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3:00 AM on 01.08.2010

Dr Pepper and EA: free DLC for Mass Effect 2, others

Mountain Dew has long been the stereotypical gamer drink of choice (besides Bawls, I guess), but Electronic Arts has cooked up a marketing scheme to drive gamers away from Mountain Dew towards something that doesn't taste lik...

Joseph Leray

9:00 AM on 10.03.2009

Name a unit in Command & Conquer 4

You've always wanted to go down in videogame history, but you've got no game design skills, you're not good enough at games to be a professional gamer and blogging on the weekends at Destructoid is already a filled position. ...

Matthew Razak

11:40 AM on 06.16.2009

UK Professor Layton bundle looks ridiculously posh

My first reaction to this box set, without even taking a close look at the contents of the package, is that I want it. It's black. It's sexy. It has the words "Professor Layton" on it. Of course, I already own a bla...

Colette Bennett

5:20 PM on 06.11.2009

The Overgrowth webcomic provides ultraviolence, indie cred

Lugaru, the greatest rabbit-themed martial arts game ever made, is getting a sequel called Overgrowth. The guys at Wolfire Games have done some of the coolest viral marketing I've ever seen from the indie crowd. They've given...

Anthony Burch

8:03 AM on 09.25.2008

Microsoft spending silly money on 'casual' marketing

Microsoft is preparing a merciless marketing blitz that will see it spend more money on pre-Christmas promotion than it did for the launch of the Xbox 360 or the release of Halo 3. The 'Soft's "Live Your Moment" ad ...

Jim Sterling

12:04 PM on 07.25.2008

THQ hires porn star as 'special producer' for Saints Row 2

Forget the fact that Grand Theft Auto IV and Saints Row 2 are two completely different takes on a shared genre. The games look similar, therefore we're obligated to pit them against one another in order to see which is superi...

Jordan Devore

11:34 AM on 05.23.2008

Gonzo Sega artifacts: Rare promotional Dreamcast First Aid kit, Fanta Saturn?

We simply can't pass up stuff like this when it comes along. UK Resistance spotted a rare Dreamcast-branded first aid kit, complete with bandages and wrist gauze worn by an escapee of The Yellow Submarine. I think I would rat...

Papa Niero

7:07 PM on 05.07.2008

NVIDIA wants to make its products more 'consumer friendly'

The days where we have to spend an excessive amount of time researching video cards are numbered, if NVIDIA has anything to do about it.NVIDIA's VP of Content Business Development, Roy Taylor, has told that ...

Jordan Devore

8:33 PM on 04.13.2008

Hilarious car dealership ad offers savings for hitting homers in Wii Baseball

“SAFE! SAFE! You’re always safe when you choose Hamilton!” Thus begins this priceless car commercial from Hamilton Nissan (Hagerstown, MD) and Hamilton Hyundai (Chambersburg, PA). A ‘ten’ on th...

Samit Sarkar

6:16 PM on 03.27.2008

Watch boxing and win a free game during the world premiere of

In less than an hour, at 8 PM EDT, boxing promoter extraordinaire Don King will launch his very own Web channel, What does this have to do with videogames? Well, seeing as Mr. King will soon have his very own v...

Samit Sarkar

2:41 PM on 03.21.2008

Beware, obese Americans: Wii Fit US campaign will be "biggest in history"

The general consumer never even saw the Wii coming. They were all sucked in by the clean white gleam of Nintendo's Wii and those irresistible little Wiimotes with nary a breath of warning. Even if they hadn't played a video g...

Colette Bennett

12:40 PM on 11.22.2007

Mascots That Failed: Volume 7: Alex Kidd

[Editor's note: Kwaselow isn't like most gamers. Whereas everyone else focuses on the well known iconic characters we all know and love, Kwaselow can't stop thinking about icons of the past that never really succeeded....


10:48 PM on 11.19.2007

The public has spoken, winner chosen for Doritos Unlock Xbox contest

Your votes have been tallied and a winner has been announced for the Doritos-sponsored Xbox Live Arcade contest. I wasn't terribly fond of any of the finalists for this competition a few weeks ago and my stance has yet to cha...

Jordan Devore

Play and vote for the first 'consumer-created' XBLA games photo
Play and vote for the first 'consumer-created' XBLA games
by Jordan Devore

Remember back in June when I told you about a contest involving people submitting concepts for a Doritos-inspired game and that the winning entry would be released as a free Xbox Live Arcade title in 2008? Well, the 5 finalists for said contest have been chosen!

You can go ahead and try out the "betas" right here. Basically, we have from now until November 18 to vote for our favorite game a.k.a. the one that will have the least painful achievements.

Remember, just because a game is free doesn't mean that it's worth playing, even if it's for only a few seconds (yes, I'm referring to Yaris).

While I'm not particularly fond of any of these advergames, I managed to play the dodgeball one the longest (about 2 minutes), so I'll declare that one my favorite of the bunch.

What about the rest of y'all?

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11:26 AM on 06.26.2007

Nicole Kidman FAILS at Brain Training in this new ad

What a shocker. A celebrity has a Nintendo DS in her hands ... and is playing Brain Training! Wow, only Brain Age or Nintendogs could ramp up the cliche' levels. Tom Cruise's former snatch of the month, Nicole Kidman,...

Jim Sterling

10:16 PM on 06.21.2007

Think you can design a decent XBLA game? Here's your chance

Have you ever downloaded an Xbox Live Arcade game trial only to find out that the game was a major waste of time that wasn’t even worth the hard drive space it took up? You probably thought to yourself, “I can m...

Jordan Devore