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Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six Siege photo
Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege beta extended until October 4

Double down this weekend
Oct 01
// Vikki Blake
If you've been having difficulty joining the Rainbow Six Siege beta (*cough* which is everyone *cough*), I bring good news -- the beta is being extended until October 4, 2015. The extension also heralds a Double Renown e...
Single-player campaign photo
Single-player campaign

Will you buy a game if it doesn't have a single-player campaign?

Star Wars Battlefront, Rainbow Six Siege
Sep 28
// Chris Carter
While it was once a weird one-off thing, more games are starting to eschew single-player campaigns in favor of totally online experiences. While the cynic in me knows a lot of this is to cut costs in favor of pushing controll...
Rainbow Six photo
Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six Siege won't have a solo campaign

Hope you like training with bots
Sep 27
// Kyle MacGregor
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege will not feature a traditional single-player campaign. Speaking at EGX this weekend, Ubisoft's Scott Mitchell, the art director on Rainbow Six Siege, confirmed the game's focus is on multiplayer...

We've got more Rainbow Six: Siege beta codes

We have more codes!
Sep 26
// Niero Desu
Last call! Another wave of beta testing is underway: We've been sent a cryptic grab bag of Rainbow Six: Siege Beta codes which you can redeem from the widget below (you may have to allow script tags, some browser extensions m...

Humble Tom Clancy Bundle photo
Humble Tom Clancy Bundle

Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six abound in the Humble Tom Clancy Bundle

...Redeem on uPlay
Sep 01
// Darren Nakamura
Years ago, my friends and I used to make a habit of sneaking up on one another from behind and putting each other in headlocks. We called it "Splinter Celling." We also called series protagonist Sam Fisher "Tom Clancy" as a l...
Two month delay photo
Two month delay

Ubisoft delays Rainbow Six: Siege into December

Two months
Aug 18
// Steven Hansen
Ubisoft's upcoming improbable trailer dialogue game Tom Clancy Presents (RIP) Rainbow Six: Siege will miss its October 13 release date, the company announced. The closed beta will still start September 24, but the pushed back...
Rainbow Six Siege photo
Rainbow Six Siege

Breaking Bad's Gus really likes Rainbow Six Siege

Or says he does for a paycheck
Aug 12
// Brett Makedonski
Gustavo Fring, international meth lord, loves Rainbow Six Siege. That's what he said in this Ubisoft-released video wherein a handful of celebrities say a lot of nice things about the game. Maybe take this with a grain of sa...
GSG9 photo

Rainbow Six Siege schmoozes gamescom with German counter terror unit

Meet GSG9
Aug 04
// Steven Hansen
"Germany?" "That's...that's where we are!!!" [pulls pud over close ups of lil flags on the uniforms]
Rainbow Six Siege trailer photo
Rainbow Six Siege trailer

Meet the GIGN in this Rainbow Six Siege trailer

Along with some counterterrorist magic
Jul 10
// Darren Nakamura
Ever since the days of Counter-Strike 1.6, I have pronounced GIGN as an acronym rather than as an initialism ("giggen" instead of "G-I-G-N"). I know it's wrong, but it has always made me smile for some reason. Smiling is nic...
For the kids! photo
For the kids!

Give $6 to help kids, get into the Rainbow Six Siege closed beta

Extra Life for kids!
Jul 03
// Jed Whitaker
I'm a big fan of Extra Life, the gaming-based charity that benefits Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. These hospitals treat injured and ill children regardless of their parents' ability to pay. How great is that? As if do...
Ubisoft at E3 photo
Ubisoft at E3

Rainbow Six Siege will feature Angela Bassett as 'Six'

New trailer ahoy!
Jun 15
// Chris Carter
Ubisoft unveiled a new trailer for Rainbow Six Siege, and it will host actress Angela Bassett as "Six," the director of the Rainbow Unit within the game. This will be Bassett's first role in a video game. The "Terrohunt...
Rainbow Six Siege photo
Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege will come with free Vegas 1 and 2 on Xbox One

Thanks to backwards compatability
Jun 15
// Chris Carter
Microsoft announced today at its 2015 E3 press conference that Rainbow Six Siege, which launches later this year, will arrive with free copies of Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2. This is due in part to the backwards compatibility program unveiled earlier in their show. I'm completely okay with this bonus -- I could use another playthrough of those two classics.
Rainbow Six Siege photo
Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege's Operators all have annoyingly awesome names

