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QuakeCon 2014: pre-registration opens March 5

Seating packages to roll out this month
Feb 26
Are you thinking about going to QuakeCon? If so, we have the first details on registration for the July 17-20 event, set to take place in Dallas, TX. There are a few packages that will become available at the registration sit... read

Quake Live has finally left the browser

Standalone client released for PC
Jan 10
Gosh, Quake Live brings me back. Bethesda has announced that the standalone client for this free-to-play, browser-based game is out now on PC. Existing players will need to download a launcher which will update their installa... read
Quake Live

Quake Live will become a downloadable game soon

Currently, it's a free-to-play online shooter
Nov 08
Quake Live, a free-to-play browser rendition of Quake has been going strong for a few years now -- so strong in fact, that id Software is planning a full standalone release. By the end of the year a full game should be l... read

Every Bethesda and id game is on sale on Steam right now

Skyrim, Fallout, Quake, and so much more
Aug 01
[Update: I somehow missed this earlier, but ALL the games on sale here can be yours for $89.99 in the QuakeCon pack. That's 44 games, folks!] QuakeCon is happening down in Texas this week! For those of you that can't make it,... read
Bethesda Shop

Get Skyrim shirts from the official Bethesda store

Celebrate the pubs of Skyrim
Mar 14
Bethesda now has an official shop where you can buy a good-sized and varied selection of merchandise related to Skyrim, Dishonored, Fallout, Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein. Everything from t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, figurines, lithographs, and messenger bags.  Personally, I would love to wear a Winking Skeever shirt with a pair of Vault 101 sneakers. That's the pinnacle of fashion my friends. read

Paul Steed of Wing Commander and Quake has died

Aug 11
Game industry veteran Paul Steed, whose work spans from bringing Wing Commander into 3D to helping launch the original Xbox, was announced dead this morning by Jace Hall Show's blog. The cause of death hasn't been shared at t... read

QuakeCon 2012 dated

Jan 24
If you're already planning out your travel for 2012, mark down that QuakeCon 2012 will take place on August 2-5 this year. It takes place in Dallas, Texas, at the Hiltone Anatole Hotel. QuakeCon is always the world's largest ... read

Minecraft dev wants to decide Bethesda suit with Quake 3

Aug 17
Minecraft developer Mojang is being sued by Bethesda because it filed a Swedish trademark for the word "Scroll," which is seen as an infringement on the Elder Scrolls name. Studio founder Markus "Notch" Persson would lik... read

QuakeCon 2011 tournaments detailed

Jul 18
Early next month, a number of game tournaments will be held in Dallas, Texas for this year's QuakeCon. As you would expect, there will be Quake tournaments, but this year Brink will join the festivities as well. Intel Quake ... read

Quake turns fifteen today

Jun 23
In news that will probably be overshadowed by Sonic the Hedgehog's 20th anniversary, Bethesda has revealed that Quake is fifteen years old today, celebrating with comments from id Software's John Carmack and Todd Hollenshead.... read

Quake V might be like the original, Gothic Quake

Jun 17
All that sci-fi stuff with the Strogg was great, but you know what I really miss? The original Quake, with its Gothic overtones and nightmarish monsters. According to id Software overlord John Carmac, that style of game might... read

id on Quake, Wolfenstein: If you want it, we can deliver

May 02
Shacknews got to chatting with id Software senior producer Jason Kim about the studio's non-Rage, non-Doom properties. He says what many of us were hoping to hear. "Our studio has grown a lot, not just in size but also in des... read

History: A GDC 1996 Quake presentation by Michael Abrash

Jan 08
In the run-up to GDC's 25th anniversary, Jason Scott has been archiving materials from old GDCs for this occasion. And by old, think VHS tapes, CRT monitors and overlay sheet presentations. In a rocket jump from the past, for... read

Quake Arena hits Xbox Live Arcade next week

Dec 10
Quake Arena Arcade is finally coming to Xbox Live Arcade on December 15, id Softare and publisher Bethesda announced today. The game will feature support for up to 16 players, including six game types, among them Deathmatch, ... read

Live coverage of Quake Live on Quake Live TV

Aug 11
A community-run broadcasting organization named Quake Live TV will be sending out live coverage of Quake Live at QuakeCon 2010. That's the most times I've ever said "Quake." While the pros are going at it in Dallas this weeke... read

