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Peter Moore

Buff Peter Moore

Here's what EA thinks is worth a press conference

It's a buff, shirtless Peter Moore
Aug 13
At the EA press conference earlier, Peter Moore stood on stage and showed off various modes in The Sims 4. None of that was important though. This is the most important piece of information to come from the presentation. Behold: buff, shirtless Peter Moore. You're welcome. read

EA will 'do better' to not be the worst company ever

Peter Moore still fiercely proud of his company
Apr 05
Feline Electronic Arts COO Peter Moore has spoken about that time EA got voted the worst company in America. Vowing to "do better" in gaining positive sentiment, the grinning executive acknowledged there's work to be done, bu... read

EA says microtransactions will be in 'every' game

Jun 21
According to Electronic Arts' COO Peter Moore, the future is in free-to-play, with microtransactions becoming the defacto way we buy our interactive entertainment in years to come. According to the cat-like executive, every g... read

EA: Consumers afraid to buy digitally thanks to PSN hack

May 10
Electronic Arts' Peter Moore has claimed that consumers are afraid to embrace digitally distributed games because of incidents like the famous "PSN hack," asserting this as part of the reason for retail's dominance of the mar... read

EA thinks Origin is important for the digital world

Feb 16
Electronic Arts has stated that Origin will reach its potential in two years, and that publishers having their own digital arenas will be important. Feline EA Sports head Peter Moore also believes that the hatred for Origin h... read

Moore: Those who think Origin sucks don't get it yet

Oct 19
EA Sports boss and feline-faced funster Peter Moore has defended Origin after his EB Games Expo was heckled by a guy shouting, "Origin sucks." Unsurprisingly, Moore doesn't think EA's digital download service sucks, although ... read

EA: Wii U won't be transitional, will 'get' online play

Aug 09
EA Sports boss and part-time cat Peter Moore has stated that Nintendo understands the importance of online multiplayer, despite all evidence to the contrary. Moore thinks the Wii U represents a "huge" online commitment. "It's... read

E3: Four EA Sports games with Kinect support in next year

Jun 06
Get ready to get in the game with EA Sports.At Microsoft's E3 press briefing this morning, EA Sports president Peter Moore came out on stage and announced that the sports mega-publisher will be augmenting some of its biggest ... read

Fox News asks if NBA Jam is 'bipartisan'

Oct 08
I don't even know where to begin with this. Fox News interviewed EA Sports boss Peter Moore because there are unlockable politicians in NBA Jam. You can get Obama, Palin, McCain and a whole bunch of the people who are slowly... read

Damn it: EA Sports boss still not talking new SSX

Jun 23
I'll be honest, I'm sick of writing stories that are about how there are no current plans or announcements for a new SSX title. But here we are…EA Sports head Peter Moore has revealed to Eurogamer that the publisher ha... read

Tiger Woods being a douche has not harmed EA's sales

Jan 24
While plenty of companies have been dropping Tiger Woods like Activision drops Guitar Hero games EA has stood by him through his whole "I slept with every woman ever" debacle. I think it's mostly because dropping Tiger would ... read

EA Sports stands by Tiger Woods for PGA Tour Online

Jan 05
The Tiger Woods scandal may be the biggest off-the-field sports story of the last decade. With sponsors like AT&T and Accenture dropping Woods -- and with companies like Gatorade severely cutting back on ads featuring the... read

Peter Moore pays homage to Dreamcast on 10th anniversary

Sep 09
EA Sports boss and former Sega chief Peter Moore has paid tribute to the Dreamcast (R.I.P) on its tenth anniversary. Today marks the birthday of one of the most tragic consoles in gaming history and Moore, a man who witnessed... read

GC 09: Peter Moore reveals EA Sports Active: More Workouts

Aug 18
As announced at E3 2009, EA Sports is adding to the EA Sports Active experience with the cleverly titled EA Sports Active: More Workouts. Due out in November, the title will have over 35 new exercises including a fresh abdomi... read

EA announces downloadable Madden Arcade for holiday 2009

Aug 04
Remember 3 on 3 NHL Arcade, the $10 PSN/XBLA hockey game that hearkened back to arcade sports classics like NBA Jam and NFL Blitz? Well, it seems that NHL Arcade sold well enough for EA Sports to do something similar with its... read

Peter Moore on PC: Shipping physical discs 'isn't working'

