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PODTOID questions

Shovel Knight is zeroing in on its highly anticipated Xbox One and PlayStation Network launches, so we've decided to invite the fine folks at Yacht Club Games to talk about their creation. We plan to share our opinions on the game, pick the team's brain, and spark some insightful discourse with your listener questions. But we need the questions first! You know what to do.

What will we talk about on tonight's episode of Podtoid? I really have no clue.  Ya boy Steven Hansen and I are both playing MLB 15 The Show, but Donski insists nobody wants to hear us talk about that, which means we need your listener questions. Ask them below.

Another week, another chance for you to ask questions about videogames and water buffaloes and shit. YOU ARE SO EXCITED! So what are you waiting for? ASK QUESTIONS! Holmes, Conrad, Caitlin, and I will be donning our long underwear and recording Podtoid in just a few moments, so you'd better act fast. Fast like a six-legged turtle-like creature.

Barring technical difficulties, your regular gang of manly misfits will be recording Podtoid in just mere minutes. Got any questions for Max, Conrad, Jonathan, or yours truly? ASK AWAY!

Max, Conrad, Jonathan, and yours truly (also possibly Caitlin!) will be up to our ears in Podtoid potty talk in just a few minutes. Got any questions for us to not answer?

Do you love the Podtoid? Of course you do, because you're a lovely person. On today's very special Podtoid, we're going to stream out the questions segment of the show live for your viewing pleasure right here. Hop into our c...

On this week's Podtoid, we will be joined once again by Conrad "The Professional" Zimmerman to discuss another load of old bollocks. Hamza's out of commission again because of his stupid laptop, but we'll make up for it by doing nothing special at all! We could use your questions though, if you want to ask them. Feel free to do so in the comments below.

It is that time again! After a week of E3 silliness, the crew is back to cram another load of feces into your ears with the number one gaming podcast in the world of podcasts that don't talk about games very much. It shall be...

Oh for God's sake, what's happening now? Oh, those three pricks from Destructoid are only going and recording another damned episode of that frigging podcast that they're always cocking doing. I suppose you better ask them some questions so they can dribble some crap out of the protruding anuses that pass for their mouths.  Damn it up the arsepiece.

Podtoid is recording today, even though I just want to play Diablo III all of the time. Meanwhile, Hamza is off duty because he's in Lossing Angles for the pre-E3 pre-preview-preview-pre-hype-pre-preview event. So that will be fun for him.  As always, ask us some damn questions and we will answer a number of them while remarking on the elegance of these biscuits for cheese. 

Podtoid 200 records today! It will be mostly normal, but there will be a special Podtoid-related thing revealed for long-time fans, so be sure to listen if you're one of those!  Also, questions! Ask us stuff! As a special 200 episode treat, we will answer just as many questions as we usually do! Isn't that a really extra special fun thing for you? Eh? EH!?

The three derpsketeers will be on hand to record another load of old balls today, and you may ask us questions if you want to. As always, there's no clue what we might touch upon, so just ask random nonsense and see what happens.  As ever, the show will be on subscription feeds tonight and via Destructoid tomorrow. How nice!

Podtoid has the pleasure of Hamza Aziz's company for a few weeks, and we're all very excited! Destructoid's resident communications director, sexual healer, and professional shark is sure to have lots to say, but we could use your questions as always! Ask away, and we might even answer some of them for a minute!

Jonathan Holmes is back from PAX with tales to tell and fabulous silks from the new world. We'll be talking about that on Podtoid, alongside a load of other garbage that I'll pull out of my arse due to having nothing interesting to say.  Talking of things being pulled from arses -- you got any questions for us? We may answer some!

Oh no, it's that time again. Your silly little idiots are conspiring to record another load of incessant crap so that you, for some reason, can download and listen to it. Why are we all perpetuating this miserable cycle? Beca...

Podtoid is recording today. It's a day late because I was playing Aliens: Colonial Marines yesterday. I can't talk about that yet, so it'll be interesting to see if I can cope with the pressure of keeping my stupid mouth shut. I saw an Alien Queen, though! As usual, we will gratefully take you questions and will even strive to answer some. Feel free to ask away, my friends.

The duo this week is joined by a very special guest -- music man Danny Baranowsky! You might know of his work on the soundtrack for Super Meat Boy, Canabalt, and The Binding of Isaac, among other projects. He's also a pretty kick ass guy.  As usual, we're after your smelly questions, so get them in there!

Has it been a week already? Yes it has. It comes around far too soon, doesn't it? Anyway, Jonathan Holmes and myself will be recording another load of verbal piss that you can stuff into your ears, and you can contribute to this farce by asking us some questions.  Yeah, that'll do for a post.

Your stupid hosts will be recording another ridiculous podcast by talking with their dumb mouths into a pathetic microphone later today. You get to help this circus of sin rolling by asking awful questions with your putrid fingers on low quality keyboards.  This is how the system works, forever and ever, until we all die.  That's like, poetry or something.

