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Think before you poke your Mii

Mar 23
// Faith
Do you think it's possible for a Nintendo Wii Mii to feel? Well, X-Play believes so and they decided to show us what really goes on in the life of a Mii in this eye-opening segment. From Mii Bill trying to escape the h...

Nintendo promises universal Mii harmony with new T.V. spots

Mar 09
// Chad Concelmo
Starting early next week, Nintendo will begin airing two new “Wii would like to play” commercials, this time focusing on Mii creation.Can you imagine hearing a random knock of your door, answering it, and having t...

Interesting Wii information in the form of ... a Pachinko game?

Mar 08
// Chad Concelmo
If you are anything like me, you have probably said to yourself on many different occasions -- “Why should I be interested in the upcoming Japanese Wii game Jissen Pachinko/Pachislot Hisshouhou...

Own a mirror? Make a Mii of someone else

Feb 07
// Topher Cantler
Earlier today we introduced you to, where for the "ultra-low" price of only $5, the Mii Channel impaired can be relieved of the laborious four minutes or so required to create a likeness of themselve...

1,007 Mii Parade!

Jan 25
// Nick Chester
I hate to admit this, but 1up's Jeremy Parish is way cooler than I am. It's really depressing to think about. Well, okay, maybe he just took the time to register far more Wii friend codes than I ever would. So maybe ...

Playing dirty with your Wii Mii

Dec 15
// Faith
British gamer known as The Avenger discovered a dirty little easter egg on his Nintendo Wii interface when he was playing with his Mii. Using the pointer, you can cause your Mii character to do different things based on wh...

YTMND Thursday: FIX THE GRAPHICS edition

Nov 30
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
Mushi mushi Japanators!  Er, I mean Destructoiders! I beg your forgiveness, I just came from sistor site Japanator where I finished YTMND Thursday the Japanator edition. WHAT YOU SAY?!?!  JAPANATOR EDITION!? Th...

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