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Samba De Amigo


Fan-made Amigo figure to celebrate Dreamcast's US release

Sep 09
Twelve years ago today, the Sega Dreamcast was released here the States. That one just slipped right by us! Sure, it's not the Dreamcast's true birthday -- that would be November 27 -- but at least we should have cut up some ... read

PETA loves Sega, praises publisher for making chimp unemployed

Nov 04
Professional badger shagging group (and animal rights advocate) PETA has been showing Sega some love, praising the publisher after it pulled a commercial featuring a live chimpanzee. The ad was to promote Sega's recent Wii ti... read

Samba De Amigo is the direct ancestor of not one, but two of gaming's latest controller crazes; musical instrument simulators and motion sensitive controllers. Back in the dying days of the Sega Dreamcast, before Guitar Hero ... read feature


New Samba De Amigo 'friends' trailer features a monkey

Sep 18
[video]104216:387[/video]I seriously can't believe promos like this are still being made. Flashback: it's 1987, and this commercial comes on. As a kid, you go howling to your parents about how that was the coolest thing you'v... read

Samba! super trailer: dude in pink suspenders gets owned by a monkey

Sep 05
[video]102583:312[/video]I love my job, but I do have to say that videogame trailers start to blur into each other some days. By the end of the week, it takes something pretty special to stick out among the video monotony. Lu... read

Sonic takes on a monkey in new Samba De Amigo trailer

Aug 28
Sega has released the first of its gameplay trailers showing off the new Wii version of Samba De Amigo in action. As you can see, the company is continuing to mash up its IPs, Superstar Tennis style. First we found out that... read

Samba De Amigo mini game is like a game, but mini (also, song list)

Aug 22
With Samba De Amigo heading to the Wii next month, Sega has done what all good publishers do, and thrown together a ridiculous flash minigame that attempts to recreate the magic of the full console experience. It's actually n... read

You got your Space Channel 5 in my Samba De Amigo

Aug 20
The latest screenshots for the Wii release of Samba De Amigo show off Space Channel 5's Ulala in all her saucy glory. The star of Sega's cult Dreamcast game will be joining Samba and his f*cked up animal friends, so enjoy the... read

E3 08: Sega Blowout: Samba de Amigo

Jul 15
Thanks so much for releasing everything during Nintendo’s press conference, Sega, it’s awfully hard to pay attention to Carrot Top Shaun White pimping his new snowboarding game while going through all these new as... read

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