No care for fine interior decoration
Jun 04
// Brett Makedonski
Rock, flag, and eagle time; Ubisoft's slowly pulling back the curtain on all of Rainbow Six Siege's international operators, and today the Americans get profiled. As is to be expected, all of them have excellently punchy nam...
Rainbow Six Siege photo
Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege will arrive on October 13

Recent fan feedback taken into account
May 14
// Chris Carter
Rainbow Six Siege will arrive on October 13, 2015 on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One, Ubisoft announced today. In recent Siege-related news, the publisher has been hard at work combing through recent feedback regarding the alpha te...
Rainbow Six Siege trailer photo
Rainbow Six Siege trailer

Watch a Rainbow Six Siege trailer or read a recipe for slow-cooked chicken here

Or if you can multitask, do both
Apr 23
// Darren Nakamura
This chicken is suitable for Mexican-style dishes like enchiladas, chilaquiles, or quesadillas. 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts1 can chicken broth1 onion, quartered1 jar green sauce1 pound pepper jack cheese, shredded1 ...
Rainbow Six Siege photo
Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege PC standard edition held as digital only hostage

Want a physical copy on PC? Collectors editions only for you
Apr 21
// Laura Kate Dale
[Update: According to Ubisoft, the standard edition of Rainbow Six Siege for PC will be available physically at retail locations in the United States.] Standard editions of games are fun. They allow you to get the game for th...

Rainbow Six Siege is coming along nicely, if the closed alpha is any indication

Apr 08 // Chris Carter
This week, the Rainbow Six Siege closed alpha kicked off, featuring one mode (Hostage Rescue), two maps (a house and an airport), and 10 Operators (classes). Although playing a single gametype can lead to a certain degree of tedium after a while, I really enjoyed seeing the core components at work, and I think it'll be worth checking out come release time later this year. Hostage Rescue hosts a very simple premise: two sides, each playing the role of either offense or defense. Before the match actually begins, a prequel phase of sorts occurs, with the offense commanding rolling drones to locate the target, and the defense setting up barricades to hinder the capture of the hostage. It's a really fun mechanic, as drones can leap through the air and the defenders can blow them up after locating them. There's quite a bit of stuff to do during this phase on either side. Teams can hole up with the hostage, or go out in the open, put down barbed wire on chokepoints like stairs, or tactically leave drones in a spot that will have a lot of foot traffic -- allowing an attacker to switch views mid-match to get a better look. Those on the offensive will have plenty of fun rappelling off walls with the tap of a button (with the ability to go inverted at will), and defenders can set up their own labyrinthine corridors and traps to thwart the other team. While asynchronous multiplayer has the tendency to favor one side in terms of fun factor, I really liked playing both. Classes are very unique, leading to some interesting counters. For instance one defender has the ability to see through walls at short distances, and one attacker can set charges to blow through barricades. At one point a player blew away an attacker while he was setting an explosive through the barricade while another player blasted through the ceiling and took him out. There are some "iron bars" in place so you can't literally bring the whole house down, but it's open-ended enough. When choosing a loadout, players can very clearly see the icons of your team across the top, so even without direct voice communication you can get a well-rounded composition of classes. Teams choose their spawnpoints (and thus, where the hostage is located on the defense) for each round, and deaths are permanent until the next one starts. Because of the nature of shifting spawns, teams can both enter and defend the house in a multitude of ways every time. In terms of its pedigree as a first-person shooter, Siege runs very smoothly on PC, and thank goodness, it's not going to be held back by the previous generation -- it's set to only appear on Xbox One and PS4. The controls are very easy to pickup, but the two shoulder buttons assigned to each classes' unique abilities is where the learning curve starts. Bullets have weight to them, and blowing away walls is satisfying every time. It's too early to tell how Rainbow Six Siege will really turn out, but I'm impressed so far. It seems to have a great class system on its shoulders, and there's a good mix of action and tactical gameplay abound. I can see this becoming a really fun eSport to watch if there are interesting teams involved.
Rainbow Six Siege photo
Classes done right
Rainbow Six has had quite an interesting history. After playing it in 1998 on a friend's PC I fell in love, and so did mostly everyone else in the gaming community. For a full decade, Ubisoft pumped out game after game, most ...

