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PSN photo

Sony adds PayPal support to PlayStation 3

Another way to give them your money
Nov 01
// Conrad Zimmerman
Sony has announced today that PayPal may be used to make purchases through the PlayStation 3, and consumers may now commence transferring funds to their Sony Entertainment Network wallets through the console to their heart's ...
Crowdfunding photo

PayPal 'overhauling' its policies for crowdfunding

Admits that existing policies aren't cutting it
Sep 13
// Jordan Devore
Every so often, we hear reports of PayPal freezing funds for crowdfunding projects. PDW: Hotapen's Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm was a recent example of this, and while everything has worked out for the developer, it's a sca...
Indie photo

Yatagarasu potentially derailed by PayPal (Update)

Commerce firm withholding funds from Japanese indie studio
Sep 10
// Kyle MacGregor
[Update: Nyu Media reports the issue has been resolved and all "reserve funds" have been released to the developers. A PayPal representative also contacted Destructoid about the matter, asserting the company does not int...

Reminder: The PlayStation Store takes PayPal now

Gimme a hell yeah!
Jan 21
// Chris Carter
While Xbox Live had PayPal down pat in 2009 (and Valve had it implemented in Steam way before that), in true Sony fashion, they're delivering a classic old feature in 2013. That's right -- the PSN now takes PayPal bucks ...


Rumor: Xbox 360 Dashboard updated May 19, adds PayPal

May 10
// Jim Sterling
According to SOURCES de la MYSTERY, Microsoft is preparing to roll out the Xbox 360 Spring Dashboard update on May 19. Most of the changes won't have any visible effect on the user, save one -- a new PayPal option.  The ...

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