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Friday Night Fights - Go ninja, go ninja, go!

Game with the Hemorrtoid Community!
Jan 22
// Mike Martin
I am currently overworked and exhausted. I got nothing. I just want to play some Infamous Second Son and Destiny. I want that new Platinum Turtles game to hit too. I need to play through Transformers: Devastation again also. ...
Parappa photo

This Parappa homage is simultaneously genius and cringeworthy and I like it

Get the heck out!
Jul 06
// Brittany Vincent
From Gmcfosho, the mind that brought you "IMDABES" and "SWAGGIN DRAGON" comes "GTFO," one of the greatest videos you may ever see. It's a hilarious nod to getting all those losers out of your house after a party gone awry wi...

Rad Show: Speed Run of Plumbers Dont Wear Ties

we're gonna play fast
Jan 12
// Johnny Luchador
The name of the game says it all itself. I'm going to venture into this fabled game, Plumbers Don't Wear Ties. If I remember, this game pretty much is a big Power Point Slideshow with some weird plot and awkward conversations. Tonight, we're gonna play is so fast that we're gonna break some World Records. Who knows, maybe we'll all get lucky.
Starbound photo
Randomly generated sci-fi action/RPG beta starts NOW
Last night, on the eve of the Starbound beta's release, the developers at Chucklefish put out a new trailer commemorating the early access of this unique and ambitious title. For the uninitiated, Starbound is a randomly gene...

Mega Man remixed photo
Mega Man remixed

Mega Ran and JP chip artists to remix Mega Man once more

Contributers include composers of Street Fighter IV, Streets of Rage 3, and Ape Escape
Jun 10
// Tony Ponce
Mega Man rapper Mega Ran may have recently dropped a stellar Castlevania hip hopera album, but he'll never forget the little blue dude who propelled his music career, resulting in his decision to leave his teaching gig and fo...
Castlevania hip hopera photo
Castlevania hip hopera

Preview Mega Ran's Symphony of the Night hip hopera

Castlevania: The Nocturnal Cantata on sale June 4
Jun 03
// Tony Ponce
I gotta give it up for my man Mega Ran, without a doubt one of my favorite nerd music acts around. He's got quite the spread, from Mega Man to Final Fantasy VII and even to River City Ransom. And next on the block is the tur...

Game glitches are the WORST

Just the worst!
Dec 18
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
Imagine it. You're playing a game, having a great time, and then BAM! Your game glitches out. Sometimes the glitch can be funny. Other times, well, I hope your game auto-saved before all chaos broke out.

World War II shooters, World War II SHOOTERS!

May 01
// Jim Sterling
Is it just me, or does the idea of a first-person shooter set in World War II seem really fresh right about now? With the industry being so afraid to touch such a tired concept recently, it seems we've barely seen anybody tou...

Random lays down an emotional new Mega Man Zero cut

Mar 20
// Tony Ponce
When Random announced that the Mega Ran journey was ending with Mega Ran 10, I was more than little disheartened. Oh, sure, I'm still following and enjoying his other projects, but like many, I was introduced to his music thr...

HAWP: Why is there a bird on your shoulder?

Jan 26
// Tony Ponce
It's seriously the most random thing ever. This installment of Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'? premiered during MAGFest, but I didn't bother to check for any new show uploads on GameTrailers until just a few hours ago. I hope you ...