Rainbow Six Siege LIVE! photo
Rainbow Six Siege LIVE!

Watch me be sexy while playing the Rainbow Six Siege alpha!

I'm going to capture so many woman flags
Apr 07
// Jed Whitaker
[Update: Live stream is over but check out the replay embedded below.] The closed alpha for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six starts at 10am Eastern / 7am Pacific, and I'll be streaming it live here on our Twitch channel at ...
Rainbow Six Siege photo
Rainbow Six Siege

Smooth Operator: Rainbow Six Siege lets you destroy suburbia your way

Like the Burger King of mayhem
Mar 30
// Brett Makedonski
Despite all evidence to the contrary, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege isn't just about destroying track homes until a hostage is either saved or killed. It's much more tactical than that. Sometimes you have to go on the ...
Rainbow Six Siege photo
Rainbow Six Siege

You can sign up for the Rainbow Six Siege beta without a preorder

Just follow our super secret tips
Mar 25
// Laura Kate Dale
Are you curious about trying out the Rainbow Six Siege closed beta but reluctant to pre-order the game? Well, you may just be in luck. There's now a way to register for the closed beta without needing to put any money down fo...
Rainbow Six photo
Rainbow Six

Homewreckers wanted for the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege PC alpha

Sign-ups are open in North America and Europe
Mar 12
// Jordan Devore
I'm a total newcomer to the Rainbow Six series but I quite liked Siege's wall-blasting ways at E3 last year. Not so much for the tactical possibilities that destructible environments enable as the simple human desire to punc...
Seige photo

Just how tactical is Rainbow Six: Siege?

37 minutes of multiplayer
Jul 28
// Steven Hansen
Rainbow Six: Siege has some single-player component, but the E3 reveal was multiplayer-focused, and that's probably going to be the best bit of it.  Unfortunately, the carefully manicured, staged banter of the...
Rainbow Six photo
Rainbow Six

Ubisoft talks single-player in Rainbow Six: Siege

And why Patriots wasn't finished
Jun 17
// Jordan Devore
Last week's announcement of Rainbow Six: Siege heavily implied that Rainbow Six: Patriots will never see the light of day, and Ubisoft was quick to confirm that. You might be wondering what, if any, work from the canceled pro...
Rainbow Six: Siege photo
Holy destructible environments
Ubisoft closed off its E3 press conference with the announcement of a brand-new game, Rainbow Six Siege. The demo shown featured a 5v5 multiplayer session that had one team holding a citizen hostage and barricading the house...


Assassin's Creed cumulative franchise sales cross 73 million

Ubisoft employs over 9,000 people worldwide
Apr 20
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
Videogame detective superannuation recently saw that Ubisoft updated their worldwide cumulative franchise sales figures over on the corporate site. Top seller? The Assassin's Creed series with 73 million. Second place goes to...
Rainbow Six Remade photo
Rainbow Six Remade

Rainbow 6: Patriots needed to be remade, may get new name

Game to benefit from new consoles 'if and when it comes out'
Dec 14
// Wesley Ruscher
Speaking with IGN, Ubisoft North American president, Laurent Detoc recently shed some light on why Rainbow 6: Patriots is "still cooking" and had to be moved over to next-gen consoles.  “We had a core team. They ha...
Freebies photo

Rainbow Six: Vegas free for Xbox Live Gold members

Better late than never?
Sep 16
// Jordan Devore
The latest free game from Microsoft's Games with Gold promotion is another one you may have gotten years ago, but if not, great -- it's worth nabbing. Queue your download for Rainbow Six: Vegas over here. This is one of ...
Rainbow Six photo
Rainbow Six

Rainbow 6: Patriots is still in production, says Ubisoft

And in may or may not have changed direction
Aug 22
// Jordan Devore
Reminding me that the game even existed in the first place, IGN has gotten word from Ubisoft executive director Alain Corre that Rainbow 6: Patriots is "still cooking. It's an important franchise for Ubisoft. We want to make ...

