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OMG poniez!


Here's another one of those mind-blowing Nintendo moments

Feb 22
Insane videogame trivia that someone won't discover until years after the fact and Nintendo sure do go hand in hand. The prime example (I'm so sorry if this is new to you) is surely the "bushes in Super Mario Bros. are simply... read

Bethesda dropping Fallout: New Vegas info today

Feb 04
It's been awfully quiet on the Fallout: New Vegas front for way too long. Last we heard, Obsidian Entertainment's not-a-sequel-to-Fallout 3 was on track for a release this year. If that's still the case, Bethesda will likely ... read

My life is complete: Mario performs 'Don't Stop Me Now'

Nov 25
Is there a term to describe those Super Mario World levels that play themselves and sometimes make music as a result? I'm sure there is, but I don't know it. "Automatic Mario" doesn't count, because that sounds silly. At any... read

Supreme Commander 2 ups the robots vs. robots ante

Nov 18
By the time I'm a withered old man, I expect to have 3D board games with battles that unfold similar to the scene presented in this Supreme Commander 2 image. It could be sorta like The Indian in the Cupboard, except with rob... read

Confirmed: Golgoth working on Joe & Mac remake after Toki

Nov 06
The prospect of Golgoth Studio updating Joe & Mac for the high-def era when work on the gorgeous-looking Toki remake is finished excited me greatly, and it definitely excited you guys a lot too. Data East's 16-bit co-op p... read

Warren Spector on Epic Mickey's exclusivity, Duck Tales

Oct 23
Continuing its extended coverage of Warren Spector's Epic Mickey, Game Informer has put up a massive interview with the legendary designer himself. Details on game mechanics, the storyline, how the project came about, and mor... read

Practice throwing jellybeans: A Boy and His Blob set for Wii

Mar 03
There isn’t much I can say in this post aside from OMG A NEW BOY AND HIS BLOB GAME IS CONFIRMED FOR THE WII!Seriously, that’s pretty much all the information available.According to the latest Nintendo Power, a rei... read

Mega Man 9 retail packaging will be sold to the public

Sep 19
Remember the other day when I first saw pictures of this packaging for Mega Man 9 and I said that I was going to sit in Nick Chester's bushes and attack the UPS man? I guess I can head home now (I've been nestled under this p... read

Maxis co-founder confirms work on new Oddworld title

May 22
Speaking at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, Canada, Maxis co-founder Jeff Braun confirmed involvement in an upcoming Oddworld sequel.  "They're such a talented group of people," he said of the series' cr... read

Samurai Shodown VI finally playable on U.S. consoles by way of anthology

Feb 25
I hope that none of you have had the misfortune of missing out on the Samurai Shodown games, as they're some of the best 2D fighters ever produced. But if you have been avoiding the series for whatever reason, there's still h... read

SpongeBob SquarePants Underpants Slam! on XBLA this Wednesday

Dec 22
There's only one new Live Arcade release next week, and it's SpongeBob SquarePants Underpants Slam! (800 Microsoft Points). It should obviously appeal only to children who enjoy the TV show, so there's really no need to take ... read

XNA Game Studio 2.0 released, includes multiplayer functionality

Dec 12
The beta for XNA Game Studio 2.0 is out now and ready to be downloaded. The most notable improvement over XNA Game Studio Express is the ability to bring your PC and/or Xbox 360 games online via Xbox Live and Games for Window... read

Alternate threads in Capcom's We Love Golf make for some DIY cameos

Dec 07
If Capcom's upcoming Wii title We Love Golf slipped under your radar (which is inherently easy for a golf game to do, even if it is developed by Camelot), here's something that might actually pique your interest.As you progre... read

BioWare ranked top 10 Canadian employer, EA vows to cut oxygen rations

Oct 18
Next Gen has an article citing the Financial Post's decision to name BioWare to their top 10 list of finest employers in Canada. The Canadian publication's list draws from a pool of every company in Canada seeking those selec... read

Brutal Legend trailer contains more metal than the human race can handle

Oct 16
I'm not this drooling Tenacious D/Jack Black fan, and I'm not exactly sure what the connection between him and Tim Schafer's Double Fine is, but I'll tell you what: This trailer for the upcoming Brutal Legend is ... man. Wow.... read

PSP gets unofficial motion sensing capabilities

Sep 17
Everyone should give a golf clap to the folks at NEOTEAM for creating a PlayStation Portable motion kit. With the focus of the peripheral being on homebrew (no retail game support just yet), we’re bound to see some real... read

Alex Garland's scrapped Halo script hits the Internet in PDF form?

