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New Xbox Experience

One thing I really like about the WiiWare service is that for every poorly made title released, there are some really neat products coming not long after. Cave Story, the Bit.Trip series, Super Meat Boy, and Mega Man 10 ... read feature

THE Xbox LIVE system update hitting November 17th

Nov 12
THE big Xbox LIVE System Update is dropping on November 17th according to Web site Fast Company, who reportedly received launch confirmation from LIVE general manager Marc Whitten.This is the update that adds Twitter, Faceboo... read

Buy the Mako from Mass Effect for your Xbox Live Avatar

Sep 30
Over on the Xbox Live Marketplace, a new prop has appeared in the Avatar Store. You are now able to purchase an RC replica of the Mako craft used to cart Commander Shepherd and crew around the surface of alien worlds in Mass ... read

Xbox Gamer Spotlight not so fantastic

Aug 16
You know that tab you flip by every week on your Xbox Dashboard? The one where they spotlight a different gamer once a week? You've seen it and possibly thought, "Hey, it would be kind of cool to be featured." Hold ... read

SDCC: Avatars get Gears of War COG and Locust uniforms

Jul 26
Here we go. Now that Microsoft is confident in charging money for its useless Avatar clothing, we're finally getting stuff that almost approaches interesting. No more sunglasses or silly shoes, we're actually getting videogam... read

Microsoft has revealed that the Summer update for its New Xbox Experience will arrive on August 11. If you didn't know by now, the update will bring with it a fresh batch of features, including Games on Demand, friends list s... read feature

Have you seen these full commercials on your Xbox 360?

Jul 20
Switch on your Xbox 360 and you may find that the Xbox Live subscription you're already paying for has been further subsidized by all-moving, all-talking ads -- full on commercials that have been smuggled onto your dashboard ... read

Avatar premium clothing confirmed: Let's buy pretend hats!

Jul 17
We all knew it was coming, and today is has been confirmed that Microsoft will soon be charging for a range of pretend clothes with which to adorn your twee little Avatar. Images of the NXE's summer update reveal a whole new ... read

MS believes Avatars are more popular than Gears of War 2?

Jul 08
According to Xbox Australia, NXE Avatars are ranking amongst the country's most popular wastes of time. Being "played" more than likes of Gears of War 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV, the Avatar Editor would rank at numbe... read

Left 4 Dead NXE theme comes with free OXM issue

Jun 26
A hot new Left 4 Dead premium theme is available, and you can buy it from your local UK newsagent! It comes wrapped in this weird thing called Official Xbox Magazine Issue 49, but you can throw that away and to get your hands... read

How to improve Xbox 360 Avatars

May 16
When Microsoft revealed the New Xbox Experience, an unwitting world found itself stunned by the revelation of Avatars. This unique and original phenomenon turned the world of gaming on its head, introducing a new social eleme... read

There is a Crackdown Xbox 360 theme you can spend money on

May 15
If you like shelling out money for JPEGs, then you'll drop your trousers with delight with the news that a funky Crackdown theme is now available for your Xbox 360. It can be yours for the silly price of 240 Microsoft Points,... read

New motherf*ckin' shoes for your Avatar!

May 13
Microsoft's plan to turn thousands of Xbox Live homophobes gay continues apace, with community manager and sensual funfair Major Nelson confirming that six new pairs of shoes are available for your smirking, soulless Avatars ... read

Avatars vs Home? MS survey suggests so

Apr 28
A new survey from Microsoft suggests that Avatars could soon be in direct competition with PlayStation Home, after questions surrounding a "Virtual Setting" for Xbox Live's twee little freaks have appeared to gage p... read

1 vs 100 is free for Xbox Live Gold members

Apr 25
Remember 1 vs 100? It was that ridiculous game show tie-in idea that Microsoft used as one of the key selling points of the New Xbox Experience before everybody forgot it existed. Well, 1 vs 100 is due to to launch this Sprin... read

Fo Shizzle and other stupid things: Hip Hop Avatar clothes

Apr 22
Check it out, mah homie dawgs, Microsoft has released some new Avatar clothes fo sho, and they gutz a hip hop vibe. Now you can get down with the hardcore thugz like Will Smith and Vanilla Ice. Wicked to the max, dudes. Radic... read

