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APB and Crackdown developer working on another MMO

Jun 23
// Brad Nicholson
Realtime Worlds is working on a second MMO and according to the studios’ brass, it will be revealed at some point next year.Speaking at the GameHorizon conferenece, Realtime Worlds CEO Dave Jones teased listeners about ...

Realtime Worlds' staff expands, now one of UK's largest devs

Jun 18
// Nick Chester
Realtime Worlds, best known for its work on Crackdown and the upcoming APB, has hit a milestone. The developer has announced today that it has hit the mark of 250 working staff. Looking for work? You might want to check in wi...

E3 09: APB gets a 2010 release date, screens, and a trailer

Jun 01
// Jordan Devore
All Points Bulletin is a game I'm sure most of you have heard about, but few have witnessed. You know, it's been so long, I cannot for the life of me remember if I've seen actual in-game footage before; if I have, it was most...

APB is still coming, Realtime Worlds will be at E3

May 19
// Brad Nicholson
Realtime Worlds’ MMO All Points Bulletin has a pulse. We didn’t have to check -- the studio behind the title did all the legwork for us. In a recent statement released to All Points Bulletin fan Web site, APB Evol...

Realtime Worlds appoints new CEO, still hard at work on APB

Apr 27
// Jordan Devore
Realtime Worlds, the company behind the beloved Crackdown and the upcoming action-oriented MMO, APB, has named Gary Dale as its new CEO. His prior roles in the industry include both COO and executive VP of Take-Two Interactiv...

Update on the Crackdown 2 front: Realtime Worlds in discussion with Microsoft

Dec 20
// Jordan Devore
It's only been a day since we heard about a possible sequel to Crackdown after members of Realtime Worlds left to form Ruffian Games, but we have already got an update on the situation for you. Realtime Worlds studio manager ...

Microsoft wants Crackdown 2 ... we want Crackdown 2, too!

Dec 08
// Jim Sterling
Crackdown is one of those games that decent people struggle to find a bad word to say about, even if it's not one of their favorite games ever. It's simply a damn fun little title, and that's a real accomplishment. But where'...

Real Time Worlds gives us the latest on APB

Nov 10
// Jordan Devore
Real Time Worlds recently sent out its October newsletter for upcoming MMO APB, and as you'd expect, there are a few goodies packed inside.Currently, the team is tweaking the core gameplay based on feedback from group play te...

APB the 'bastard child' of Grand Theft Auto

Aug 05
// Jim Sterling
Realtime Worlds' Colin Macdonald has stated that upcoming MMO, All Points Bulletin represents everything that creator Dave Jones has wanted to do since he worked on the first Grand Theft Auto. "It's the bastard child of ...

Realtime Worlds to give APB an open beta

Jun 10
// Justin Villasenor
Crackdown developer Realtime Worlds has released a statement that Chris Dye, who had previously been employed at Codemasters, has been hired as the new Community Relations Manager for their upcoming MMO All Points Bulletin....

GDC 08: APB makes a big splash, gamers gawk in amazement

Feb 22
Crackdown still comes to mind as the game that nearly overshadowed the title it included as a demo, but as the following videos shared with us by GameVideos shows, Realtime Worlds isn't looking to be a one-trick pony. A...

The Perfect Sequel: Crackdown 2

Jul 20
// William Haley
Everyone has played a game and thought “You know what they should add in the sequel?” Sometimes you would get lucky and said feature would make it into numero dos, but chances are more often than not the sequel ca...

Life in a video game: the pros and cons

Jun 14
// Faith
What if tomorrow morning you woke up and your life was exactly like your favorite video game? What would you look forward to doing first? Would you drive down the I-90 in your Pontiac Sunfire at 100mph with no regard for traf...

Crackdown DLC resetting game saves? [Update]

May 11
// Nick Chester
Uh oh -- trouble in paradise!According to the buzz on various Crackdown related message boards, some users are reporting some major issues after installing the latest batch of mind blowingly awesome DLC. How bad could it be?...

