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NPD data


NPD Study: 72 percent of gamers play online

Up by 5-percent from last year
May 03
I hope you like Tomb Raider's forced multiplayer, because NPD's latest study provides more coal to big publishers's firery intiative to have multiplayer in more games. NPD polled 8,800 US gamers, discovering that 72 percent p... read
BioShock Infinite moves 878,000 copies
Yesterday, Hamza popped up and screamed "Told you!" to our staff. And he was right. Not too long ago he said that miserable game The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct would do better than we'd expect it to. In NPD's March 2013... read feature

Retail is down 25% from February 2012
The NPD Group has released game sales data for February 2013, which means it's time to play another exciting round of "good news, bad news"! Hardware sales have actually risen compared to January, which is even better news co... read feature

Nintendo is in deep doo-doo
It's no secret that the Wii U is in poor shape. No one is denying that Nintendo has failed to push the Wii U message adequately to either the enthusiast gamer or the mass market. And when Ubisoft moved back Rayman Legends to ... read feature

Nintendo sells 1.75 million hardware units in November

Black Friday
Dec 07
The NPD group says that Nintendo moved more than 1.75 million hardware units in November. The power of Black Friday pushed 910,000 portable systems and 845,000 home consoles into shopping bags last month.  The breakdown ... read

Xbox 360 dominates PS3/Wii U November sales in US

1.2 million 360s to 425,000 Wii Us
Dec 07
Microsoft is currently preening its feathers over another US victory, boasting an NPD victory over both the PS3 and newly released Wii U this November. Although figures overall are down, Microsoft's Xbox division is still doi... read

Kid Icarus soars with Mario in US March NPD data

Apr 16
Anyone who follows NPD data knows that Nintendo isn't exactly big on giving up sales numbers (nor are the NPD actually, anymore). Thankfully, IGN was able to unearth a number of Nintendo's hardware and software sales for the ... read

Game changer: NPD to receive Walmart sales data

Feb 03
The games industry has looked to NPD game sales data for their reports and analysis, but we could never put too much stock into the numbers as they did not include the data from the world's largest retailer, Walmart. That cha... read

November NPD: Xbox 360, Call of Duty, Skyrim lead sales

Dec 09
As usual, this past November saw the launches of some of the most popular and critically acclaimed games in recent memory. Nothing was going to top Call of Duty, of course; in fact, that mammoth franchise showed continued gro... read

Current Wii install base in US: 37.7 million units

Dec 09
Ha! That number sounds soooo made up. But it's real. Strong Black Friday sales helped push the Wii install base in the U.S. to 37.7 million units. I thought everyone already had a Wii, but so many more were sold this holiday ... read

NPD: Even at a higher price, Xbox 360 outsells PS3

Oct 17
Price point isn't everything; the latest data from the NPD group shows this. For September 2011, sales of Xbox 360 grew, despite being on average $35 more expensive than PS3.  In the later years of both consoles' lifespa... read

Just Dance 2: the best selling third party Wii game ever

Jul 16
According to NPD figures, Just Dance 2 has now sold more copies in nine months than any other third party game on the Wii ever released. These games sell like hotcakes, especially in Europe where seemingly everyone among the ... read

Xbox 360 sold twice as many online games as PS3 in 2010

Jun 28
It seems that the Xbox 360 is the gamer's choice for online gaming. Recent data from the NPD Group says that the Xbox 360 sold roughly twice as many online-capable games as the PS3 in 2010. And the Wii? No contest. Microsoft'... read

NPD acts wankish, blocks media from seeing sales figures

Mar 28
The videogame industry is utterly f*cking stupid when it comes to secrecy, and nowhere has that become more apparent than with the NPD. For those who don't know, the NPD collects sales data of videogames and consoles in North... read

January NPD: 360 leads, Black Ops still on top

Feb 20
After another December as the U.S.'s top selling home console, it looks like the Wii is on the decline again. Last month, the console was outsold by the Xbox 360 by about 60,000 units. That's a +32% gain for the 360 compared ... read

NPD: Epic Mickey sells 1.3 million and other surprises

Jan 15
The NPD isn't what it used to be, but we can still utilize their data to gain some idea of which games are making an impact at retail. There aren't a lot of surprises here, but I was personally shocked to see Epic Mickey come... read

