanetSide 2 battle between Destructoid and SOE for the past few weeks, and sadly, it's been pushed back again. But really, that's good news for not only myself, but for other... read

Behold the burger of your destruction!

Oh Noes!!2 charmed the hell out of us on Saturday Morning Hangover
Nov 11
Each week on Saturday Morning Hangover, we perform the public service of playing through the demos of new releases on Xbox Live Indie Games. While it's probably charitable to call the service "hit or miss" in terms of the co... read

This weekend on Dtoid TV: Halo 4 with Destructoid

Xbox LIVE Community Playdate
Nov 09
This weekend we're kicking things off big on Mash Tactics, with a huge Halo 4 gathering. Join in on the action with myself, Director of Communications Hamza Aziz, US Community Manager Andy Dixon, Contributing Editor... read

This weekend on Dtoid TV: WWE 13 Shenanigans

Friday Night Fights
Nov 02
Welcome to another weekend of epic gaming content at Dtoid.TV! I'll be kicking things of this evening on Mash Tactics, with a bit of what seems to be the channel's new favorite thing, WWE 13. Join in on the action tonigh... read

Live show: Escaping the shadow of a Hangover

Watch Saturday Morning Hangover every weekend on!
Oct 27
It's time once again for another edition of Saturday Morning Hangover. This week, as ever, Jordan Devore and I will be playing the week's Xbox Live Indie Games demos for your viewing pleasure. Sadly (or fortunately, depending... read

This weekend on Dtoid TV: Primal Carnage beta gameplay

And beta key giveaway!
Oct 26
Welcome to another weekend of epic gaming content at Dtoid.TV! I'll be kicking things of this evening on Mash Tactics, with some hot dinosaur on human action. I'll be sitting down with the fine folks from Lukewarm media, and ... read

This weekend on Dtoid TV: Get Offensive w/ Foom & AwDamn

Oct 05
Join us once again this weekend on Dtoid.TV for tons of amazing content. Starting things off tonight on Mash Tactics, the one and only AwDamn will be making a journey to my abode for a bit of a co-op broadcast. We plan to soc... read

Live show: The Uprising will be televised

Sep 15
Well, okay, maybe not 'televised.' But streamed on the internet, which is like television but not at all. Don't look at me like that. Today is a very special Saturday Morning Hangover because it's one of the few weeks out of ... read

This weekend on Dtoid TV: Firefall with Red 5 Studios

Sep 14
We'll be kicking things off  this evening on Mash Tactics, by jumping in to the beta for the insanely fun and addictive MMO, Firefall, for this weeks edition of Friday Night Fights. But we're not going to stop ... read

This weekend on Dtoid TV: RaiderZ & Logitech giveaways

Aug 24
Don't worry, you're not seeing things, and I didn't accidentally put up the title from last weeks weekend post. Once again, thanks to our friends over at Perfect World, we'll be giving out MORE sweet Logitech gear, and playin... read

This weekend on Dtoid TV: Logitech givaway & RaiderZ

Aug 17
We'll be kicking off the weekend festivities this evening on Mash Tactics, as we get a massive group together, and romp through the world of RaiderZ. Be sure to grab your beta code and join in, as we have a special treat in s... read

This weekend on Dtoid TV: SFxT DLC Giveaway!

Aug 10
It's Friday, so you know what that means, another edition of Friday Night Fights on Mash Tactics, and the start to another weekend full of epic live content on Dtoid.TV! Tonight we'll be kicking off the festivities with a few... read

Live show: Hangover gets more Awesome(nauts)

Jul 28
We're pumped up about the latest update to Awesomenauts, the 3 v. 3 platforming MOBA from Ronimo Games. And, as such, Jordan and I are going to play the hell out of it today on Saturday Morning Hangover. But, first, we have t... read

Live show: Hangover goes for rock bottom in Spelunky

Jul 07
Have you guys been playing Spelunky? I can't seem to stop thinking about it, particularly after the praise Jordan heaped upon the game in his review. So, now that it's out, I'm going to tie Jordan and Katrina down to the couc... read

This weekend on Dtoid TV: Resonance with Wadjet Eye Games

Jul 06
We'll be closing out the week on Mash Tactics with a bang as we dive into the unique world of Resonance, an indie adventure game by the team at Wadjet Eye. Joining us tonight will be, well, almost the entire crew that de... read

Live show: The Hangover straps one on again!

Jun 30
Since we had so much fun on last week's Saturday Morning Hangover, playing Apocalypse on PlayStation and enjoying the ample voice talents of the one and only Bruce Willis, Jordan and I have decided we're going to keep go... read

Live show: A Hangover of Apocalyptic proportions

Jun 23
Oh, have we got a fun time in store for (both of) you today on Saturday Morning Hangover. We will, as ever, start the show off with the latest batch of Xbox Live Indie Games demos and there are a few to look forward to. An iO... read

This weekend on Dtoid TV: Things that rhyme with Day Z

Jun 22
This weekend on Dtoid TV is packed to the brim with excitement, so fluff your action-boners! It starts tonight as King Foom plays the undead sensation that's sweeping the nation, Day Z. Mash Tactics is going to be a scavenger... read

This weekend on Dtoid TV: ARRRRREEEEES!

Jun 15
It's going to be a bloodthirsty weekend on Dtoid.TV. King Foom is continuing his epic journey through the God of War series with God of War II. Foom started playing on Mash Tactics in anticipation of the upcoming God of War: ... read

This weekend on Dtoid TV: Wrapping up E3

Jun 08
This year's Electronic Entertainment Expo is finally coming to a close, and we're ready to get back to business as usual on Destructoid TV. Okay, those of us not recuperating from being at E3 will be on top of things, anyway.... read

This weekend on Dtoid TV: Awdamn Wars ft. Nicholas Cage

Jun 01
Awdamn is flush with midi-chlorians this weekend, and it's manifesting in a solid block of Star Wars games. I'll admit, this doesn't actually have anything to do with Nicholas Cage, I just really wanted to use that image. Cat... read

This weekend on Dtoid TV: Toast Recon: Lucha Soldier

May 25
This weekend on Destructoid TV, we have guns, funs, and possibly even the runs. Okay, that was too much information. My point is, we've got a hell of a weekend for you. Saturday Morning Hangover is playing the grandaddy of al... read

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