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The Last Story, Valkyria Chronicles 3 top Japan's sales

Feb 02
Those games that we were having trouble finding in Tokyo just happen to be the two top selling games for the week. The new Media Create sales numbers say that Wii RPG The Last Story is the best seller, with almost 115,000 uni... read

The Last Story sells out in Japanese stores

Jan 28
The Last Story released this week in Japan, and it appears that the Wii exclusive RPG has sold like diapers in the Vatican. According to reports, the game's first run was such a success that preorders couldn't be met in sever... read

Spoiler: The Last Story looks awesome

Jan 26
Xen0fan4, the Youtube member who uploaded this video, seems to think that it's a spoiler. Maybe my limited Japanese comprehension is causing me to miss something, but I don't see how any of this is spoiler material. There is... read

Watch a Japanese douche destroy a copy of The Last Story

Jan 25
It seems that Japanese gamers are not deaf to our pleas for a Western release of The Last Story. In fact, one plucky lad in particular has heard us, and saw fit to answer in the most compassionate of ways -- obtaining a copy... read

Nintendo France: Last Story is not NOT coming to the West

Jan 22
When Nintendo of America said it had "no plans" to localize The Last Story, everybody got depressed and decided it was never happening. I remained more hopeful, and it seems that I'm not alone, with Nintendo France clarifying... read

See every inch of The Last Story's battle system

Jan 21
If you understand Japanese, get ready to know more than you probably wanted to know about The Last Story's battle system. Like the "gathering" tutorial that Jim posted a few days ago, this video is very thorough. There may b... read

Here's a long Last Story 'gathering system' demo

Jan 20
If you've got fifteen minutes to spare, here's Hironobu Sakaguchi with a detailed walkthrough of The Last Story's gathering system. It's all in Japanese, of course, but there's plenty of cool footage to gawp at as well.... read

Last Story too much effort for Nintendo to localize

Jan 20
Nintendo has further explained its decision to keep Mistwalker's The Last Story in Japan, claiming that it's "not viable" to bring the game overseas. The justification makes specific reference to Europe, where Nintendo doesn'... read

These Last Story commercials hold an amazing secret

Jan 19
Things are looking good for The Last Story. Still no word on a Western release, but early reviews are sounding very positive, and it's getting plenty of advertising in Japan. Speaking of which, these new commercials are cool... read

The Last Story commercial is ... wait, is that Ganondorf?

Jan 16
A new TV spot for Mistwalker's The Last Story has been unleashed, and if you pay careful attention, you'll see a chap who looks almost exactly like Ganondorf in it. It wouldn't be quite so remarkable if he wasn't also emulat... read

The Last Story has 'no shake controls', other details

Jan 15
According to a new info dump, the highly anticipated Wii exclusive The Last Story will not use "shake controls". It's also been made clear that the game will not be coming to other consoles because Nintendo worked so closely... read

The Last Story has a petition for a Western release

Jan 14
Oh the irony! I have mocked the uselessness of online petitions for many years during my Destructoid tenure, and yet I am now forced to throw my support behind one because it's a subject I actually care about. A petition was ... read

Why is Mistwalker Tweeting about Last Story in English?

Jan 13
So, with Nintendo of America claiming it has no current plans to release The Last Story in the West and gamers concluding that we'll never get a localized version of the game, I had to sit back and ponder a question ... why i... read

Nintendo & Mistwalker address Last Story Western release

Jan 13
The Last Story has been making Western gamers jealous for a long time, as we are constantly teased by Mistwalker's latest RPG effort and have been given no confirmation of a release outside of Japan. Well, Nintendo of America... read

The Last Story still looks hot with new videos

Jan 12
The anticipation for The Last Story is now and overloaded pressure cooker in my house, and Nintendo or Mistwalker need to do something about it. We need a North American release date, and we need it now! Two new videos have ... read

Let's talk about The Last Story's multiplayer

Jan 06
Against what one could deem better judgment, Mistwalker's The Last Story is going to be one of those rare Wii games with a strong multiplayer element. If you were at all curious about the online mode of Last Story, you're in ... read