First shot of new Crackdown content

Apr 25
// Robert Summa
For those of us who have and love Crackdown, we've been anticipating some fresh content that was always promised to eventually come down the line. Well, for the first time, we can now get a look at just what Real Time Wor...

GDC 2007: Talking APB with Real Time Worlds

Mar 07 // Robert Summa
DESTRUCTOID: So, I haven't honestly heard about APB, what's it really about?NICKY HUNT: First off, it's completely unrelated to the classic coin-op version. Basically it's a cops and robbers kind of thing online. Think of it as GTA online, but with much more depth and complexity. There's no A.I., it's pure PvP.DESTRUCTOID: No NPCs at all?NICKY HUNT: Well, there are NPC pedestrians and such that you can steal from and buy things from. But, the main focus is PvP. DESTRUCTOID: There has been no media released related to this game. Is it a 3rd-person view title? What graphic engine are you using?NICKY HUNT: Yes, it is. And, we're using Unreal Engine 3 to develop the game. DESTRUCTOID: How important is user created content in APB?NICKY HUNT: User created content plays a huge role in the game. Players will be able to do things like make their own jacket, sort of like how you can do custom paint jobs in Forza with layers. Also, you can trade those items between players. DESTRUCTOID: How many layers are there in a design job with something like that?NICKY HUNT: I'd say about 100 or so layers for each.DESTRUCTOID: When can we expect APB to finally come out?NICKY HUNT: We're looking at a 2008 release date.DESTRUCTOID: What kind of system requirements are we looking at? Will this be for high-end only?NICKY HUNT: Yes, in fact it will. We know it's a risk, but it's something we didn't want to compromise on. Overall it will be a more rewarding experience because of that.DESTRUCTOID: When I spoke with Colin Macdonald last week about Crackdown, he had mentioned that an Xbox 360 version of APB may be coming out. What are the plans so far on that? NICKY HUNT: We are talking with Microsoft about the Xbox 360 version and I think we have approval, but we haven't started the development process. Our priority though, has always been the PC.DESTRUCTOID: So, if the game is cops vs. robbers, how do you start the game?NICKY HUNT: Criminals will start as a basic thug and cops will start out as a rookie. Each side will level up and move up through the ranks of their respective areas of play. DESTRUCTOID: Can you make or join a gang if you're a criminal?NICKY HUNT: Yes, of course, and that will play a big role. You'll also be able to control territory with your gang. There's going to be a whole territory system involved.DESTRUCTOID: For many, including myself, they've grown tired of the standard fantasy-based MMO filled with elves and orcs. Was that something Real Time Worlds will focus on when spreading word about this game?NICKY HUNT: I look at it this way -- I feel like the game was made for me. It's all about fun. We wanted to make a game that was more like a sport with interaction. This game is more about enjoyment and less about stats.DESTRUCTOID: How do you generate income in the game?NICKY HUNT: By stealing from people or breaking into cars, you'll be able to build it up.DESTRUCTOID: Can you sell drugs?NICKY HUNT: No, we're not going to go there.DESTRUCTOID: Is there any sort of black or grey market?NICKY HUNT: Yes, there will be a grey market where you will see cops and gangs exchanging weapons and such. It will be in the game, but you really have to work to get there. Police will be able to buy from gangs and vice versa.DESTRUCTOID: There's been very little information about this game, if any, why is that?NICKY HUNT: Yeah, we're keeping a really low profile with APB for right now. We want to make sure everything is there before we start to release stuff, but it will come soon, including a community site. Right now people can go to APB.com, but nothing is really there.DESTRUCTOID: So will the game have real-time combat?NICKY HUNT: Yes, everything will be in real time and you'll have an aiming reticule just like in a first-person shooter. We want to keep that first-person shooter feel in the game when it comes to combat. 

Today I got to sit down and hear some good details on the upcoming MMO that you'll be hearing alot about in the future: APB. Crackdown developer Real Time Worlds has kept the project under wraps, so get ready to finally h...

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