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Steal your enemies limbs and use them in Severed
From the developers Guacamelee
1:57 PM on 12.06.2014

Tons of ports and existing games are coming to the Vita
Do you want to play a port?
1:43 PM on 12.06.2014

Day of the Tentacle: Special Edition announced
Partnership between Sony and Double Fine
1:33 PM on 12.06.2014

Shovel Knight is coming to the PS3, PS4, Vita, Kratos boss teased
1:11 PM on 12.06.2014

Bastion coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita in 2015
Should look nice next to Transistor on your download list
1:10 PM on 12.06.2014

Resogun confirmed for PS3, Super Stardust Ultra announced for PS4
The former has Cross-Buy support with PS4/PS Vita
2:00 PM on 12.05.2014

SNK asks which Neo Geo games we want ported to PlayStation
Mark of the Wolves and The Last Blade 2 are leading
7:00 PM on 12.04.2014

The PlayStation Experience schedule is up
Show me some of that No Man's Sky
4:30 PM on 12.04.2014

We made Dimmujed play Titan Souls because we got too drunk
A lot of our decisions are made because we got too drunk
4:45 PM on 11.29.2014

Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut free with PS Plus in December
Injustice on PS4 and Hitman HD Trilogy on PS3, too
1:00 PM on 11.26.2014

Criminal Girls: Invite Only up for parole in February 2015
Doin' time and the living's easy
12:00 PM on 11.26.2014

Sony settles over deceptive PlayStation Vita ads
Early adopters can get some money back
12:45 PM on 11.25.2014

Fan ideas will make it into The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth's expansion
A new mode will 'almost double the amount of things you can do'
12:00 PM on 11.25.2014

Hatoful Boyfriend soars to PS4 and Vita in early 2015
All you need is dove
3:00 PM on 11.24.2014

We played Binding of Isaac: Rebirth because we haven't had a good cry in a while
Who beats off on paper? Werewolves. That's who.
7:00 PM on 11.19.2014

The Firefly Diary flies to PS Vita in February, 2015
10:30 PM on 11.18.2014


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