Apr 30
Chatting with Edge Online about the current state of EA Sports, division president Peter Moore has voiced his concern with the company's business model for the PC platform."We really want to keep sports an important part... read

Peter Moore brings quotes about the Wii on Easter

Apr 12
EA Sports's Peter Moore is a cool dude, not like that damn Easter Bunny who threw my dog in a wood chipper. Vengeance shall be mine, Bunny. Moore, unlike the evil Easter Bunny who spews lies, has laid down a bit of good news ... read

Peter Moore bitches about Internet list column, won't return Eurogamer's calls

Jan 03
I've written enough list columns to know that they bring out the troll in everybody. There is something about a random person's arbitrary ranking system that other human beings just cannot fathom. EA's Peter Moore is no diffe... read

Peter Moore: smiles mandatory on covers of Wii EA Sports titles

Nov 25
The folks over at MTV Multiplayer have some keen eyes for videogame covers, that’s for sure. They happened to notice that all the boxes for the Wii versions of EA Sports’ games (marketed under the “All-Play&... read

Peter Moore and Microsoft = BFF

Sep 22
Peter Moore's Guardian interview last week sent The Blogocube into overdrive as we frantically typed up all the juicy morsels that fell from his feline mouth. One of the most controversial opinions espoused by Moore was that ... read

Moore: Apple rips you off, EA gives you strawberry kisses and gumdrop wishes

Sep 19
Peter Moore's week of headline-generating comments has drawn to a close, and it's ended on a bold claim indeed. The EA Sports chief has called out iTunes provider Apple and accused its service of ripping the consumer off. Com... read

Moore: being able to store things locally killed the Xbox

Sep 17
Former Microsoft VP Peter Moore shed some light on the premature departure of the original Xbox. He recently told The Guardian that the sudden move between the Xbox and Xbox 360 wasn’t really all about getting the fable... read

How Peter Moore snapped the Dreamcast's neck

Sep 15
Cat-like EA Sports executive Peter Moore has been reminiscing about the good old days, and by good old days I mean those days when he was in Sega and the company was getting thoroughly buggered by Sony and the PlayStation. Wh... read

Do you guys remember that time Peter Moore said 'f*ck you' to Yuji Naka?

Sep 07
If there hasn't been a book written about the sordid relationship between EA and Sega, there ought to be. The latest curious tidbit comes courtesy of an Esquire interview, in which current EA Sports boss Peter Moore describes... read

Peter Moore reiterates successes of 2007, promises 2008 will be even better

Jun 12
I must say, I love Peter Moore’s blog. The frank and good-natured head of EA Sports always comes up with some great observations about current events in the world of sports, and then he goes on to discuss sports videoga... read

Keighley vs. Moore: a FaceBreaker showdown

Jun 08
Just because Peter Moore is the head of EA Sports doesn’t mean that he’s a stuffy old “suit”. He’s a pretty skilled gamer in his own right, and that was put to the test on this past Friday&rsqu... read

EA Sports: Casual controls don't mean hardcore gamers are being forgotten

May 27
A while back, we told you of how Peter Moore wanted to evolve EA Sports to adapt to the rapidly changing videogame market. Specifically, he referenced the Wii, and noted that most non-gamers are intimidated by all the buttons... read

Standalone version of NFL Head Coach 09 to be released after all

Apr 22
Here’s some good news for the few of you who actually wanted to put your football coaching skills to the test without springing for the 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition of Madden NFL 09. Contrary to all inform... read

EA confirms console-only Madden 09

Apr 02
If this was Peter Moore’s idea of an April Fool’s joke, I don’t think many PC gamers found it very funny. In a post on his official blog yesterday, the EA Sports head honcho confirmed that EA will not be rel... read
What’s this? EA Sports is going to change? Fo’ reals? Well, Peter Moore apparently doesn’t want to rest on his laurels, and for that, I hold him in high esteem. We’ve heard before of his big plans for ... read feature

EA’s CEO, John Riccitiello, has come to be known for a mix of confidence and humility that has even endeared him to some of the most cynical gamers out there. Peter Moore, the President of EA Sports, seems to be taking ... read feature

Peter Moore talks GameShow: the man could stare down a bison!

Oct 16
GameTap -- Ted Turner's answer to the high price of videogames and people who still think his wife sold us out to the Vietcong -- has been diversifying their portfolio as of late. Not content to merely be a phenomenal PC gami... read

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