Microsoft 'ran out' of Xbox 360s this holiday season

Jan 13
Microsoft is pretty good at the ol' spin game. America's NPD data comes out tomorrow, and Microsoft does not believe that it beat out the competition this Holiday season, even with Kinect backing it up. However, Microsoft has... read

November NPD: Xbox 360 at 1.37 million, Wii at 1.27m

Dec 10
White Christmas? More like Green Christmas for all the console makers out there. Microsoft had a splendid November, according to the latest NPD numbers with 1.37 million units sold. That makes six months at the top, says Bloo... read

NPD: Only 6% of consumers downloaded DLC

Sep 28
Wait.... BWAHAHAHAHHAAHHA! I f*cking hate DLC. Always have. Never taken part in it. I feel like they should put sh*t in the game if they had the idea for it while they were still making it. Got a good idea after release? Save... read

NPD: Digital PC sales overtake retail PC sales

Sep 20
Last year, it was declared by the NPD Group that retail PC games were still outselling their digital counterparts. Now, for the first half of 2010, it has been revealed that the tables have turned. Digital sales now outnumber... read

WeekeNPD: Gaming's numbers for July

Aug 14
You know the NPD. They track how well things sell in the business of gaming, but we haven't been so consistent on telling you about their monthly numbers. Then I thought of a clever headline for them (you can read it above) a... read

May NPD: Red Dead Redemption rocks the charts

Jul 01
The May NPD numbers are in, and Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption is the clear winner of the month. The game sold a total of about 1.5 million units on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. As for the other games in the top five, Supe... read

Pachter calls April sales 'baffling' and 'terribly wrong'

May 14
Dramatic much? Sales are down, apparently. You and I probably had no idea, but games analyst Michael Pachter is freaking the freak out about it. Apparently the dollar sales level for last month is the lowest since May 2007, a... read

Wii has 79 million sellers, but what are they?

May 09
Nintendo had a thing recently where they said some stuff to keep their investors happy. It was at this thing that they announced Wii Party and that Apple is their future enemy. They also mentioned that as of March 2010, 79 Wi... read

NPD says Red Steel 2 flopped, Ubisoft says maybe not

Apr 16
The NPD data for March is out, and it tells us that Red Steel 2 only sold 50K in its opening month. Not good, especially compared with other games that debuted in March (like God of War III, which sold over a million) and lon... read

One of the most bitter battles of the current console war, the multiplatform success of Final Fantasy XIII, has ended with a clear winner. The PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIII has sold almost twice as many copies as the 360 ... read feature

March NPD: DS-Wii-Kratos-Ho-Oh-MLB-XIII FTW

Apr 15
Everyone always has a different spin on the numbers. The first thing that sexy Samit Sarkar thought when he saw this month's NPD data was, "God of War III (expletive deleted)-ed (expletive deleted) up, and OMG MLB 10 The Show... read

January NPD: Mario beats all, Bayonetta cracks top 20

Feb 13
As you know, the Wii was the number one console for January. Not only did Nintendo have the number one console, but they also had the number one selling game with New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Four other Wii games made it into t... read

PSP sales plummet like lead balloon in US

Feb 12
The PlayStation Portable might be doing well in Japan, but the same cannot be said in the United States. The system's sales have dropped off a metaphorical cliff in the US, with sales down 58% from last year. This includes bo... read

January NPD: Wii wins the monthly console sales war

Feb 11
There are no January surprises to report when it comes to the latest numbers for consoles released by NPD group. The Wii wins the month with 466K units sold, while Nintendo's other piece of hardware, the DS, had its little wh... read

Surprise: Wii wins December, DS ranked second

Jan 14
Alert: Nintendo hardware rocked December, just like its software did, according to the NPD Group. Glaucoma or not, Grandma honed in on the Wii with her deal-seeking vision during the month of December. Nintendo’s little... read

Nintendo software owns December, says NPDs

Jan 14
Nintendo software won big in December according to the latest NPD Group information, beating out Activision’s behemoth and various other titles released before or during the hot and steamy seasonal month.Selling 2.82 mi... read

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