Best of 2011: Totally Random Awards, Pt. 2

Dec 18 // Allistair Pinsof
Matthew Razak's "Movie That Was Too Much like a Videogame for Its Own Good" AwardWinner: Sucker Punch Normally, we complain about videogames' trying to be too much like movies, but with games' becoming a bigger medium, we see more and more influences from games in film. That's not always a good thing. There's a reason why movies and games are different things, and that reason is because THEY'RE DIFFERENT THINGS. A perfect example of why this should always be remembered is Sucker Punch, which took the plot and goals of a videogame and stuffed it into a movie. A young, sexually appealing girl enters a series of fantasy worlds where she must defeat a series of "bosses" in order to collect a bunch of weapons to defeat her oppressors (in this case, the mental ward she's been committed). Basically, this is a movie about a bunch of fetch quests, which can already be boring enough in a game, but when you give Zak Snyder carte blanche, it gets even stupider evidently. Scenes that should be totally awesome are dull because every scene works like a game's level and not part of a movie. Game plotting is great for games, not for movies. Runner-ups: Battle: Los Angeles, Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, Priest, Cowboys & Aliens, Spy Kids 4D: All the Time in the World Andy Dixon's "Game That's Still Fun to Play Even with the Sound Off" Award (a.k.a. The "Happy Family" Award) Winner: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gaming in a small house with a sleeping toddler is often an exercise in futility. Paper-thin walls coupled with the close proximity of the "family" room to said child's bedroom make for poor gaming conditions, and they require a very specific type of game in order to appease all parties. Features such as subtitles/closed captioning, easy jump-in/jump-out gameplay, and the ability to pause at any time become more than just boxes to tick on the back of the box -- they become necessities. For these reasons, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a family man's dream come true. You can pause the game in almost every scene, subtitles are enabled by default, and the slow, exploration-heavy pacing means taking a break to soothe a fussy toddler back to sleep won't throw off your mojo as it would in other games. Above all else, Adam Jensen's grating voice acting means your experience may actually improve by turning down the volume! Runner-up: Fapping Casey Baker's "Stupidest Moment in a Video Game This Year" Award Winner: Pvt. Augustus Cole (a.k.a "Cole Train") has a midlife crisis and freaks the f*ck out for no real reason in Gears of War 3 While this year was filled with stupid video game moments, from any emergent (and oftentimes hilarious) glitch that has appeared in a Skyrim playthrough to the "press button to stab rat" sequence in Battlefield 3, I feel that the Cole Train's freak-out moment in Gears 3 is the single stupidest moment in gaming for this year. The biggest issue that comes with this moment, when Cole is revisiting his hometown of Hanover with Baird and Carmine, is that it comes abruptly and ends with no real meaningful ties to the greater Gears story. They decide to take a walk down memory lane through the ol' Thrashball stadium after meeting up with the Stranded, who are instantly willing to help the old celebrity and his pals, but his sudden flashback is both abrupt and of absolutely no consequence to the rest of the story, despite the fact that his behavior puts pretty much everyone including himself in serious danger. Nothing else is ever mentioned of this moment, and the bit of backstory it provides is incredibly shallow at best. Gears of War has never been a series about a deep and meaningful story, but at least Dom's narrative in Gears 2 was created in earnest. Here we have an apocalyptic, end-of-the-world scenario where the Lambent are pretty much destroying every last vestige of humanity that hasn't already been raped and pillaged by the Locusts, and the attention is suddenly shifted to Cole Train's mid-life crisis breakdown because -- boo hoo -- he's not a celebrity Thrashball star anymore. ... what?Runner-ups: Skyrim's NPC glitches, Battlefield 3's stab-a-rat quick time event, Cole Phelps has a flamethrower in a f*cking sewer in L.A. Noire Jonathan Holmes's "Why Did U No Play This Thing!?" Award Winner: Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP This is one of the best games ever. It's on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, three things that many humans own. Yet, while more copies of Angry Birds have sold than there are people in the United States, Sword & Sworcery fails to become a commercial blockbuster. C'mon people! Don't you like evading death anymore? What about three-eyed wolves or naked bear men? How about games where you don't find out that the main character is a woman until someone tells you? Are you too cool for that now, with your rainbow parties and your Hot Pockets and your Glee 3D movie sing-a-longs? In closing, Sword & Sworcery is better than all of Destructoid's official GOTY nominees, except maybe Portal 2, but probably not. Runner-ups: Bit.Trip Complete/Saga, Rayman Origins, Shadows of the Damned, El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, Pushmo, Corpse Party, Where-is-my-Heart?, Jables's Adventure, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars, Aliens: Infestation, Cave Story, Outland, Jamestown Japanator's "PSP JRPG You Should Have Played but Probably Didn't Even Hear About Because HAHA PSP JRPGs, Am I Right?" Award Winner: Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Japanator reviews editor Hiroko Yamamura says, "Trails was truly the surprise of the year for me. I took a quick glance at the semi-generic looking anime box art and dismissed it for another JRPG snooze fest. Countless fun-filled hours later, you could say that I kind of fell in love. The title shows some of its age, as it is a port of a 2004 PC game, but those shortcomings become distant memories after just an hour or so of play. What you do take away is an addictive, funny, and dramatic storyline filled with some really memorable characters. In year that had some real JRPG snoozers, it would be a crime to sleep on this PSP gem." Runners up: Fate/EXTRA, Corpse Party Fraser Brown's "WTF Just Happened in Skyrim?" Award Winner: NPC madness It might not be as epic as flying mammoths or dragons getting stuck in reverse, but the crazy antics of the residents of Skyrim are a constant reminder of just how buggy yet somehow delightful Skyrim can be. Frustrating as well, oh so very frustrating. Technically I'm cheating, since a plethora of bugs and design flaws went towards making these wonderful buffoons. Followers are, of course, the worst of the bunch. Vanishing without a trace, getting lost on mountains, knocking everything over in your meticulously ordered home, standing on every single trap over and over again. God, they are awful. Yet still, I let them follow me around, but for every NPC that gets stuck or attacks for no reason, there's another with a pot on their head and a shop that's ripe for burglary. So it all works out. Runner-ups: Reversing dragons, flying horses and mammoths, flying player characters, poltergeists/home invaders, chicken crime stoppers Allistair Pinsof's "Japanese Game That Really Should Have Come to the US This Year" Award Winner: Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary More than any other year in recent memory, 2011 seems to be full of promising Japanese games that have been ignored the West. And -- surprise, surprise -- they are mostly for Nintendo platforms. Xenoblade was a shoe-in for this award until the recent U.S. release announcement, which makes me want to draw attention to a different game that has been completely ignored. In fact, most of the series has been ignored in the West. I'm talking about Puyo Puyo, one of the oldest and best arcade puzzle games. Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary is an absolute gem that brings together almost every mode and character that ever graced the series into one giant package. I can't put it down. I wish other Westerners could experience this joyous time-suck of a game. Runner-ups: Akai Katana, Ni no Kuni [DS especially], The Last Story, Pandora's Tower, Xenoblade

