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Project Gotham Racing

PGR photo

More Project Gotham Racing? 'Maybe,' says MS Studios VP

'Three console racing franchises' might be a bit much
Nov 01
Speaking to IGN on Podcast Unlocked, Microsoft Game Studios VP Phil Spencer chatted a bit about Project Gotham Racing, which continues to live on in my heart. It's only natural that the future of the series was discussed with... read
Next Xbox racer? photo
Next Xbox racer?

McLaren hints at next Xbox announcement

It wouldn't be an Xbox launch without PGR
May 20
Ahead of Microsoft's next Xbox event tomorrow, McLaren Automotive has taken to Facebook to tease a gaming-related announcement of some sort -- hey, everyone's doing it! "Tomorrow, 6pm BST/10am PDT, Xbox is revealing something... read

Project Gotham Racing 4's 'Premium Challenge Pack' on sale

Mar 09
If you find yourself still grinding Kudos in Bizarre Creation’s Project Gotham Racing 4, Major Nelson has announced a special treat for you: The Premium Challenge Pack downloadable content is now priced at 240 Microsoft... read

Rumortoid: Turn 10 working on a Project Gotham Sequel to be announced soon

Sep 19
AddictGaming has posted information from what they're calling a "reliable source" that Forza Motorsport developer Turn 10 Studios is working on a Project Gotham Racing sequel. Additionally, the information suggests ... read

PGR 4 and F.E.A.R. Files: Extraction point demos hit Xbox Live

Oct 09
Fancy that -- a Tuesday morning Xbox Live double feature! Demos for Project Gotham Racing 4 and F.E.A.R Files: Extraction Point have hit the Xbox Live Marketplace this morning, both of which should give you something to do th... read

Activision acquires Bizarre Creations, adds racing to their massive line up

Sep 26
Just when you thought Activision was done kicking ass, they tell us that they just brought U.K. developer Bizarre Creations into their fold. The American game publisher has just about every type of game in their line up, incl... read

Project Gotham Racing 4 demo done, coming soon

Sep 13
During a press event ta their offices in Liverpool, Bizarre Creation revealed that a demo for Project Gotham Racing 4 was complete and ready to go. Unfortunately, the demo is currently stuck in the dreaded "certification... read

First video of Geometry Wars: Waves

Sep 12
Sure, Project Gotham Racing 4 will have a slew of cars, online modes, and fancy weather effects. That's great, and we're all very excited. But the real reason why we'll be buying Project Gotham Racing 4 this October? The incl... read

Project Gotham Racing 4 Arcade mode details revealed

Sep 10
Bizarre Creations has just dropped some new details on Project Gotham Racing 4's Arcade mode on their Web site.The Arcade mode is made up of chapters, each with its own specific driving theme. For example, "Drifto 101&qu... read

Microsoft X'07: Hands-on with PGR4 (in all its moist glory)

Aug 30
 For fans of the Project Gotham Racing series, the thrill of the race isn't in spectacular crashes, long straightaways, or spending hours in the garage trying to squeeze out a couple extra horses. It's about taking corne... read

PAX 2007: Project Gotham Racing 4 hands on

Aug 24
I want to preface this post by saying that I had my driver's license suspended almost a month ago. Through a combination of driving like Batman and driving like Batman while under the influence of drugs, alcohol and Dragonfor... read

Geometry Wars: Waves shipping with Project Gotham Racing 4

Aug 24
Bizarre Creations has revealed to UK gaming Web site Pro G that the upcoming Xbox 360 racer, Project Gotham Racing 4, will ship with a new version of Geometry Wars.Called Geometry Wars: Waves, the game will be exclusive to th... read

Bizarre Creations: No, wait. We LOVE DVD, we want to marry DVD

Aug 02
A couple of days ago we picked up some news over the tin cans that Bizarre Creations (the studio behind Project Gotham Racing 4) had some issues fitting what they wanted to include in their game on Microsoft's chosen game sto... read

Size does matter: Project Gotham Racing 4 is too big for DVD

Jul 31
Microsoft took some criticism in the beginning of the Xbox 360's life because of their choice to continue to support the standard DVD format for their game titles. They defended themselves saying that the DVD storage medium w... read

PGR4 location list revealed, Bizarre still insisting 'racification' is a word

Jul 30
On their official studio blog, Bizarre Creations have revealed the full list of locations/tracks for their upcoming Xbox 360 racer, Project Gotham Racing 4. New York City, Las Vegas, Tokyo, and Macau are among the cities that... read

E3 2007: Project Gotham Racing 4 may have made a mistake (hands-on impressions)

Jul 16
I was willing to give Project Gotham Racing 4 the benefit of the doubt when it added motorcycles to the mix, as even though this is usually a recipe for disaster, Bizarre Creations has certainly earned my respect for continu... read

E3 2007: Project Gotham Racing 4 - New trailer

Jul 11
And here is the next new video from E3. In the last few months, we have posted first images and teasers of Project Gotham Racing 4 and, as you can tell from the footage, this game looks fantastic so far. In the last few d... read

Project Gotham Racing 4 gets bikes, is now infinity +1 times better than Forza

Jul 09
If Forza 2 was a man and I was a woman, while I was playing it I would have kept thinking to myself "Are you in yet?" But, as underwhelming as that overhyped Microsoft moneymaker is, gamers can always rely on Bizarr... read

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