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Rhythm Tengoku

Rhythm Heaven

The next Rhythm Heaven has a story mode, woodcutting cat

Time to get tappin'
Apr 19
When word got out that Rhythm Heaven/Tengoku music director Tsunko was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer, fans were sent into a state of fear for both the man and the series he co-created. Thankfully, he has reportedly re... read
Rhythm Heaven 3DS

Hell yes, hell yes, Rhythm Heaven 3DS

Coming to Japan in 2015 with a mix of new and old minigames
Jan 14
During Japan's Nintendo Direct, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced there would be a new Rhythm Heaven game for 3DS this year. It will feature over a hundred minigames, 70 of which comes from past entries in the series, 30 of which are new. It's coming to Japan this summer. Hopefully we get word of a North American release.  Hopefully this makes it in: read
Smash Bros.

Rhythm Heaven enemy surfaces in Smash Bros. 4

Smash Run enemy may portend of reveals to come
Jun 13
Buried under all the other E3 news this weekend as the eagle-eyed observation that one of the Sneaky Spirits from the original Rhythm Tengoku/Heaven on GBA is an enemy in the Smash Run mode of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS.... read
Rhythm Heaven

Rhythm Heaven music producer diagnosed with Laryngeal cancer

Plans to continue to work
Apr 06
The Rhythm Heaven series hasn't become a household name outside of Japan (yet), but in its native country, the games sell in the millions. That success is due in no small part to the work of Tsunku, the singer/songwriter/prod... read

The ponies have stormed the gates of Rhythm Heaven

Feb 22
It looks like there is a mod for Rhythm Heaven Fever that swaps the native graphics for My Little Pony characters. That's what the description of the above YouTube video says anyway. Does anyone out there want to follow... read

Get your groovy ass on the Rhythm Heaven Fever webpage

Feb 20
Rhythm Heaven Fever hit last week, and it's been great to see the Western world's reaction to the game. As you can see in these launch event coverage videos (one from Dtoid and one from Nintendo), some people are practically... read

Rhythm Heaven Fever's orgasmic wood people CONFIRMED

Jan 28
Here's a compilation of some footage of Rhythm Heaven Fever, the English language version of Minna no Rhythm Tengoku. How do you think it sounds? Personally, I like the English voice work here, but I think I'll still prefer ... read

Is this our first look at Rhythm Heaven Fever?

Jan 16
I keep forgetting that Minna No Rhythm Tengoku (the Japanese Rhythm Heaven game on the Wii) and Rhythm Heaven Fever are technically two different titles. When it comes to gameplay, they're the same game, but when it comes to... read

Rhythm Heaven Fever infects North America February 2012

Nov 29
Friends, we've weathered hard times these past months. Nintendo faithful across the land have endured quite the drought. So few compelling titles may have tested the resolve of less devout fans, but not us. No, we patiently w... read

Rhythm Heaven Wii is now Rhythm Heaven Fever

Oct 30
In Japan, the latest Rhythm Heaven game is called Minna No Rhythm Tengoku, which roughly translates to Everybody's Rhythm Heaven. It looks like Nintendo of America is going with a different direction for the game's Western lo... read

[It Came from Japan! is a series where I seek out and review the weirdest, most original and enjoyable titles that never left the Land of the Rising Sun.] Japanese games often possess a delirious quality that leaves some... read feature

Spoilers: Rhythm Heaven Wii's biggest secrets unlocked

Aug 21
I've been working on a import review of Minna no Rhythm Tengoku (known as Rhythm Heaven Wii in the U.S.) for almost a month now. Problem is, I just don't have the skills to unlock everything in the game. Though it has incred... read

Oil up: Rhythm Heaven Wii gets a 4 disc soundtrack

Jul 31
[Image from Nintendo Japan's official Minna No Rhythm Heaven wallpapers] Since receiving my import copy of Rhythm Heaven Wii last week, a day hasn't gone by by when I haven't gushed about how awesome its monkeys are (usually... read

Revel in the sweet sights and sounds of Rhythm Heaven Wii

Jul 23
These videos have convinced me to buy the Japanese version of Minna mo Rhythm Tengoku, known in the West as Rhythm Heaven Wii. I know the game is coming to the United States soon enough, but I'm sure that some of the Japanes... read

Kids and weird ladies are all up on Rhythm Heaven Wii

Jul 09
Rhythm Heaven Wii is about to be released in Japan, and marketing for the title is starting to pick up. We've already gotten a look at some of the game's 50+ levels, multi-player mode, and a endless games, but these TV spots... read