Sep 10
Back in 2005, 28 Days Later screenwriter Alex Garland took time out of his busy schedule to write a 128-paged script based on some game called Halo. Later, DB Weiss (autho of videogame-themed novel Lucky Wander Boy) stepped i... read

Red and blue shinobi beware: Legend of Kage sequel coming to DS

Aug 29
For me, the NES version of Taito's Legend of Kage pre-dates Wii Sports as the non-gamers game of choice. For whatever reason, my mother of all people, decided she was really into Legend of Kage. It's 1987 (so I'm like nine-ye... read

The HD format war isn't over yet: Paramount, DreamWorks go exclusively HD DVD

Aug 20
Just when you thought the high-def format war was nearing an end, something like this happens: Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Animation announced that they will release their DVD titles exclusively on HD DVD. Movies Di... read

Mercury Meltdown Revolution releasing at $19.99 with perfect blob physics

Aug 07
When I heard that Ignition Entertainment was bringing a new installment of the Mercury series to the Wii, I knew that there'd only be one thing that would compel me to want to play: it would have to be free. Hitting shel... read

There are simply no words to express how absolutely impressed I am right now. Neversoft gave the gang at ScoreHero this clip of Dragon Force's "Through the Fire and the Flames" from Guitar Hero III. This is just bey... read feature


Devil May Cry 4 screenshot blowout ... part one!

Jul 25
You read the subject correctly, Devil May Cry fans -- this is just part one of a wild Wednesday night Devil May Cry 4 screenshot blowout! These first set of screens are taken from one of the game's early cut-scenes, and s... read

Reggie says big Wii 'surprise' coming in September

Jul 24
In a recent interview on GameHead, Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime teased an upcoming "surprise" for Wii owners. Using the same breath he used to talk about the upcoming "Check Mii Out Channel" like it'... read

RUMOR: E3 saying goodbye to LA?

Jul 20
UK-based videogame industry Web site MCV is reporting that even more changes are in store for the E3 Business and Media Summit. The word on the street is that next year's show wil move away from Los Angeles, and on to rau... read

Sony admits to PS3 price drop; 80GB PS3 coming to America in August (update)

Jul 08
To the surprise of virtually no one, Sony comes clean and shows their hand early. That's right boys and girls, the 60GB PS3 is dropping to $499.99 tomorrow (Monday). Not only that, but that special Korean edition of the 8... read

First Rock Band footage is OMGGODTEHROXORZ! (update)

Jul 03
Dear God, I'm going to spend $200 on this game, aren't I?Gamespot has snagged some of the first footage of Rock Band in action and it plays out like a funeral precession for Activision's Guitar Hero 3. History... read

Bethesda Softwork's bloody mess: Fallout 3 ... the cake

Jul 01
The highlight of Bethesda Softwork's post-Fallout 3 press event party (which took place in the hip, downtown Washington D.C. lounge, Chloe) was not the free booze. I wouldn't even say it was the crowd of highly intoxi... read

Dragon's Lair comes to the Nintendo DS

Jun 28
From laserdisc to solid state ROM, Digital Leisure has announced that they will be releasing Dragon's Lair for the Nintendo DS. The 24-year old game (that still looks good today, with its Disney inspired artwork and anima... read

David Jaffe forms studio with head of Incognito, Scott Campbell

Jun 22
According to 1UP, David Jaffe and Incognito Entertainment head Scott Campbell are forming a new, independent studio to be based out of sunny Utah. This supports earlier rumblings and rumors about Jaffe's possible move tow... read