Go to any media outlet this week and they'll be trumping up their best-of-the-year list. We're not so different. However, I wanted there to be a place where staff could sound off on what trends, games, and ideas captured t...

Best of 2011: Totally Random Awards, Pt. 1

Dec 17 // Allistair Pinsof
Alex Bout's "If I Could Pick One Piece That Would Most Affect Gaming Aspects of a Computer, I Would Pick This" Award Winner: Sapphire Radeon HD 6950 2GB I chose the 6950 over the i5 and M4 because of its contributions to gaming performance. While it is unfair to compare the advantages of a video card to a hard drive or CPU, it is undeniable that video cards improve game play the most out of all the other components of a computer. Don't get me wrong, both the i5 and M4 are excellent pieces and shouldn't be discredited as unworthy to buy. There were several different comparisons I made while choosing the 6950 2GB as my choice: for one, the Radeon 6950 (1GB or 2GB) offers excellent performance for the price. The GTX 560 Ti, the Radeon HD 6950's closest competitor, is about the same price despite the 6950's having slightly better performance. Moving on, I chose the 2GB model because it will offer a greater advantage later on as technology advances. The 2GB will not only help at higher resolutions such as 1900x1200 and multi-displays, it will also aid in future game, as they begin to take advantage of the increased amount of memory. Runner-ups: Intel Core i5-2500K, Crucial M4 128GB Max Scoville's "Whoever Decided This Should Be the Title of a Game Should Not Be Allowed to Write Words Ever Again" Award Winner: Ar Tonelico Qoga: The Knell of Ar Ciel Aside from "The" and "of," the only actual word in this game's title is "Knell" which I had to look up. It means the solemn ringing of a bell. "Ar" is the chemical abbreviation of Argon, and "Ciel" is a brand of bottled water only sold in Mexico, Morocco, and Angola. So basically, this game's title is 13 syllables of utter gibberish. If you approached a family member and said, "I want to play Ar Tonelico Qoga: The Knell of Ar Ciel," they would probably think you had a stroke mid-sentence or are possibly possessed by a Satan. I don't care if the game itself is good; the fact that someone decided this was a good name for a product that is sold in stores should be fired and possibly jailed. Runner-ups: Renegade Ops (See Jim's list of better titles), Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Retribution (Colons: They're Cool, But We Should Have a Hyphen Too - There, That's Better), Hunted: The Demons Forge (thank you, Dark Fantasy MadLibs), Dissidia 012 [Duodecim] Final Fantasy (thought the title was a cheat code) Hamza Aziz's "What the F*ck Were They Thinking?!" Award Winner: Seriously, Ubisoft? You're going to release Rayman Origins during the Novembergaddeon of AAA games? Worst of all, you're releasing Rayman Origins the SAME DAY as Assassin's Creed: Revelations? So not only are you competing with other publishers, you're competing with yourselves! Rayman does't have the brand power like it used to, and it feels like it was basically left to drown at retail. Oh, and let's not forget this gem where the sales of Rayman Origins will have an affect on Beyond Good & Evil 2. Runner-ups: The 3DS launch, GoldenEye: Reloaded getting released between the launches of Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3, Konami not promoting ANY of their releases (No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise, Frogger 3D, LeedMees, Metal Gear Solid Collection, Otomedius -- probably more that I can't remember due to lack of promotions), EA/Sony/Microsoft preventing consumer rights with their "you can't sue us anymore, haha" terms, the PlayStation Vita's overpriced memory cards, a Tetris subscription fee Patrick Hancock's "Best Superhero MMO That Made the Jump to Free-to-Play in 2011" Award Winner: City of Heroes City of Heroes came out way back in 2004, a few months before World of Warcraft dropped and took the world by storm. That's when my hero, P-Dude (pictured above), was born. It's been seven years since then, and I still find myself enjoying the wide breadth of things to do within the MMO with not only P-Dude but my other characters like Grandmaster Pain, Squirtle, and Sweet Mustache as well. This game is something that Champions Online tried to surpass but ended up only half-emulating. DC Universe Online has the star power, sure, but once you look past that, you may be left wanting more. Now that it's