Capcom advocates piracy with upcoming Age of Booty Avatars

Mar 20
Capcom will be bringing its own set of clothes to Xbox 360 Avatars, introducing pirate-themed togs to tie in with downloadable title Age of Booty. Daryl has made the reveal over at Capcom's blog, stating that March 25 will be... read

New Xbox Experience coming with next issue of OXM

Mar 18
Microsoft's decision to cleanse the world of the old Xbox 360 dashboard continues apace with news that the NXE will appear as part of the next issue of Official Xbox Magazine. It'll be on the cover disc for idiots with an unc... read

Western clothes make Avatars gayer than ever before

Mar 11
Just in case you were worried that your Avatar did not look homoerotic enough, prepare to rejoice as Microsoft will allow you to adorn your embarrassingly twee caricature with cowboy clothes! Now we just need an Indian, a con... read

Microsoft making NXE a mandatory install

Mar 05
Don't like the New Xbox Experience? Tough. Microsoft will be making the NXE mandatory for every Xbox 360 user, even those who don't have their console connected to Xbox Live. Taking a page from the PSP handbook of annoyance, ... read

User generated content could come to Avatars, claims Rare

Feb 06
A while ago, Rare had mentioned that clothing and accessories for Microsoft's twee-but-worthless Avatars could arrive in the form of Achievement-style videogame unlocks. Now the studio is back to say that user generated conte... read

Rejected NXE design looks like it's smeared with spunk

Jan 30
This is a little glimpse of what the New Xbox Experience could well have become, and as you can see, everything looks like it was coated with a thin layer of semen. Or maybe that's just how I choose to see things. Design firm... read

Dress up your NXE Avatars for the new year: New clothes available

Dec 30
Thank God -- and not a moment too soon -- Microsoft has released a handful of new clothing for your Xbox LIVE Avatars.According to Major Nelson, "It's almost New Years, and that means some new Avatar clothes!" Was a... read

Megaton: Soulja Boy has found a use for Avatars

Dec 30
Granted, it's a ridiculous use, but it's something! Yes, rapping sensation (they still call it rap, right?) and videogame expert Soulja Boy has actually found something to do with the New Xbox Experience -- he's made a musi... read

Avatar 'Formal Wear' now available on Xbox Live

Dec 16
If you thought your Avatar was looking a little bit too much like a filthy vagrant knave, then never fear! Microsoft is looking out for you with a new range of formal wear, allowing your twee little mascot to look spiffier th... read

Microsoft 'frees' your avatars, launches another thing that is silly

Dec 15
Microsoft has launched a new feature on its Web site called Free Your Avatar, which allows gamers to import their Avatars and then create wallpapers and other pointless images for their own sick amusement. There must be a rea... read

Xbox Live snowglobe launched, NXE is now more twee than ever before

Dec 12
Major Nelson has revealed that an Xbox Live Snowglobe is now available in many regions. One of those regions is not yet Europe, as I cannot see the bloody thing on my account. Regardless, this snowglobe continues the New Xbox... read

Microsoft reveals post-NXE stats, reveals everyone fell for it

Dec 11
It's official -- all it takes is a few new clothes, and everyone wants to be your friend. Proving mankind's shallow nature, Major Nelson has revealed some statistics linked to the launch of its New Xbox Experience. The NXE do... read

List of streamable videogame movies on Netflix

Dec 04
How is that new-ish NXE and Netflix thing working out for you? Find any dirty movies yet? I haven't found much. Most of the things I find that sound pretty horny actually aren't at all. Yesterday, I watched Happy Gilmore aga... read

Microsoft admits the NXE can break 360 audio outputs, working on fix

Dec 01
Oh Microsoft. Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft. After a somewhat successful launch of its New Xbox Experience, you would think that for once, we had escaped widespread reports of the usual bullsh*t linked to the Xbox 360. Thin... read

Sony movies back up on Microsoft NXE

Nov 26
Back when we told you how Sony and Columbia Pictures' movies disappeared off of Netflix right around the same time streaming service went live with the New Xbox Experience, some called the move a "f*ck you" from Son... read

Not all games can be installed to 360 hard drive

Nov 23
With the arrival of the New Xbox Experience this past week came the ability to install games to the hard drive, reducing load times and eliminating the deafening noise produced by the console's DVD-ROM. We've already heard re... read

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