Getting It Right: Rainbow Six 3

Jul 31 // Allistair Pinsof
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield (PC) Developer: Red Storm Entertainment Publisher: Ubisoft Released: March 18, 2003 In a nutshell: Based off the Tom Clancy novel of the same name, the Rainbow Six series follows an elite counter-terrorist squad that keeps people from blowing this world to hell. Story is secondary in Rainbow Six. The focus is on planning out waypoints on a tactical map, choosing your squad and equipment, and going into action via first-person where you can make orders and directly attack enemies. You can jump into any member of any squad at any time. The hero of this game isn't a squad member but the plan they all follow -- the one you made minutes before. Plan out missions with care Rainbow Six has devolved as a series. I won’t tell you that Vegas 1 & 2 are bad games, though. I love them! However, it is sad to see the tactical shooter fade out as a genre due to market demands and publisher concerns. The problem is that people don’t know what they are missing. Maybe you are one of them. The first Rainbow Six was a groundbreaking title in many respects but it was the pre-mission tactical planning that blew critics and FPS fans away in 1998. Every decision made in a mission, except goals, is left up to the player. Instead of an NPC barking orders at you or being forced in one direction, the player dictates every waypoint, action, and even approach: do you go for a stealthy recon run or blitz assault a couple Russian terrorists? That’s a rhetorical question because you’ll end up doing both before you successfully complete a mission. Rainbow Six 3 took great leaps forward in making its planning map more accessible, though it still reeks of 2003-era bad design decisions. One of my favorite features is the ability to observe a test run of your plan. Watching your different teams go their separate ways, wait for their go-codes, and rescue a hostage without losing a member is a unique kind of joy I don’t get out of any other game. It’s rewarding because you’ll spend hours in the planning phase, if you are anything like me. I obsess over making the perfect plan, and then I go on YouTube and am blown away by how much I have yet to learn. There is an educational aspect of R6 that I love. You learn smart tactical planning and get a sense of what military go through every day. You NEED to check your corners, flashbang before entry, and avoid open areas. This isn’t Call of Duty. Plan as much as you care to Though I have fond memories of playing Rainbow Six 1 & 2 in the '90s, I missed out on a major part of the series: planning the mission. Instead of taking the time to understand the planning UI and utilize different strategies, I would jump into the default plans that came with the game. Though I’ve recently found an appreciation for this stage of the game, I think it’s kind of awesome that you don’t have to participate in planning if you don’t want to. The default plans that come with the game are much better than most plans I initially come up with (and sometimes even than those I end up with after various iterations), but they still leave room for improvement. You can either make your own plan, reiterate on the default, use the default, or go in with no plan at all. I did mostly the last two, back in the day, and I still had a great time with R6 because of the incredible tension and languid pace of the games. Even if you don’t plan out each flashbang toss and hostage escort, you can still make snap judgements on the fly. If you go in without a plan, you’ll be well prepared for multiplayer and Terrorist Hunt (a cooperative mode where you take down a set number of randomly spawned enemies). If you go in with a plan, you’ll be able to take part in a unique thrill that no other game series gives to players. R6 is the rare strategy game that is as much of a shooter as you want it to be. The game will let you commit to its complex systems as much as you'd like. If you just want it to be a shooter, it will be just that for you and it will be a pretty good one. A strong attachment to your squad Rainbow Six is one of those rare shooters where the sound of gun fire doesn’t elicit a sense of excitement but pants-crapping fear. A single bullet can kill a squadmate and once they are down, they are down for good. Unlike last month's feature entry, Valkyria Chronicles, there is no way to heal a squadmate or carry them off the field. The most you can hope for is some basic damage, which will cause your squad member to slowly limp for the rest of the mission. Even without having any familiarity with the characters that appear in Tom Clancy’s novels, it was easy for me to become attached to my squad. There’s the blonde Swedish sniper. Oh, that guy? That’s the U.S. recon soldier with the creepy mustache. When your team members die, they become replaced with generic soldiers with bad stats and no name. Players can blaze through the campaign, filling their ranks with these unknown soldiers, but I imagine most players won’t be able to stomach it any better than I could. It’s very easy to become obsessed with the perfect plan in R6. Even when you make a successful plan, there are too many factors to guarantee safety to all squad members. Even when you play to the best of your ability, there will be casualties and each one will take its mental/emotional toll on you. By the end of a mission, I felt like a police captain from a corny action flick. “No! Goddammit! No! Not the goofy looking blonde