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3:00 PM on 03.22.2009

EVERY violent rampage ever is linked to videogames now!

I really don't want to take the easy route and make Nazi comparisons to modern day German officials, but their desire to ban certain forms of media really make Godwin's Law difficult to resist. The recent school shooting has ...

Jim Sterling

8:55 AM on 03.07.2009

Call of Duty stopped Rabbi being scared of Nazis

Remember when you were a kid and thought that a Nazi lived under your bed, so your parents had to scare it away? Maybe that was just me, but I know that at least one person still grew up with a fear of Ze Germanz, and that wa...

Jim Sterling

1:56 PM on 11.09.2008

Gametrailers takes huge dump on the ESRB

GameTrailers, by way of video podcast "Invisible Walls," has ripped the ESRB to shreds following the forced removal of Fallout 3 content from the site. Using the kind of language that has killed elderly women, edi...

Jim Sterling

5:58 AM on 11.09.2008

LittleBigPlanet getting moderated without warning: So much for creative freedom

If you're a big fan of user levels in LittleBigPlanet, the advice of the day seems to be this -- don't get too attached to them. Reports have been coming in of levels being "moderated" without warning. That's a poli...

Jim Sterling

5:27 PM on 09.08.2008

German gamers take on politician who wants to ban 'Killer Games'

It's really easy to make Nazi references about the German government, but when its ministers seem so intent on repressing the freedom of media, it's hard not to wonder if fascism in German politics died with ol' Addy H. Bavar...

Jim Sterling

11:37 AM on 08.07.2008

No Hitler in new Wolfenstein? That makes us Sadolf

With a brand new Wolfenstein on the cards, one could be forgiven for salivating at the thought of tackling the somewhat controversial Third Reich frontman, Adolf Hitler. Unfortunately, the Ron Mael lookalike will not be putti...

Jim Sterling

8:39 AM on 06.09.2008

Idiot pastor wants to have a videogame burning: Dark ages alive and well

Simply amazing. Yet another moron has come out of the woodwork to jump on the "games are evil" train and share his myopic, frightened views with the world. The real kicker here is that he suggests having a "gam...

Jim Sterling

6:59 PM on 05.12.2008

The GameTrailers conspiracy: Rampant Microsoft-loving shenanigans aplenty

The Internet was rife with accusations and outraged screams this weekend as it was suggested that GameTrailers had been caught red-handed favoring the Xbox 360 over the PlayStation 3 thanks to a GRID video that wrongly labe...

Jim Sterling

9:09 PM on 05.09.2008

BioWare removes 10-day validation from Mass Effect PC due to backlash

A few days ago we posted an article about the PC versions of Mass Effect and Spore containing some worrying copy protection methods that would require users to validate each game online every ten days. While I expressed conce...

Jim Sterling

1:23 PM on 04.22.2008

EU demands that games industry look after children better ... sigh

The European Union (known in some circles as The Nazi Party 2.0) has given the videogames industry two years in order to protect children better. Apparently, game companies are not doing enough to replace parents and teachers...

Jim Sterling

8:47 AM on 04.14.2008

German officials want retail demo units off during school

Germany has been looking at ways to combat truancy in its schools, believing that skipping school can lead to crime. Officials have decided that one cause of truancy could be videogame demos, and following on from this train ...

Jim Sterling

1:19 AM on 04.11.2008

Destructoid Bot & Crossbones tee now $1 at NerdyShirts

One dollar one dollar one dollar one dollar! Okay, so only those of you who joined us in Mexico last week are going to get that joke. Anyway, unlike most of the awesome Mayan craftwork the villagers were trying to pimp to us,...

Topher Cantler

6:46 PM on 03.25.2008

Hitler, werewolves, vampires, and zombies come together at last in RPG form

Imagine an alternate reality in which Nazis, vampires, zombies, and werewolves fought together in World War II. This is the basic plot line for Operation Darkness, a tactical RPG heading to the Xbox 360 this June from Atlus. ...

Jordan Devore

11:12 AM on 01.29.2008

The demo is a lie: Turning Point developers promise the game doesn't suck

Last week, a personally anticipated game had a demo appear on Xbox Live. The game was Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, and the demo, unfortunately, was a disappointment, going some way toward dampening my interest in the title...

Jim Sterling

11:34 AM on 12.19.2007

Nazi Germany: German law tightens censorship on games to stranglehold status

Germany is very sensitive toward violence, doubtless thanks to the country's inglorious past. However, it doesn't seen so worried about the mass censorship that also went on during its most bloody era, since a new law has bee...

Jim Sterling

2:37 PM on 12.06.2007

People WANT the government involved in rating games? Now that's just terrifying

A US consumer poll has revealed that 60% of those surveyed are in favor of government regulation when it comes to violence in videogames. 51% would like the government to directly regulate videogame content while 54% believe ...

Jim Sterling