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3:04 PM on 11.05.2008

How Sony is screwing Player Two on the PlayStation 3

It sounds great in theory, but having a significant other who is also a gamer isn't always as great as you'd think.Sure, it's helpful that my wife understands my job, my hobby, and my obsession. When work (or pleasure) calls ...

Nick Chester

11:07 AM on 10.19.2008

Capcom USA on Dead Rising Wii: 'The TGS build was mostly just a tech demo'

Have you read any the hands-on impressions of upcoming 360 to Wii port of Dead Rising? If so, you know that things are looking pretty grim. It doesn't matter if you are generally Wii-skeptical like our Editor-in-Chief Nick Ch...

Jonathan Holmes

12:02 AM on 09.17.2008

Five easy ways Nintendo of America can start making up with their core audience

The "big news" from this year's E3 wasn't the announcement of any new exciting game. It wasn't the first sightings of any new, up-and-coming console. It was the news that Nintendo, or more specifically, Nintendo of ...

Jonathan Holmes

10:15 PM on 08.22.2008

Give me in-game retries, or give me death

This will likely sound completely random and irrelevant, but something occurred to me today as I was playing Galaga Legions (a proper review is coming soon) that I thought might be somewhat common amongst the shmup fan commu...

Anthony Burch

12:51 PM on 06.28.2008

The three big WUTs of Nintendo Power's Castlevania Judgment announcement

Last Thursday, our own Brad Nicholson broke the rumor that a new Castlevania fighting game titled Castlevania Judgment was announced in the latest issue of Nintendo Power, with pics to prove it courtesy of JeuxFrance. This mo...

Jonathan Holmes

11:14 AM on 06.13.2008

Jaffe responds to NoE's 'geeks and otaku' claim

Yesterday, many Destructoid readers were upset to hear Nintendo of Europe's Laurent Fischer (that's a dude!) thoughts on the Wii storage limit problem, as he feels that only "geeks and otaku" desire additional memor...

Dale North

11:01 AM on 05.05.2008

Rockstar wants to f**k casual gaming right in its ear

Rockstar Games' Vice President of creativity and Grand Theft Auto writer Dan Houser has very vocally attacked the "casual gaming" craze currently gripping the games industry. He didn't feel the need to be particular...

Jim Sterling

10:01 PM on 03.18.2008

Undeniable failure: An open letter to Microsoft on the Xbox 360 Dpad

Following our controller episode of RetroforceGO!, I have received a surprising number of emails and messages regarding the Xbox 360 Dpad and the countless mods, DIY fixes, and third-party alternatives that exist to solve the...

Topher Cantler

Opinion: Why people who whine about review scores are wankers photo
Opinion: Why people who whine about review scores are wankers
by Jim Sterling

Nobody likes being disagreed with, and nobody enjoys having something that they like besmirched. However, when it comes to differences of opinion, there is a marked difference between debating the issue and becoming a stupid, whiny crybaby.

Ever since Jeff Gerstmann was fired from GameSpot for his unforgiving review of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, the subject of honesty and integrity in games media has been a hot button. People were at GameSpot's door with torches and pitchforks, demanding answers and screaming about the broken trust between reviewer and gamer. From the outpouring of support for Gerstmann, one could easily imagine that gamers wanted their reviewers to be frank and open about their opinions, to be able to express themselves without reprisal and share with you their personal thoughts about the videogames they have played.

If you believed that, you were wrong. It seems that gamers don't want honesty at all. They read only what pleases them, and blindly attack anything that contradicts their blinkered views. In truth, there is no difference between them and the game publishers who pull an advertising deal over one bad review. 

There's a stink of corruption coming from the world of games media, and for once it's not coming from the writers. It's coming from the readers. 

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7:55 AM on 12.30.2007

Wii hardware 'surprisingly stable,' nunchuk's manliness not so much

Wii-a-phobia continues to run rampant amongst the hardcore gaming community. There is a new hate-rant about the Wii written almost every day, and not just by random members of the Internet, but often by paid journalists as we...

Jonathan Holmes

12:00 PM on 11.29.2007

Sessler's Soapbox: Play with your damn kids!

In the latest edition of Adam Sessler's soapbox, the X-Play host laments the lack of parents who actually take the time to play (and understand) videogames with their children. He references the recent study that indicated th...

Nick Chester

Real men play Gradius photo
Real men play Gradius
by Aaron Linde
[This month Destructoid celebrates 7 friggin' years of whatever it is we do! Here's the most popular article of this weekend, back in 2007, and easily one of my favorite story headlines of all time. Check our Golden Archives for more top stories from our past. -Niero]

I don't know, but it's likely that you know better than I do; maybe you're the hardest of the hardcore. You probably drink Bawls by the crate, upgrade your computer more often than you change your underwear, and can direct air traffic with the orange glow of fingers long since stained by years of Cheeto abuse. Maybe you're reading this article on Opera via a DS emulator running in Linux installed on a PS3 water-cooled by the tears of weeping babies. Hardcore

You and I probably feel differently about this whole "hardcore" thing -- matter fact, I'm sure we do. There are some insist that hardcore gamers must do certain things, play certain games, partake in specific experiences to deem themselves hardcore. Still others go on to define what they feel is a "true gamer", laying down all kinds of crazy criteria they deem necessary to weed out the gamers from, well, everybody else. Similarly, I've got my own ideas, chief among them the notion that the current climate of gaming has turned us all into pansies -- specifically, pansies dependent upon the domination of other, lesser pansies to make us feel less pansy.

And if you disagree, here's another question: when's the last time you picked up a shmup?

Hit the jump for more.

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4:54 PM on 02.08.2007

Good joke: ex-ESA says don't cut and run

Next-Gen is running a feature on the ex-ESA president's speech at D.I.C.E. that criticized publishers to stick up for their games, litigate to the bitter end for them, and take more responsibility for the content they c...

Papa Niero

4:45 PM on 02.02.2007

Nintendo fails to deliver region-free Wii; WiiKey corrects their mistake

There is nothing more annoying for a Japanese video game enthusiast than region locking. We have the same 60 Hz televisions, the games can work perfectly on our consoles, but there is a "feature" that prevents us ...

Papa Niero

7:20 PM on 01.24.2007

Idiots live on the Internet

Today there was a popular article being shared about a female gamer with problems fitting into the online community and after reading her article, I feel that she doesn’t understand how the online world works. Ever...


6:29 AM on 01.14.2007

EGM reveals Guitar Hero 80s Edition; Winger still sucks

The latest issue of EGM reveals the next step for Red Octane, the developers behind every geek's rock and roll dream machine Guitar Hero. Apparently during the new year, they will be releasing an expansion pack of sorts t...

Earnest Cavalli