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Grey Goo launch trailer shows who's the most ruthless of them all
I said 'Whose house?' 'Goo's house!'
2:30 PM on 01.19.2015

It's time for some Paul Robertson gifs
Nom nom nom
2:00 PM on 01.19.2015

This Oculus title will let you see through the eyes of a god
Introducing Pneuma: Breath of Life
1:00 PM on 01.19.2015

Sid Meier's Starships is a 'tactical space combat' continuation of Civilization: Beyond Earth
Releasing early this year for PC, Mac, and iPad
12:30 PM on 01.19.2015

Physical copies of Dying Light have been delayed outside the US
Digital is still on track though
11:30 AM on 01.19.2015

Review: Resident Evil HD Remaster
The legacy of the mansion lives on
10:01 AM on 01.19.2015

Review: Saints Row IV: Gat out of Hell
Like a sinner before the gates of Heaven
10:00 AM on 01.19.2015

Space Beast Terror Fright is my new drug
Nornware's FPS manages to distill the intensity of Aliens
2:00 PM on 01.18.2015

Click here for a Brawlhalla closed beta key!
This game looks nuts
7:45 PM on 01.17.2015

See how long it'd take to complete your Steam library
Some things are best left unknown
7:00 PM on 01.16.2015

Grand Theft Auto V PC pre-order deals, discounts up to 23% off
Pre-ordering. It's so hot right now.
5:00 PM on 01.16.2015

Monster mash! We're playing the Evolve beta
Come kill monsters with us
4:15 PM on 01.16.2015

Friday Night Fights: No AC adapter required
Game with the Dtoid community
4:00 PM on 01.16.2015

Turtle Rock defends Evolve's DLC, pre-purchase options
Videogames sure have gotten complicated
3:30 PM on 01.16.2015

Games Workshop's Battlefleet Gothic becoming a real-time strategy PC game
This sure is pretty
3:00 PM on 01.16.2015

Hotline Miami dev suggests piracy as an alternative to Australia 'ban'
While not encouraging the practice, Söderström makes an exception
11:30 AM on 01.16.2015


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