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PaRappa the Rapper

Destructoid LIVE: The whole damn show

Sep 26 // Jim Sterling
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I had originally intended to finish posting Destructoid LIVE last Thursday, but AT&T decided I didn't need Internet. Now I'm back, and I come bearing gifts -- the whole damn show. If you've already been following the show...


PaRappa creator reveals music game for iPhone, iPod

Jun 04
// Nick Chester
PaRappa the Rapper creator Masaya Matsura has announced his next project, an iPhone and iPod touch title called WINtA (or "War is Not The Answer"). The title is being developed with Triangle Studios pro bono for OneBigGame; t...

Punch! Kick! It's all on the Wii! (also, new Parappa the Rapper?)

Dec 11
// Colette Bennett
Oh, happy day. For those of you who adored Parappa the Rapper as deeply as I did, this will come as thrilling news. Majesco has made an annoucement that they have formed a partnership with New York artist Rodney Alan Greenbla...

Creator of PaRappa The Rapper launches new music game on iPod

Aug 07
// David Houghton
With music-based games currently enjoying a massive profile thanks to the likes of Guitar Hero and Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan/Elite Beat Agents, you might have expected father of the genre and creator of PaRappa The Rapper and Vib...

PaRappa the Rapper soundtrack free download, and you don't even need an eyepatch

Jul 25
// Earnest Cavalli
PSP Fanboy -- the Joystiq network's equivalent of naming your website KittenAstronaut -- has teamed up with Sony to hand out zip files packed to the gills with tunes from the PSP version of PaRappa the Rapper for the out...

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