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Risen 3's teaser trailer looks vaguely like Dante's Inferno
Teaser? I hardly...consider this a good teaser
12:45 PM on 04.18.2014

Get a taste of the R. Lee Ermey Call of Duty voice pack
Perfect choice
11:00 AM on 04.18.2014

Final Fantasy III could be coming to PC
German ratings board new listing appears
9:30 AM on 04.18.2014

TinyBuild canceled the JetGetters Kickstarter but backers are in luck
They're getting the $51 tier for free
5:00 AM on 04.18.2014

Several games we like have been greenlit on Steam
And some (probably a lot) we don't
9:00 PM on 04.17.2014

PC release confirmed for Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete
Dynasty Warrior? I hardly know her!
7:30 PM on 04.17.2014

Jedi Knight II HD remake mod is underway
Rejoice like Kyle and Jan on Yavin IV
7:00 PM on 04.17.2014

Aaru's Awakening is all about movement
Kill enemies by teleporting *in* them
6:30 PM on 04.17.2014

Read the writing on the wall with Invisible, Inc.
The writing says 'you are bad at this game'
6:00 PM on 04.17.2014

Review: Trials Fusion
Losing speed
5:00 PM on 04.17.2014

Defense Grid 2 will welcome user-created content
And it's not hats!
4:00 PM on 04.17.2014

Childhood edutainment favorites Putt-Putt and Fatty Bear on Steam is Humongous
I am not sorry for the puns I make, Putt-Putt
3:00 PM on 04.17.2014

I died an embarrassing amount in Hotline Miami 2
I bet everyone did
1:30 PM on 04.17.2014

High Strangeness lets you shift between 8-bit and 16-bit
High Planes Riffin'
8:00 AM on 04.17.2014

Elena is all smiles in Ultra Street Fighter IV's opening cinematic
Street Fighter? I believe it is, yes
2:45 AM on 04.17.2014

Listen to Holmes sing 'God Bless the USA' in this Broforce interview
I can't think of a better use of my time
11:00 PM on 04.16.2014


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