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Hidden Mortal Kombat 'Kourt' for NBA Jam unearthed

Jul 20
As it stands, Midway’s arcade basketball titles NBA Jam and NBA Hangtime didn’t need much help appealing even to fans of non-sports game. The pick-up-and-play, simplified game mechanics were easy enough for babies... read

Midway Newcastle has been closed (Update)

Jul 14
[Update: We dropped the ball on this one, folks. We apologize. Look below for a totally different story. We apologize.]One of the studios left behind in the Midway Games/Warner Bros. Interactive deal, Midway Newcastle, was cl... read

Midway Games loses its name

Jul 12
After over fifty years, ending in a sort of drawn-out drama not unlike watching a goldfish flop around amidst the broken shards of its shattered bowl, there will no longer be a company called Midway Games. As of Monday, July ... read

Mortal Kombat 3 movie filming in September?

Jul 08
Recently, the members of Podtoid watched the first Mortal Kombat movie, where we deduced that the whole film was basically a gay love triangle between Shang Tsung, Kano and Johnny Kage. Fans of the film will be glad to know t... read

The bidding is over: Warner Bros. the likely owner of Midway

Jun 26
Barring any thrilling legal stuff, it appears as though Warner Brothers will own Midway Games. The bidding deadline for the oft-troubled publisher ended on Wednesday and apparently Warner was the only participant. Their bid o... read

BREAKING: Next Mortal Kombat to have blood

Jun 19
If you’re a person who loves to crack open hookers in order to experience the wonders of human innards or enjoy a rousing session of Mortal Kombat, sit down for this one: Midway Games are working on Mortal Kombat 9 and ... read

Midway Newcastle reveals Necessary Force with a new trailer

Jun 17
Yesterday, I reported a story from British newspaper The Guardian about Midway Newcastle's two week deadline: if they don't find a buyer by the end of the month, they'll have to close up shop. In that article, the fact that t... read

Midway Newcastle: two weeks to find a buyer, or lights out

Jun 16
According to an (excellent) article posted this morning on The Guardian, Midway Newcastle has until the end of the month to find a prospective buyer. Midway has been hemorrhaging cash for the past six years or so and, in Febr... read

Warner Bros offers 33 million to purchase Midway assets

May 21
Well, things at Midway have been changing radically to say the least for some time now, but today we found out that a prediction we made earlier in the year has in fact come to pass. We thought that perhaps Warner Bros. might... read

More glimpses of This is Vegas 'coming really soon'

May 11
If you’ve been thirsting for This is Vegas knowledge, then your throat must be terribly dry. Barely a peep has been uttered about Midway’s high-rolling, open-world action game within the last few months, despite i... read

Here at Destructoid, we have quite a bit of respect for Vin Diesel. This guy has openly admitted that he's a bit of a nerd, having spent much of his youth playing Dungeons & Dragons. As an adult, he's starred in a number ... read feature

Announcements from the grave: Midway's still kickin'

Apr 06
Midway is a sinking ship. The money's gone, the final bonus payouts have become scandal, and they're selling off Mortal Kombat. Not good, folks. But even in the midst of their 10-K filings we get some updates games?S... read

Midway Studios Newcastle's/Tigon Studios’ Wheelman is an open-world action title. In it, you control a digital Vin Diesel named Milo. He’s good at driving and doesn’t mind killing anything that gets in his w... read feature

Rumortoid: Mortal Kombat team trying to leave Midway

Apr 04
Is the team behind Mortal Kombat really that hot a commodity right now? Sure, Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe was fun, but it certainly wasn't a good game. The team themselves seem to think they could be doing a bit better than... read

Midway's bonus plan changes after being called out by court

Mar 31
Remember how we told you about the crap going down at Midway now that the money has run out? It seems that the people there were paying themselves millions in bonuses for selling off properties like Wheelman and Mortal Kombat... read

Midway still making games, demo of one is 'awesome'

Mar 18
Even though Midway isn’t experiencing the best financial times of its storied history, the publisher/developer is still creating new games. Here’s how we know:A few days ago, Midway’s community manager tweet... read

