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Red Dead Redemption

Rumor: Brad Pitt to star in Red Dead Redemption movie

Aug 26
The rumor is that Brad Pitt is the front runner for playing John Marston in a movie adaptation of Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption. This comes to us by way of ShowbizSpy. They say that Pitt is being given a first refusal for th... read

LOL: 24 Hours with Red Dead Redemption lead

Aug 05
By now, let's assume that most of you have seen Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption from beginning to end. I say this because artist/writer Eric Colossal's online comic strip, 24 Hour Marston, is not only full of minor spoilers, b... read

Red Dead Redemption patch is up, partner

Aug 04
The most recent tweet from RockStarGames says it all, but I'll say it again: Red Dead Redemption update 1.03 is now available on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Sign in, update and you'll find that the following has changed a... read

Legends, killers invade Red Dead Redemption on August 10

Aug 03
Rockstar has dated "Legends and Killers" pack today, the first of a flood of Red Dead Redemption downloadable content head our way this year. It's out on August 10 for both Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation 3; it'll run you 80... read

Go behind the scenes of Red Dead Redemption's soundtrack

Jul 28
Red Dead Redemption is my current front-runner for Game of the Year, and frankly, I don't think anything else will eclipse it. Much of my love for the game stems from its stirring score, which Bill Elm and Woody Jackson comp... read

Red Dead Redemption on sale at Amazon today

Jul 23
This is as much a post about a good price on a game as it is an appeal that you go and buy Red Dead Redemption. It is almost certainly the best title to come out of Rockstar in many years and I might argue that it's the best ... read

THQ blames Red Dead Redemption for UFC's sales

Jul 22
UFC Undisputed 2010 didn't quite sell as well as THQ was hoping, and rather than try to determine if there's a problem with the game, the marketing, or the simple fact that people might not want to buy an updated UFC once a y... read

Rockstar going after griefers in next Red Dead update

Jul 21
Within a few seconds of first entering Free Roam mode in Red Dead Redemption, I spotted another player. Thinking, "Hey, I'm going to go see what he's doing," I started calmly walking toward the gentlemen. I never made it; he ... read

Art and history of Rockstar collected in three volumes

Jul 19
Rockstar Games has a long and distinctive history, filled with some of the most controversial and popular games of the last decade. If you want to know more about it, the company seems happy to oblige by compiling this set of... read

Red Dead Redemption looks gorgeous in time-lapse footage

Jul 17
If you've played Red Dead Redemption, then you know that it's a beautiful game. Personally, I find its capacity for creating breathtaking vistas to be unmatched; like Michael Abbott at The Brainy Gamer, I time my saves so tha... read

Red Dead's 'Legends and Killers' pack in screenshots

Jul 16
Kicking off a wave of additional content for Red Dead Redemption is the "Legends and Killers" pack, which actually won't be released until next month. But we have screenshots of it! If you stare at the header image long enoug... read

Rockstar has announced today that it will be supporting Red Dead Redemption with some serious business downloadable content in the coming months. Starting this August, the "Legends and Killers" pack will hit Xbox LIVE and Pla... read feature

How many wolves must die? 55.8 million in two weeks

Jul 02
Two weeks! That's how long data was tracked to come up with the above infographic for Red Dead Redemption. Unless you happen to be a mutant, you can't make out most of the figures shown -- please click the attached, higher-re... read

PSA: Red Dead Redemption co-op pack is now available

Jun 22
Heads up, pardner, Rockstar’s co-op mission package for Red Dead Redemption is available today on Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network. Best part, it’s free; you’ll want to head over to your console and start d... read

Red Dead short film now viewable online in its entirety

Jun 08
No one can blame you for missing the John Hillcoat-directed Red Dead Redemption short film, based on when and where it originally aired. Now that it's viewable in full on the Internet, though -- worth a look, especially if y... read

Red Dead Redemption moves five million units

Jun 08
Take-Two is seeing better than expected second quarter results as the company has made $268 million in net revenue. That's an increase of about 54% compared to the same quarter last year. The company doesn't see the money tra... read