Rhythm Heaven Wii makes Nintendo of America look good

Jul 03
Nintendo of America has been getting a a lot of bad press lately. Operation Rainfall, and their efforts to convince NoA to localize Pandora's Tower, The Last Story, and Xenoblade, continue to make headlines. More aggressive ... read

E3: Wii U gets Rhythm Heaven-hot with some pirate sh*t

Jun 09
I'm actually about to run out of time here at E3, so I have to make this post short. There is a Wii U demo of a game called Shield Pose where you have to use the Wii U's camera, separate screen functionality, and motion cont... read

E3: Rhythm Heaven Wii kills it

Jun 08
Have you played Rhythm Heaven? This WarioWare-esque rhythm-action series has been largely ignored in the US and Europe, which is a shame. My guess is that this is largely because the superior GBA iteration of the game never ... read

E3: Rhythm Heaven trailer further proves baboons rule

Jun 07
Those of you who have been keeping up with the new Rhythm Heaven for Wii will recognize much of this E3 trailer. The footage shown isn't new, except for the final segment. Considering how the single new sequence has one seriously awesome baboon in it, all is forgiven. Look at him, and his equally incredible little buddy! That's enough to leave me satiated for a while to come. read

Get a good look at the new Kirby and Rhythm Heaven games

Jan 30
A couple of days ago, we got the word that a new Kirby game is coming to the Wii. In typical Nintendo style, this announcement was made with little fanfare, with nothing but a few details and a tiny, thirty second video to m... read

A look at the best upcoming Wii games

Sep 29
We already showed you Nintendo's 3DS teaser compilation video from tonight's big Nintendo press conference, but there's more where that came from. Though the 3DS is getting all the love and attention that newborns usually re... read

New Rhythm Heaven and Fatal Frame titles totally teased

Sep 29
All this 3DS news is great and all, and I'm totally excited about Mega Man Legends 3D and the new Resident Evil stuff, but on my end, the biggest reveal from tonight's Nintendo Conference was actually related to Nintendo's ot... read

Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin': Rhythm Heaven

Aug 27
You could easily accuse this week's HAWP of prioritizing aural pleasure over humor. We're pretty much okay with that, considering the aural pleasure in question comes from the mind of one Danny Baranowsky -- if you've ever pl... read

Rhythm Heaven mall event has free stuff, hot cosplay

Apr 26
Yesterday, Matt told us about the Rhythm Heaven events going on this weekend all around the country. I headed to the one at the Burlington Mall, not expecting it to be anything worth reporting on. I didn't even bring my camer... read

Nintendo partners with DJ Academy for Rhythm Heaven event

Apr 07
If you've already mastered Rhythm Heaven on the Nintendo DS, Nintendo wants to put your real skills to this test this week in New York City. This Thursday, April 9, Nintendo will be hosting a Rhythm Heaven event at the S... read

How should we market Rhythm Heaven in the US? Oh yeah, Beyonce!

Mar 19
I understand the practice of using celebs to advertise gaming -- after all, it worked well for Nintendo when they featured Yuri Ebihara in a DS commercial. Still, there's something ultimately laughable to me about the fact th... read

Happy Birthday, Destructoid: The Rhythm Tengoku cake

Mar 16
At GDC 2007, I met Niero for the first time, and it was literally less than a few hours before he was waving his DS Lite and showing me a strange little game I had never seen before. "Rhythm Tengoku", he said. "... read

Rhythm Heaven coming in April?

Feb 10
You may recollect I was a bit of a sad panda over the supposed November release date for Rhythm Heaven DS, the English-language version of Rhythm Tengoku Gold (better known as the best rhythm game on the DS EVER). Thanks to a... read

My closet imploded on top of me. Also, Rhythm Tengoku

Feb 05
Let it be known that, in addition to amassing more video games than I will ever play through again in my lifetime, I also have more comic books than I could ever read.  This is simply one of the trappings and joys of bei... read

Rhythm Heaven spotted with a November release date

Jan 06
If you read the import review that Dale North and I wrote about Rhythm Tengoku Gold, you may have imported it already if it's your cup of tea, or you may have decided to wait for the English version, which we knew was coming ... read

Rhythm Tengoku x Final Fantasy equals pure, undiluted awesome

Nov 30
 Some people mistake what I mean when I say something is deliciously nerdy in a rapturous tone of voice. After all, nerdy has not always been a positive word -- but let me assure you, I mean it in the best way. To get al... read

Rhythm Tengoku delights! retrospective soundtrack announced

Sep 11
You should be playing Rhythm Tengoku Gold (and yes, I know it's not out here in its North American incarnation, what I mean is you should have imported it and played the f*ck out of it already), and if you are, you know that ... read

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