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Quake 3 running on Nexus One is impressive

May 10
First, plug your ears. Check this out. Quake 3 has been squished down to fit on the Nexus One phone with little in the way of compromises. You'll see that it runs at a great framerate on the Nexus' widescreen display. It was... read

Quake Live gets a new look for the holidays

Dec 22
No, Quake Live isn't out of beta yet, silly; we all know that isn't happening during our lifetime. What I'm here to talk about today is related to the holidays. Let's hope you aren't sick of this stuff, because there's bound ... read

The Videogame Show What I've Done: Quake

Dec 05
This week's Videogame Show was a total nightmare to make, thanks to the fact that Quake is an absolute bitch to pull footage from. I've ended up with a stupid watermark on the captured footage because I stuffed up my Fraps d... read

In-game ads not enough; Quake Live adding subscriptions

Aug 17
In his keynote at Quakecon, John Carmack revealed that the entirely free-to-play model for Quake Live isn't working. The income from in-game advertising has not proven to be enough to support the project, which means that id ... read

Carmack talks up Zenimax purchase of id, three new titles

Aug 15
When it was announced that Zenimax had bought id reactions were pretty positive... unless you were John Romero. It seems that the guys at id agree with the majority of us that being bought by Zenimax was a pretty good thing a... read

Quake Live to support Mac, Linux starting next Tuesday

Aug 14
As revealed at this year's QuakeCon by id Software president Todd Hollenshead, the free-to-play, browser-based Quake Live will finally be available for non-Windows users to play.The new Quake Live clients for Mac and Linux ar... read

Quake Live updates to become Tuesday exclusive

Jul 13
The people behind Quake Live understand the importance of regularity. Updates for the browser-based shooter will begin to be issued exclusively on Tuesdays, with the exception of fixes due to a sudden meltdown or technical od... read

Every id property ever coming to the iPhone

Jun 29
Speaking with MTV Multiplayer, id Software’s John Carmack revealed that every property the developer has ever worked on could potentially come to the iPhone. When we say “every,” we mean it. It seems it&rsqu... read

Quake 3 for XBLA is 'very close' [Update]

Feb 25
Quake 3 Arena for the Xbox Live Arcade was announced at QuakeCon 2007, so it makes sense that people are wondering where the hell it is. Well, the wait is just about over, says id Software's John Carmack. He recently told Joy... read

Quake Live beta opens up for all to enjoy early next week

Feb 20
Falling under the free-to-play, ad-supported business model, Quake Live is about as terrific as you could have hoped for. While it's essentially just Quake III Arena in your browser, that's more than enough to satisfy me and ... read

Pay money to get pummeled in Quake Live

Aug 13
According to CVG, in the upcoming issue of PC Zone magazine John Carmack toss around the idea of a “premium” service for Quake Live. The browser-based recreation of Quake III Gold is initially going to debut as a ... read

XBLA Quake title canned

Aug 04
According to John Carmack, id’s Xbox Live Arcade rendition of Quake Arena has been put to bed. The information was relayed to an audience at this year’s QuakeCon, and thunderous applause was not the response. Carm... read

id not working on a full-fledged Quake sequel

Aug 01
While id was happy to share news and trailers on three upcoming shooters at this year’s QuakeCon, there was one franchise left out in the cold. John Carmack confirmed to the disappointed fans in attendance that Quake --... read

Quake Live trailer shows off some Quake-like action

Jul 21
Here’s a little something we missed during the hectic week that was E3; a trailer for id Software’s upcoming browser-based first-person shooter, Quake Live, viewable after the jump. Promising exciting features lik... read

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars lands on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

May 27
PC gamers have been shooting each other up in id Software's Enemy Territory: Quake Wars for quite a while now, but the time has finally come when console owners can partake in the team-based multiplayer fragfest as well. That... read

Quake Wars demo details, date, and PC requirements announced

Sep 08
Are you hungry for some Enemy Territory: Quake Wars? Now that the game is done cooking, it looks like everyone will get a taste on Monday, September 10th, as the PC demo will be released. The Quake name has always been ... read

Okay chap and chapettes, the results from yesterday's feeding frenzy are in and I'm ready to announce the lucky spammers who've got themselves a beta key for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Given that things got a little messy w... read feature


Do you like Quake? Do you like wars? Have you longed for some time to combine your two passions in videogame form, maybe giving the whole thing a beta-style vibe as you do? If that rather contrived set of predilections sounds... read feature


Leipzig GC 2007: Quake Wars

Sep 04
Time was short at Activision on the day I popped over for a look at the new Quake II-themed Enemy Territory game, so I unfortunately didn't get as long as I'd hoped for with what was one of my most looked-forward-to games of ... read

The Strogg are screwed: Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars goes Gold

Aug 30
id Software and Activision have announced today that Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars for the PC has gone gold. While Europe and Australia are fortunate enough to get the game on September 28, North American gamers will have to wa... read

Game Debate to the Death!
Unreal Tournament VS Quake

Aug 21
Last week I asked everyone what game debates they wanted to see, and one topic that got a lot of praise was developer debates. It's the best suggestion I've read in a while and I'm definitely going to designate a few weeks to... read

'If Quake were a tree, what kind of tree would it be?': Gameriot interviews id

Aug 14
Honestly, we should have posted about this almost a week ago, but since it's such a unique interview, different from everything else I saw people ask id during the recent QuakeCon, it still deserves your attention.Gameriot --... read

Quake 3: Arena coming to browsers, supported by ads, solid fuel rocket engines

Aug 03
Next-Gen has some news from QuakeCon that is equal parts awesome, confusing and quite possibly the greatest idea id has ever had. To quote N-G:id said at Friday’s Quakecon in Dallas that producer Marty Stratton will be ... read

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars beta confirmed

Jun 17
Straight from the development blog at the official site, comes news regarding the highly anticipated public beta of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars:  At long last, we are delighted to confirm the impendin... read

Quake 3: Team Arena coming to 360? The ESRB isn't just for swears anymore

Apr 10
The ESRB has a habit of letting proverbial cats out of their proverbial bags when it comes to upcoming releases, and in this case, the cat sprinted around the room, chewed a plant to bits and peed on the drapes.It seems that ... read

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