officially free-to-play, anyone can experience the extreme customization options of not only your appearance but your superpowers as well. In the end, I have to give credit where credit is due and give this award to the original superhero MMO, City of Heroes. Always emulated, never duplicated. Runner-ups: DC Universe Online, Champions Online Alasdair Duncan's "Best Impulse Buy on Steam" Award Winner: Sideway: New York I know my choice will surprise most of you, but let me explain why I think that Sideway was the best impulse buy I made on Steam this year. Whilst the runner-ups may be better games, Sideway was the only game I bought this year on a true impulse. I saw it pop up on Steam, watched the trailer, and just bought it. Then I played it and stuck with it all the way to completing it, then I went back and played it again. I didn't even do that with any AAA games this year. With it's lovely graphics, smart gameplay, and the hook of those hidden tags, I'm still playing Sideway; that's why it's the most rewarding impulse buy I made on Steam this year. Oh, and it has nothing to do with my currently being in the top 10 leaderboard! Runner-ups: Terarria, Magicka, Frozen Synapse, Orcs Must Die!, Dungeon Defenders Jamie McGinn's "Most Blood-Boiling, Controller-Smashingly Frustrating Part of Dark Souls That Rhymes with 'Shitetown'" Award Winner: Blighttown Dark Souls is a great if slightly flawed game. Blighttown manages to encapsulate everything wrong with Dark Souls. The camera is constantly being obscured, phasing through wooden walkways, whilst the frame rate grinds to a halt. Enemies can very quickly inflict severe status effects on the player, which can only be cured by items that cannot be found anywhere in Blighttown. Once the player manages to find their way to the bottom, they are confronted with another obstacle, a giant poisonous swamp which is almost impossible to cross without being poisoned. However, the best part of Blighttown is the little flying insects that constantly respawn. The bugs love nothing more than to do their best Cliff Racer impression and hover above you just out of range. When you finally do kill them, they don't drop any experience. Naturally, they do poison attacks. Fuck Blighttown. Runner-ups: Blighttown, Blighttown, Blighttown, Blighttown Samit Sarkar's "When Sixty Bucks Just Ain't Enough" Award In this console generation, we've seen the advent of downloadable content to expand the on-disc experience and maintain mind share... and of course, to get you to spend more money than the original $60 cost. In 2011, publishers went further when they came up with the "Season Pass," a one-time, discounted fee that would get you some or all of the upcoming DLC for one game. If you're already planning on picking up the extra stuff, you might as well save some coin while you're at it, right? Then again, you've paid $60 and are now pre-ordering additional content, sometimes for as much as that initial sticker price. Sometimes, it's a great deal. Sometimes, it doesn't get you all that much. It's probably too early to judge these passes when we don't know what all of the content will look like, but if people are being asked to pay for it upfront then it's only fair, isn't it? Best Season Pass of 2011: "Rockstar Pass," L.A. Noire ($10)Runner-up: "Call of Duty Elite," Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ($50) Each L.A. Noire case was a meaty piece of content, ranging from 45 to 90 minutes in length. If you dug the game, paying 10 bucks (a 50% discount) for four new cases was a no-brainer. The same goes for Elite -- if you're sure you'll buy every new Modern Warfare 3 map pack at $15 a pop, you're probably a hardcore enough player to also want the additional in-depth content that Elite offers. Worst Season Pass of 2011: "Season Pass," Saints Row: The Third ($20)Damn, a whole 15 percent off? This season pass nets you one currently available DLC pack (with two vehicles and two outfits, wowee!) and three future missions. Oh, and it doesn't even include two other launch DLC packs, one of which just contains... cheat codes. THQ, your shamelessness knows no bounds. (I tried to come up with a runner-up, but really, none of the others were as bad as this.)

Go to any media outlet this week and they'll be trumping up their best-of-the-year list. We're not so different. However, I wanted there to be a place where staff could sound off on what trends, games, and ideas captured thei...

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