Quake Live adds 'Premium' and 'Pro' subscriptions

Aug 06
Quake Live has been down for maintenance recently -- now we know why. The free-to-play, browser-based game is getting two subscription tiers, which will exist alongside the current free version. The Premium sub ($1.99 per mon... read

Quake 3 running on Nexus One is impressive

May 10
First, plug your ears. Check this out. Quake 3 has been squished down to fit on the Nexus One phone with little in the way of compromises. You'll see that it runs at a great framerate on the Nexus' widescreen display. It was... read

Quake Live gets a new look for the holidays

Dec 22
No, Quake Live isn't out of beta yet, silly; we all know that isn't happening during our lifetime. What I'm here to talk about today is related to the holidays. Let's hope you aren't sick of this stuff, because there's bound ... read

The Videogame Show What I've Done: Quake

Dec 05
This week's Videogame Show was a total nightmare to make, thanks to the fact that Quake is an absolute bitch to pull footage from. I've ended up with a stupid watermark on the captured footage because I stuffed up my Fraps d... read

In-game ads not enough; Quake Live adding subscriptions

Aug 17
In his keynote at Quakecon, John Carmack revealed that the entirely free-to-play model for Quake Live isn't working. The income from in-game advertising has not proven to be enough to support the project, which means that id ... read

Carmack talks up Zenimax purchase of id, three new titles

Aug 15
When it was announced that Zenimax had bought id reactions were pretty positive... unless you were John Romero. It seems that the guys at id agree with the majority of us that being bought by Zenimax was a pretty good thing a... read

Quake Live to support Mac, Linux starting next Tuesday

Aug 14
As revealed at this year's QuakeCon by id Software president Todd Hollenshead, the free-to-play, browser-based Quake Live will finally be available for non-Windows users to play.The new Quake Live clients for Mac and Linux ar... read

Quake Live updates to become Tuesday exclusive

Jul 13
The people behind Quake Live understand the importance of regularity. Updates for the browser-based shooter will begin to be issued exclusively on Tuesdays, with the exception of fixes due to a sudden meltdown or technical od... read

Every id property ever coming to the iPhone

Jun 29
Speaking with MTV Multiplayer, id Software’s John Carmack revealed that every property the developer has ever worked on could potentially come to the iPhone. When we say “every,” we mean it. It seems it&rsqu... read

Quake 3 for XBLA is 'very close' [Update]

Feb 25
Quake 3 Arena for the Xbox Live Arcade was announced at QuakeCon 2007, so it makes sense that people are wondering where the hell it is. Well, the wait is just about over, says id Software's John Carmack. He recently told Joy... read

Quake Live beta opens up for all to enjoy early next week

Feb 20
Falling under the free-to-play, ad-supported business model, Quake Live is about as terrific as you could have hoped for. While it's essentially just Quake III Arena in your browser, that's more than enough to satisfy me and ... read

Pay money to get pummeled in Quake Live

Aug 13
According to CVG, in the upcoming issue of PC Zone magazine John Carmack toss around the idea of a “premium” service for Quake Live. The browser-based recreation of Quake III Gold is initially going to debut as a ... read

XBLA Quake title canned

Aug 04
According to John Carmack, id’s Xbox Live Arcade rendition of Quake Arena has been put to bed. The information was relayed to an audience at this year’s QuakeCon, and thunderous applause was not the response. Carm... read

id not working on a full-fledged Quake sequel

Aug 01
While id was happy to share news and trailers on three upcoming shooters at this year’s QuakeCon, there was one franchise left out in the cold. John Carmack confirmed to the disappointed fans in attendance that Quake --... read

Quake Live trailer shows off some Quake-like action

Jul 21
Here’s a little something we missed during the hectic week that was E3; a trailer for id Software’s upcoming browser-based first-person shooter, Quake Live, viewable after the jump. Promising exciting features lik... read

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars lands on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

May 27
PC gamers have been shooting each other up in id Software's Enemy Territory: Quake Wars for quite a while now, but the time has finally come when console owners can partake in the team-based multiplayer fragfest as well. That... read

Quake Wars demo details, date, and PC requirements announced

Sep 08
Are you hungry for some Enemy Territory: Quake Wars? Now that the game is done cooking, it looks like everyone will get a taste on Monday, September 10th, as the PC demo will be released. The Quake name has always been ... read

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