Red Dead Redemption free co-op pack dated

Jun 03
Rockstar has revealed that its free cooperative mission pack for Red Dead Redemption will hit Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network on June 22. Officially called the "Outlaws to the End Co-Op Mission Pack," it will include six al... read

Red Dead Redemption getting its own short film soon

May 26
Rockstar Games is going all out with its promotion of Red Dead Redemption, even though the game seems to be selling perfectly fine through word of mouth. As a matter of fact, it's getting a 30-minute short film that's poised ... read

Red Dead Redemption has some hilarious glitches

May 24
Red Dead Redemption? More like Red Dead Furry Redemption! A number of videos are hitting the Internet featuring some hilarious glitches from Rockstar's latest hit. People are turning into animals, animals are turning into people and there's even the case of the demonic flying horse! Above is my favorite of the bunch, cougar man! A few more videos await you after the break. read

After a week of being asked, "Where's the Red Dead Redemption review," by damn near everyone, here's the answer: It's here. Are you vultures happy now? Red Dead Redemption is, of course, Rockstar's latest epic sandb... read feature

Red Dead Redemption soundtrack hits iTunes

May 24
OMG! Where is our Red Dead Redemption review!?!? I'll get to that in a second, but before I do, allow me to point you in the direction of the game's soundtrack. It's now available on iTunes, and features music composed by Bil... read

RDR shaping up to be the best UK launch of the year

May 23
Despite the fact that industry analyst such as Michael Pachter doubted Red Dead Redemption would make much of a splash the game has been almost universally praised by critics (our review is coming, I swear), been the talk of ... read

Rockstar aware of Red Dead Redemption invisibility bug

May 20
Anyone who's played Red Dead Redemption's Free Roam mode for a decent amount of time has probably run into something funny: a bug that causes you, your horse, or other objects nearby to go invisible. It's quite hilarious as f... read

GameStop's midnight launch event for Red Dead Redemption

May 14
In New York, this Saturday, you'll want to put on your boots and spurs and head on down tol the ol' GameStop (the Union Square store) for the Rockstar Games/GameStop hosted exclusive event for Red Dead Redemption. Starting at... read

Get hype! Here's the Red Dead Redemption launch trailer

May 13
In case you weren't aware, the long-awaited release of Rockstar's U.S.-government-taming-the-Wild-West saga, Red Dead Redemption, is only five days away. You can remind yourself of that fact by watching this epic launch trai... read

Rockstar lists Social Club features for Red Dead

May 11
Rockstar Games has detailed how its Social Club will function with Red Dead Redemption, and if you are at all looking forward to the game, it'd probably be wise to get signed up sooner than later. Right now, the studio is mos... read

Red Dead Redemption shows us its curly mustache

May 07
Soon we'll be able to live out our Wild West fantasies without having to dress up or look insane to the general public. Until then (May 18), we have this latest Red Dead Redemption trailer to ogle, hopefully from the comfort... read

Red Dead Redemption gets free DLC next month

May 05
Looking forward to Red Dead Redemption? Love downloadable content? Hate paying for stuff? Rockstar has all the bases covered with next month's "Outlaws to the End Co-Op Mission Pack", a free batch of DLC that will be availabl... read

Red Dead Redemption achievements out along with new screens

May 03
The achievements for Rockstar's upcoming Red Dead Redemption are all at once awesome and and altogether frustrating.On one hand, there's one achievement that you can get for killing and skinning 18 grizzly bears. This is awes... read

Rockstar answers your Red Dead Redemption questions

May 01
Gamers eager to get their hands on Red Dead Redemption have been throwing questions Rockstar's way. What does this mean for us? Answers! Answers to questions not submitted by psychopaths, because I hear the studio has a rigor... read

ESRB reminder: Red Dead Redemption not suitable for K-12

Apr 26
The Wild West -- as many of us imagine it, anyway -- was not a friendly place. You've seen Westworld, right? Even if you took out the robots, it'd still be a crazy place. So, who better than Rockstar Games to tell it like it ... read

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