Podtoid is recording today. You're going to get Jonathan Holmes and myself for definite, so that's banked safely. Will there be someone else? I don't know yet. Maybe. Probably not.  In any case, you can ask us questions as per usual, and we might answer some of them in a minute!

Jonathan Holmes and myself will be convening for the usual round of bollocks and nonsense. As ever, we are duty bound to answer some questions from our beautiful public, so feel free to ask them.  It is going to be a spe...

Here is a post about Podtoid questions. I'd love to chat further, but I have ten thousand million things to get done before we record, so just ask questions and maybe we'll answer them for God's sake!

The power trio will be recording another load of old wank today, because people like it for some reason. We'll talk about some videogames for a bit, then there will be piss and poo from our secret portions.  As ever, we could do with a few questions to fill the time, so feel free to ask us a thing!

Oh look, it's almost time for another episode of Podtoid. That's fun, isn't it? Why don't you ask us some questions, so we can answer five of them before realizing we recorded for over two hours and don't have time?  You all know how it works. Ask some questions if you want!

I have ten minutes to write this so I'll make it quick.  Questions, ask us.  Now. Please. Thanks!

Podtoid lives on! The gang now consists of three, but that doesn't mean we can't have a rip-roaring good time, right? RIGHT!? We're recording this afternoon, so if you'd like to us to begrudgingly answer some questions, post one and hope to be the lucky 3%. We'll endeavor to answer at least that much.  I love you.

We're a bit late this week as various hosts get over being sick or return from holidays, but a week without Podtoid is like a day without air -- you will literally die without it. Well, maybe not quite die, but I'll get bomba...

You know the drill by now, friends. Podtoid is doing a recording, we want questions, yadda yadda yadda. I'm sure we'll already be talking about those Spiked Gaming Video Achievements, and will probably devote some time to the Metallic Rising Revenge Gear.  Otherwise, what else would you like to be discussed? ASK AND SEE IF WE DO IT!

I love this image Max made.  Anyway, Podtoid records today, and we'll be joined by the one and only Conrad Zimmerman this week! This guy streams videogames on a Saturday and has a great mustache, so you must pay him the highest respect.  As always, we appreciate your questions, so ask 'em!

We shall be recording Podtoid today, doing our usual thing, and we shall yet again be requiring questions from you. I don't know why you love asking them so much, but I know how you all get angry if you can't. So ask! As always, we will do our best to answer 10% of the posts and fail to even manage that much after spending two hours talking about non-game related nonsense.

After a few incredibly busy weeks, Podtoid questions have been reinstated due to me having the time and mental capacity to actually get the post done. You know the drill by now -- ask the Podtoid gang some questions and we will answer 5% of them due to having spent all our time talking about inane crap.  Have at it, friends!

If you listen to Podtoid, the thing that used to be a games podcast but is now something nightmarish, you'll know that Max Scoville and myself love Aliens and are especially impressed with Aliens: Infestation. Well, we a...

Your usual crew of dribbling idiots collude again today to bring you a whole bunch of nonsense for your ears. I'm going to have to stop playing Aliens: Infestation for this, so you better appreciate it! As always, we need questions to answer, so feel free to ask some in the comment section below!

Well, I totally forgot to do a question post earlier for this week's Podtoid. We're getting ready to record in one hour, so if you are desperate to ask something, you best do it sharpish! No idea what we'll be talking about t...

A popular installment of the "old" Podtoid was the inclusion of "all question" episodes, where the crew would do nothing but answer queries from the listener base. Since the new Podtoid usually struggles to get five answers, ...

Legendary actor and star of the upcoming Tommy Wi-Show is scheduled to pay a visit to Podtoid when it records today. We will talk to him about his upcoming videogame show, and likely broach a fair few other subjects. It'll be...

It's almost time for another salvo of unscripted gibberish from the distinguished Podtoid crew. As always, we could talk about anything or nothing, but it's sure to include a lot of screaming and shouting.  As always, we could use some questions. So ask them and we'll answer them! Well, some of them. If we have time.

I meant to do this yesterday, but holidays always make me forget stuff. Anyway, the usual team of Jonathan, Tara, Max and myself will be conspiring to bring you another two hours of unfettered nonsense today, and we will endeavor to answer questions along the way.  Got something you wanna ask? Have any links to more weird pornography? Just want to tell us we're neat? Post away, friend!

Jim, Max, and Tara and myself will be back to recording Podtoid tomorrow afternoon, but for now, the three of those lucky ducks are on their way back from PAX, so I'm left to write this questions post... alone. I'm sure the t...

It's almost time for PAX, and I'm already crapping my pants as I worry about whether or not we're going to get away with Destructoid LIVE 2. Before that, however, we've got a Podtoid to record, and we'll need your questions! You know the drill by now, ask us some things and maybe we'll answer them. Get to it, chums!

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