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PR Nightmare!

SC Conviction publicity stunt almost causes a shooting

Apr 19
Auckland, New Zealand's Viaduct Basin, a popular nightlife area, was the site of one of the dumbest publicity stunts ever this past Friday night The New Zealand Herald is reporting. Evidently in promotion of Splinter Cell Con... read

Capcom swiftly denounces anti-Wii comments

Jan 07
Uh oh, sounds like somebody brewed up a PR nightmare. Yesterday, we ran a story on Capcom's Antoine Seux, who said that hardcore gamers had essentially abandoned the Wii and that the future of Capcom was in the PS3 and Xbox 3... read

Matt Hazard will lead to our 2012 demise and other facts

Nov 23
You really ought to commend the folks at Maverick PR (and Vicious Cycle Software) for their work on Matt Hazard. They've done a tremendous job of creating a back-story for the videogame character who's got a fictional past, b... read

And now a severed hand: Dante's Inferno PR gets scary

Sep 28
As you may remember, Electronic Arts sent us a $200 check to test our "greed" as a promotion for Visceral Games' Dante's Inferno. And this is what happens when you cash it: EA then sends you a (fake) severed hand in... read

SDCC: EA to prostitute its booth babes for you, the customer

Jul 24
Oooh Lord. Where to even start with this one? Let's get right to it: Electronic Arts and Visceral Games have cooked up another awful PR campaign for Dante's Inferno called "Sin to Win." If alienating Catholic gamers... read

Once again Germany needs the worlds help

Jul 12
If you've been following my intrepid coverage of the situation in Germany (I've appointed myself Destructoid's German correspondent on weekends) then you know that the German government is attempting to ban the sale and produ... read

Do you guys remember that time Peter Moore said 'f*ck you' to Yuji Naka?

Sep 07
If there hasn't been a book written about the sordid relationship between EA and Sega, there ought to be. The latest curious tidbit comes courtesy of an Esquire interview, in which current EA Sports boss Peter Moore describes... read

Force Unleashed dev explains why Star Wars games are less than stellar

Sep 04
I don't think I'll ever fully understand the arcane geometry of public relations. I will never truly grasp the Orwellian mechanics of crafting the elegant, eloquent bullsh*t that comes out of some developers' mouths.Speaking ... read

MTV Multiplayer is in the midst of "reviews week," discussing a subject very close to my heart. Yesterday I provided the indie take on Multiplayer's "Bill of Rights" for game reviewers, and today I must sh... read feature

Ubisoft: 'Play Haze for yourself'

May 21
Time was, when a game got a bad review, the publisher would keep its head down and wait a year or two before releasing a sequel. These days, however, with those in the games industry becoming more vocal, it seems that a high-... read

SNK Playmore story turns crazy: Destructoid finds the sanity

May 14
Yesterday I wrote an article about how SNK Playmore was closing its US doors while Ignition US would handle distribution of the company's game. It looked like people would lose jobs, not least Ben Herman, president of SNK Pla... read

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Errors: More than meets the eye (Update)

Mar 09
[Editor's note: Before panties are bunched, please read the official update/clarification to the following story.] It has been a long and rough journey for those of you waiting to get your hands on Super Smash Brothers B... read

Be very afraid: Saw game announced

Jan 30
Back in June, we told you about Brash Entertainment's plans to take on the niche market of movie-based games, and how they had secured the necessary licensing needed to bring favorites such as Saw to the game screen. IGN was ... read

Sony PR boss Dave Karraker's exit interview

Sep 07
We just told you about Sony's PR head Dave Karraker leaving the games industry to get back to the booze business (who wouldn't want to do that?), and now that today is his last day, has a sort of exit interview w... read

Marks and Spencer to the Xbox 360: Do not want!

