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Double Fine picks up goofy multiplayer brawler Gang Beasts
Coming to Steam Early Access next week
8:00 PM on 08.18.2014

Tetropolis, the world's first 'Tetroidvania' launches on Kickstarter
I am the man who arranges the blocks
7:00 PM on 08.18.2014

There's plenty of death in this hour-long The Evil Within video
Chapter nine
6:30 PM on 08.18.2014

New Star Citizen teaser commercial centers on Constellation
Building better worlds...
5:15 PM on 08.18.2014

A Sacred 3 developer apologizes for the game
It is currently sitting at zero positive reviews on Steam
5:00 PM on 08.18.2014

Get your tower defense on this September with Defense Grid 2
Mah towers are restless
4:45 PM on 08.18.2014

Warframe's next update lets you fly around in space as a ninja
Archwing mode
4:30 PM on 08.18.2014

Indie Megabooth: The PAX Prime games you want to see
Cool games, bro
3:15 PM on 08.18.2014

Some quick thoughts on League of Legends' Braum and Gnar
The two newest champions
2:00 PM on 08.18.2014

Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director’s Cut will release on September 18
New missions, UI improvements, and more
1:30 PM on 08.18.2014

The Mega Man 2.5D project moves into beta 3.0, still has co-op
Classic Blue Bomber, fan-made
1:00 PM on 08.18.2014

Here's the Mega Man Legends 3 8-bit launch trailer
The physical soundtrack and free release are still a go
11:00 AM on 08.18.2014

Indiegogo project Ghost of a Tale makes an appearance at gamescom 2014
Tilo the mouse explores dungeons, flees from crabs
9:00 PM on 08.17.2014

The Testament of the White Cypress is out now and free
Delightful indie game worth exploring
6:30 PM on 08.17.2014

Crookz puts a '70s heist movie spin on tactical gaming
First look at gamescom
9:00 AM on 08.17.2014

Never Alone tells Alaskan folklore this November
This looks amazing!
6:00 PM on 08.16.2014


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