Get moving, Wheelman demo is available on Xbox Live

Mar 05
Venga, venga, venga! Today, Ubisoft and Midway dropped a demo for the Wheelman on Xbox Live Marketplace. The demo gives you the taste of two side missions, a story mission, and some of the open-world roaming as Vin Diesel.Col... read

God, I would totally buy the rights for Mortal Kombat. And then rape the license. Mortal Kombat vs. Clayfighters. Mortal Kombat Goes To Pac-Land. Mortal Kombat Animal Crossing. They wouldn't be the greatest games, but I bet I... read feature

Screens from canned Dirty Harry game show off wrinkly old Clint Eastwood face

Feb 26
In 2005, Warner Bros. Interactive announced they'd be releasing a game based off of the Dirty Harry films, for the then next-gen systems, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. In 2007, the game -- in the hands of Silent Hill: Homecomin... read

Yes, it's true: Ubisoft, Midway holding hands to publish Wheelman

Feb 18
I heard rumblings of this awhile back (Kotaku even recently posted it as a related rumor), but it's true -- Midway and Ubisoft have partnered to publish the Wheelman this March. The press releasing is calling it a "... read

Stranglehold + Zombies + Monsters = Canceled!

Feb 09
The above video is footage from an unnamed Midway shooter that has sadly been canceled. It's pretty much the exact same game as the decent-but-repetitive Stranglehold, except instead of Asian gangsters, you get to shoot zombi... read

Despite the fact that the company is on the rocks, Midway still has enough change hidden in the sofa to piece together a brand new Mortal Kombat. Apparently, selling an MK title with a T-Rating was actually enough to make som... read feature

Fight the creators of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe tonight

Jan 23
If you’ve always wanted to put your spear in Ed Boon, tonight is the perfect opportunity to do it. Midway has put together a little gathering called “Get over here” that will give players an opportunity to p... read

Midway bringing Touchmaster games to iPhone, Scorpion feels slighted

Jan 19
Midway announced today that it's bringing five games to the iPhone and iPod Touch, and not a single of them is Mortal Kombat.The publisher announced that it will be repackaging its relatively popular Touchmaster Nintendo DS g... read

Midway execs grind company into the dirt, get rich doing it

Dec 24
Just because Midway is losing money, employees and any shred of significance in the games industry, don't think for a second that those at the top of the chain are suffering. Midway is crumbling, but the bank balances of its ... read

Holiday cards: The snow is Vin Diesel's battleground in The Wheelman

Dec 20
Oh, the holidays are good, if only because we get to see a gun-wielding Vin Diesel in a Santa Claus outfit. This is, of course, a promotion for Midway's upcoming PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 shooter/driver, The Wheelman. T... read

TNA iMPACT video proves that videogame to television crossover can work

Dec 19
[video]115210:909[/video]If you haven’t watched wrestling since you were six-years-old, then you may have missed a recent stunt between Midway and TNA Wrestling. In the above video, you’ll spot a particularly awes... read

Like wheels? Love men? Then check out this new Wheelman video!

Dec 18
[video]115088:904[/video]I've seen neither hide nor hair from The Wheelman in well over a year, but here we are, with a brand new trailer from Midway. For those who don't know about this title, all you really need to be aware... read

Midway cleared in Psi-Ops copyright infringement case

Dec 08
Midway Games can now claim three recent successes, despite their seemingly tenuous financial situation. Recently, a federal judge decided that Midway was not at fault in a weird copyright infringement lawsuit involving Psi-Op... read

Midway could face bankruptcy in fifty days

Dec 05
It seems that not even Superman can save ailing publisher Midway, as an SEC filing has revealed that unless the Mortal Kombat creator can pony up $150 million within fifty days, it faces bankruptcy.At last count on October 31... read

Majority of Midway games purchased for $100,000

Dec 01
It’s no secret that Midway has been in some trouble. Recently, the stock plummeted to such a low that the NYSE threatened delisting – an action that would bury the publisher regardless of how awesome Mortal Kombat... read

Sssh! Midway has a secret game and it's better looking than Gears of War 2

Nov 29
Gears of War 2 is a beautiful game. Yes, it has a lot of gray and brown in it, but it still has some of the best graphics that the 360 has to offer. According to Midway, however, the Mortal Kombat publisher has a secret title... read

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