Aug 22
To be honest, Marks & Spencer is known more for giving upper class wannabes a place to shop than providing gaming hardware, but its recent decision to decline sale of the Xbox 360 can be nothing but a damaging blow to Mic... read

Xbox 360 sales drop 60% as Kaz Hirai's pants dampen 80%

Jul 23
It's been a grim few weeks for the Xbox 360. Despite extending the warranty by three years on all red ringed consoles, Microsoft still can't shake the persisting issues with its faulty Xbox 360. To top it all off, lik... read

This Christmas is not the most critical for the PS3, says Sony Europe boss

Jul 21
President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe David Reeves has been talking again, this time re-iterating Sony's mantra of "a marathon, not a sprint" by stating that it's actually going to be Christmas 20... read

Sony finished crucifying our souls, now hangs our viscera on barbed wire

Jul 13
Oh, Sony, why must you toy with us?Let's have a recap of today's rollercoaster, shall we? First David Reeves of Sony Europe let slip that our somewhat-relieving price drop on the 60 GB PS3 was more like a liquidation ... read

SCEA denies phase-out, wants to punch Sony Europe

Jul 13
Apparently, Sony Computer Entertainment of America has reacted with a bemused "WTF?" to David Reeves of Sony Europe's assertion that the 60GB PS3 is being liquidated, chalking it up to misinterpretation. A rep f... read

Creating fear: the art of Manhunt 2

Jun 09
With the release of Manunt 2 for the PlayStation 2 and the Wii right around the corner, we're only weeks away from a full-on media blast against the videogame industry. With its violent content and subject matter, Rocksta... read

Sony drops bombs (and employees) like Galvatron

Jun 06
Kotaku has word that between 80 and 100 employees at Sony Computer Entertainment of America's Foster City headquarters were given pink slips earlier today.The layoffs came as a surprise to everyone, aside from all of tho... read

Will MGS4 for the PS3 be delayed?

May 12
Look I drink...But I am smart enough to know what the difference between the Easter bunny and Metal Gear Solid 4 on the Playstation 3 is; the Easter bunny actually came this year. The buzz going around the video game watercoo... read

ZOMG!!! M.U.G.E.N.

Apr 27
Look I drink ...... and from time to time this makes me a little late on trends in the world. M.U.G.E.N. is something that I have totally missed the bus on ... by eight full years. No, I am not talking about Honda's tunin... read

PS3 launches in India; Now largest mass of people in existence feel our pain

Apr 27
As the fine folks at Kotaku have pointed out, today is a big day in India. No, we’re not talking about the news of the monumental importance type, such as an end to famine or the rise of the next great social leade... read

ZOMG!!! Xbox 360 Elite sneak peek

Apr 26
 Look I drink...and from time to time the makes me slow to get out breaking news. You may have seen Kotaku and AOL Joystiq's coverage of the Elite along with everybody else that got one today, but they all seemed to ... read

ZOMG!!! Robert Summa to be on Epileptic Gaming tonight!

Apr 24
Look, I drink ...Because of this fact, I've been invited, yet again, to be on the-always-worthy Epileptic Gaming tonight. What are we doing, you ask? Well my little darling, we will be giving our top five games that cau... read

The Destructoid battle card game

Apr 23
Our forums are full of all kinds of little hidden treasures and the latest to pop up is an idea by our favorite British chick, Atheistium. In the thread, Ms. Atheistium proposes that Destructoid hop on the battle card bandwa... read

PS3 so hot they're practically giving them away in the UK

Apr 18
OK, well maybe hot is stretching it. How does desperate sound? According to MCV, a few UK retail outlets have slashed their PlayStation 3 prices in order to get rid of that big black meanie box. Here are the juicy details:&l... read

Podtoid 2?: The three-headed monster

Apr 06
Tonight, the big three come together to record a very special Podtoid. That's right my chilluns, Summa, Niero, and Ron "PR Nightmare" Martini will come together to destroy what every podcast has hoped to achieve... read

ZOMG!!! Workman makes a post!

Apr 02
Look. I drink. Sometimes I take pictures that we can't always use on Destructoid. Most of those pictures help me to re-create what happened the night before. If you are not supposed to pee in public places, bite people... read

More haterade: Finland PS3 porn launch?

Mar 25
And the hits just keep on coming! I passed on a story yesterday about the dismal PS3 launch in South Africa where the retail staff apparently outnumbered the consumers in line for a console. It was tragic: The PS3's arri... read

SCE France pres. talks release, FFXIII

Mar 21
Apparently, even Europeans aren't exempt from Sony's hubris. I thought that the French, who seem so reasonable, would be a little more in touch with the real world. However, as Georges Fournay, VP of SCE Europe and P of SCE France, shows us, that isn't necessarily true.Let's check in on the PSTriple's European launch, shall we? read

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