Sakaguchi may step down if Last Story gets bad reviews

Dec 28
The Last Story director Hironobu Sakaguchi has stated that he might take a step back from game development if his upcoming Wii game receives poor reviews. To the venerable Final Fantasy creator, a critical failure would ... read

The Last Story officially looks freakin' incredible

Dec 27
Last night, Mistwalker and Nintendo were showing The Last Story, giving us our first in-depth look at the battle system and showing off a bunch of new assets. We've got the screens and a video demonstration of the battles, a... read

Story of The Last Story now subtitled in English

Nov 22
Here are a couple of trailers for The Last Story that someone took the time and energy to annotate with subtitles for the Japanese-impaired. The above is a story trailer that sets the scene for what will no doubt be an epic ... read

Sexy new screens for The Last Story

Nov 19
Nothing starts a Friday off better than some hot new screens for an upcoming Wii-exclusive Mistwalker RPG. Except maybe bacon. We don't have bacon, though, so choke down these The Last Story screens and be grateful.  As ... read

The Last Story gets a special edition

Nov 18
The Last Story is looking set to be a big deal in Japan, as it has been revealed that there will be bother a Wii bundle and a special edition when the game releases next year.  The bundle includes a copy of the game, a w... read

Nobuo Uematsu composing The Last Story

Nov 18
Director Hironobu Sakaguchi and composer Nobuo Uematsu haven't worked together since (I believe) the rather excellent Lost Odyssey, but it has today been confirmed that the two men who made their name with Final Fantasy ... read

The Last Story features six-player online mode

Nov 10
Well now, ain't Mistwalker just full of surprises? It has been confirmed that The Last Story will feature online multiplayer, something that hasn't even been hinted at before during the game's lengthy build-up. The Wii-exclus... read

The Last Story hits Japan next year, still looks hot

Sep 29
Mistwalker's exciting upcoming RPG, The Last Story, has finally been given a release date in Japan. The title will launch in its homeland on January 27. Still no solid word on whether or not it's getting localized for we roun... read

The Last Story looks hot in these new screenshots

Aug 18
It should be no secret by now that I've got a massive bonk-on for Mistwalker's The Last Story. Not only is it being developed by one of the few Japanese RPG developers to not become crap, it also looks really damn good for a ... read

The Last Story scans and character details

Jul 29
The Last Story is finally getting exposed after months of nothing but concepts, and so far everything that's been shown looks incredibly promising indeed. The trailer got us all excited, and these new details do little to cur... read

Sakaguchi not retiring after The Last Story

Jul 20
Last week it was reported that Mistwalker boss and Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi would be retiring after The Last Story. This week, it turns out that there was a translation error and that Sakaguchi does in fact ha... read

The Last Story may be Sakaguchi's final game

Jul 14
Final Fantasy creator, Mistwalker head and RPG legend Hironobu Sakaguchi has stated that he may very well be retiring from the scene after The Last Story. Pay close attention to this Wii exclusive, as it could be an icon's sw... read

The Last Story western release news by end of the year

Jul 12
The Last Story impressed us with its debut trailer, and one very germane question was commonly found amongst the video's reactions: Will this game ever leave Japan? Well, developer Mistwalker has promised that news of a Weste... read

The Last Story FINALLY gets a trailer

Jul 08
Mistwalker's The Last Story has finally received a trailer after months of nothing but concept art and promises. Right off the bat, this intriguing Wii RPG is not quite what you will have expected. Cover systems? In my RPGs?... read

Wii RPG The Last Story scans look delicious

Jun 03
I've been doing that geek heavy breathing thing ever since I first heard about Mistwalker's new Wii RPG, The Last Story. I didn't have much more than art and music to go on, but I felt good about what was to come. Now, thanks... read

We FINALLY get a real glimpse of The Last Story

Apr 27
After months of teasing, Mistwalker has finally revealed a glimpse of The Last Story via the industry's propaganda rag, Famitsu. Although the imagery is still minuscule and teasing, it's better than nothing, so chec... read

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