Swedish sniper! He was too young! I remember when we saved those hostages that one time in Venezuela. This can’t be happening! AGGRGGHHH!” and then I take a swig of whiskey and hurt my back trying to flip my desk. An immersive and realistic setting Before Call of Duty brought G.I. Joe sensibilities to the modern shooter, R6 was your best bet if you wanted to be immersed in a contemporary setting. Oil refineries, nondescript villages, and airplane hangers aren’t exactly vacation destinations but R6 makes them interesting by grounding them in reality. In contrast to modern games that builds realistic-looking locations around impractical, exaggerated architecture, R6’s locations feel completely sensible, even if they are a bit dull at times. All of this works toward the game’s aesthetic and fiction. There isn’t much story to become attached to, but the mission briefings always hook me. I love feeling immersed in this role as leader and commander of the unit. I want to know about my enemy and their mission, so I listen to the different intel sources' speeches. I want to know the vantage points of a location, so I study the map and briefing video. In a lot of games, I just skim over this kind of stuff, but I find it to be very rewarding in the R6 series. In general, I prefer over-the-top, abstract level design (think Doom or Thief), but R6 is one of those rare games where a realistic setting makes sense and the developer really pulled it off with an attention to detail. Though SWAT 3 & 4 and Rogue Spear had more interesting locations and scenarios, I still found a lot to enjoy about Raven Shield’s humdrum levels. Making full use of the mouse and keyboard In the age of console-first games, the all-mighty keyboard and mouse combo rarely gets the love it deserves. Hell, I couldn’t even navigate the menus of Binary Domain on PC without a controller in hand. While an Xbox 360 controller might be overwhelming for those new to games, the input possibilities it offers pale in comparison to PC controls. Yet, games rarely take advantage of all the keys. Rainbow Six 3 isn’t one of them. I won’t lie: This game has a steep learning curve and the controls are partly to blame, but I ended up loving them after a couple missions. A lot of inputs could be refined to radial menus -- you don’t need individual keys for four separate go-codes -- but there are some brilliant design touches that still impress. I’m a big fan of leaning in games. Latching onto cover is cool, but nothing beats nervously peeking around a corner in R6. In a game where death comes quickly, being cautious and slowly approaching is a must. My favorite action is the ability to slowly open and close doors with the mouse wheel. Having the mouse wheel dedicated to such an obscure action seemed crazy to me at first until I started to use it. I found it to be completely brilliant. Not to repeat the above, but I can’t state enough how important it is to be out of the line of fire in this game. You don’t want to run into a room and throw a grenade. As you would in real life, you want to slowly crack open a door and bounce a grenade off a wall. Being able to carefully open a door lets you do this. It also lets you take a couple sneaky potshots at terrorists from a safe spot. A lot of R6’s controls seems insane at first, but they all serve a purpose -- one that couldn’t be achieved with a controller. If you have a hard time wrapping your head around the tactical dynamics in the Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter series, I’m not sure I can recommend the much more complex Raven Shield to you. However, if you have an open mind, a soft spot for tactical shooters, and are okay with a steep learning curve, you may just find a new favorite. For a medium with so many reboots and indie games worshiping classics of the past, I don’t understand why the tactical shooter has completely died out. I can’t think of a another game like Raven Shield that came after it, outside SWAT 4. There have been a couple Kickstarters (Takedown, Ground Branch) that have listed Rainbow Six as an influence, but they don’t mention anything about tactical maps and planning in their pitches. I understand that Ubisoft is going to go where the money is but even a smaller-scale Rainbow Six reboot would be a godsend. Though Raven Shield refined many aspects of the series, there is so much that can be improved through modern design sensibilities and hardware. Can you imagine being able to share your plans with friends online? Being able to play the game co-op without getting rid of the planning stage? Having more freedom to direct squads during a mission? There is so much potential for this series that will sadly never be realized, because people just don’t care about a good tactical shooter anymore. Well, besides me and all the crazy people that still populate the Raven Shield servers online. Why not download the game on Steam and join us? I have a feeling you won't regret it.

[Getting It Right is a monthly series in which I take a look at the elements that make up a classic game. What were the key ingredients that set it apart and make it hold up to this day? Read on to find out.] Enlisting as a s...


The DTOID Show: Watch us recap the VGAs!

Dec 12
// Tara Long
Happy Monday, Destructoid! In the event that you were too busy huffing ether to pay attention to the Spike TV VGA's this weekend, Max and I have managed to condense the only important parts (i.e., the trailers) into a simple...

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